Ookla® Awards Rogers the 2018 Speedtest® Award for Canada’s Fastest Internet

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Rogers customers experienced Internet speeds that were 57% faster than other providers¹

Toronto, ON – August 21, 2018 – Today, Ookla®, a global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing, confirmed that Rogers customers have access to Canada’s fastest Internet. This is the fourth year in a row that Rogers Communications has captured the title.² With these top speeds, Rogers customers can connect more of their Wi-Fi devices online at the same time, experience online entertainment in rich video quality, and work from home using advanced apps and services.

“We are proud that Speedtest Intelligence results have once again proven that we offer the fastest Internet in Canada,” said Jorge Fernandes, Chief Technology Officer, Rogers Communications.  “As one of the market leaders with Ignite Internet, which has offered gigabit speeds across our cable footprint since 2016, and our new Ignite TV service, these results help reinforce our commitment to providing our customers with a fast and reliable home Internet experience today as well as preparing them for the technology of tomorrow.”

Speedtest Intelligence® results also highlight that Rogers offers the fastest Internet in Canada’s largest city, Toronto, in addition to Ottawa, London and others.  Rogers claimed the top spot in Canada based on over 17 million speed test results, including over 65 tests per minute by actual customers.¹

“We are pleased to award Rogers with the award for Fastest Fixed Network in Canada for the fourth year in a row. This recognition is a testament to their exceptional performance in Q1–Q2 2018 based on Ookla’s rigorous analysis of consumer-initiated tests taken with Speedtest,” said Jamie Steven, EVP at Ookla.

Rogers is constantly investing in its broadband network and new services like Ignite TVTM as part of a long-term roadmap to deliver the connected home of the future. With the number of connected devices and demand for capacity increasing, Rogers will continue to future proof its fibre-powered network.

More information about these results can be found here.

¹Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for Q1-Q2 2018 results. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.
²Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for Q1–Q2 2015, Q3–Q4 2016, Q1–Q2 2017, Q1–Q2 2018. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.

About Rogers
Rogers is a leading diversified Canadian communications and media company. We are Canada’s largest provider of wireless communications services and one of Canada’s leading providers of cable television, high-speed Internet, information technology, and telephony services to consumers and businesses. Through Rogers Media, we are engaged in radio and television broadcasting, sports, televised and online shopping, magazines, and digital media. Our shares are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: RCI.A and RCI.B) and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: RCI).

SOURCE Rogers Communications Canada Inc. – English

For further information: For further information: media@rci.rogers.com, 647-747-5118

36 responses to “Ookla® Awards Rogers the 2018 Speedtest® Award for Canada’s Fastest Internet”

  1. Bruce Sparks says:

    Although, depending upon the survey reviewed, the recent PC Mag results show very different results, with Bell faster than Rogers on average due to FTTH the home in Toronto, and even with their DSL, they have moved past Rogers.

    I am not one of your 50% users over 100 Mbs, so I am actually one of many users that keep your speeds down to similiar or lower tha Bell because I refuse to pay for excess speed when I don’t need it. I am tire of being marketted by your reps on services I don’t need and as a statisician, I can present just about anything I want by grabbing and cherry picking statistics to present what I want to see.

    So, it is like this for a customer like me – I can get my standard 60 Mbs which is all I want, FTTN is only availble, but 100 is available in my area from Bell, the upload speeds are deplorable from both companies – due to the strucute of my home, and the indequate modem for WIFI you provide – which read the forums, there are rampant issues with Docsis 3.1, you ;had to reduce your ;marketed upload speeds from 5 to 3 at one point, and in my home, I actually get better trhough put from a Dlink access point on an ethernet cable, and just turn your router WIFI off. The gateway is best described as a poor cheap performer and features like MIMO, we don’t know if it is turned on, and Wave technology was held back in Canada due to excess power in violation with our codes – so having you say the modem is capable is useless.

    So I declare baloney to this claim – maybe the stats show that, but averaged over Canda and areas, it may be true, but in Newfoundland, you win hands down, Toronto, you lose hands down, Ontario, about equal, with Bell a bit better depending upon survey.

    Pure marketing, just have to point out that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

    Glad you give the references, and Bell gives theirs too – you do comment on another post the PCMag results but attempt to discredit it with meaningless numbers of tests collected – as a statician, this difference in what is a known as the power of the test based upon number sampled, there is no statistical difference to be considered, and is merely a misuse of statistical power functions for the naive. How do I know, I did the stats myself on the impact the sample sizes.

    And the PCMag one is more relevant as it gives by city, province, country etc, which ismore relevant to the individual purchaser.

    Highest speed means nothing to me when I use 60, and your modem can’t produce over 40 on WIFI, so therefore, even lower as we have more users (all two of us, two computers and phone, never all running. The white box uses far more data than I do, so data to my modm is as marketed, but once I used their tools for WIFI testing they are now implementing with Whitebox sam knows boxes, I see the truee poor nature of my WIFI off youmodems.

    I use my 49.00 DLink extender on ethernet. Some use routers instead – Mesh technology is rarely needed in regular homes except to compensate for bad wifi gateways and poor placement.

    Just stripping marketing from statistics.

    Truth in advertising implies there hopefully is honest presentation of all available facts and not cherry pick – and don’t try to discredit PCMag with irrelevent sampling numbers the do not impact the validity of the results.

    Nice try, your marketing and statiscians know they can’t pull the wool over my skilled eyes, but count on that most people are not trained marketers or MA level statiscians and researchers. Most people don’t even know what the power of a test is and how it is determined.

    Even PCMag acknowledge when they couldn’t make conclusions in some places due to insufficient sampling in an area.

    Averages are meaningless to the average user. But you prove the old adage – lies, dam*ed lies, and bloody statistics. That is I why I spoke up, I do know how to work with statistics and your presentation is pure fluff and marketing.

  2. Marianne says:

    Very false, I am a client of you and just read faster network is from TELUS so I don’t know where you get this from?


    anadian national carrier Telus had the fastest network in Canada between Q1 and Q2 2018, according to internet performance analyst Speedtest.net. Canada’s third-largest carrier by subscribership reportedly achieved download speeds of 63.03Mbps, and upload speeds of 12.62Mbps. National carrier Bell came in second place with average download speeds of 62.07Mbps, while Rogers flanker brand Fido came in third with average download speeds of 42.52Mbps. Interestingly enough, Canada’s largest carrier by subscribership Rogers came in fourth place, with average download speeds of 38.95Mbps.

    Read more at MobileSyrup.com: Telus has the fastest wireless network in Canada, according to Ookla Speedtest


    • RogersPaul says:

      Hey Marianne, thanks for your message. I would like to clarify that this post is referencing the Fastest Fixed Network Award. The link you shared is for Fastest Mobile Award which was announced a few weeks earlier. I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

    • Johnny Fast says:

      Although I agree with you Marianne, that rogers is not backing there claims with correct data but manipulating it with jargon and numbers that don’t compare apples to apples. PC Mags speed test is done by willing participants so sampling can be misleading. This conversation is about Home Internet(FTTH, Cable, DSL) not Wireless Internet (Cell Phones Hubs, sticks). That is why they make such claims as the average user has no Idea what the difference between a Mbps and FTTH or what they actually stand for. Bell and Telus share the same Network when it comes to Cellular. Check your facts please.

    • Zubaer says:

      Do not share mobile syrup and claim it to be false buddy. You are very wrong.

      Check OOKLA page here: https://www.speedtest.net/awards/canada/
      be grateful for being a part of Rogers Network.

  3. Meher says:

    I have always been a Bell fan and customer. But Bell is losing its mark and doing a very bad job even though they have the state of the art technology. They offer 1.5 Gigabit Speed but the most you get is 500 Mbps (wired connection to PC). I moved to Rogers as they at least honor their speed promise of 1 Gigabit.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I have been a Rogers customer for over 30 years but I think my time is coming to an end. I purchased your best internet home package 2 years ago as an upgrade from our previous package and our speed with the new modem was supposed to increase to 100 Mbps. The best results I have ever obtained is 22 Mbps and that is by testing 20 feet away from the modem. I am a quadriplegic and depend on the internet for books, movies and games. With poor modem speed in my bedroom, I get 1.2 Mbps on average despite paying for 100 🙁 , the internet is constantly getting dropped. With the Switch now online, they’ve given me so many 5 minute penalties for disconnecting during a game that they will be banning me altogether soon if this continues. So I used my iPhone as a hotspot not realizing that I would be hit with data costs. I have 11G’s availability, yet I went $50. over playing my switch for an evening. I can’t wait to check my cell bill to figure that out. Had the internet been reliable, however, I would never had incurred those charges from my own bedroom!! I’m sure when I call in to complain about the poor internet, they will try to get me to buy the newest modem and plan, promising better results. But I’ve yet to see any great speeds so maybe it’s time to switch to one of these new companies advertising with the satellite firms!!! Thanks for listening. Rogers, feels free to cancel that $50. fee and upgrade my modem at no charge and I might stay with you for another 6 months. If you check my account, you can confirm for yourself that I have been a customer for over 30 years. If you care to keep me then do something to improve my internet.

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Suzanne! Unfortunately, this isn’t a customer service avenue – we don’t have access to your account. That said, I would highly recommend contacting our customer service and technical support reps on Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook.com/Rogers. I’m sure they’ll be able to get your internet service running as it should!

      • Crystal Stoner says:

        RogersMike that doesn’t help we call in and you customer support finds a way to scam us into paying more saying we’ll get better faster service which isnt true, we have also been loyal customers for 20+ years and every time we are up for a new promo they lie and scam us, my last promo upgrade I was told that my internet was staying at 250 and only thing changing was my cable we later find out after my son wasn’t able to continue live streaming and doing his college homework at the same time as he used to that they lowered our internet to 150 which really equals out to under 90 I’m ready to leave as well I’m tired of lies and schemes and over charging me when I made it clear I couldn’t afford to be charged more then what I was already paying

        • RogersMike says:

          Have you tried contacting our social media team, Crystal? I’m sure they’ll be able to help find the best plan for you and your son.

  5. Pascal says:

    Worst internet for me…. It’s never working. Time to say bye bye

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Pascal, I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems with your internet service. Unfortunately we are not equipped to assist you through this page. I recommend connecting with the support teams on Facebook, Twitter or Live Chat so they can help.

  6. dave says:

    Hmm I have been paying for ignite 500 u for over a year now, every time i do a test I get these types of speeds. Hardly what i am paying for. And don’t even get me started on the Wifi
    Test results

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Dave, have you contacted our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook.com/Rogers? I’m sure they’ll be able to help get your speeds to where they should be!

  7. Christopher says:

    Internet is slower and slower, for the higher price.

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Christopher, if you’re experiencing issues with your internet, kindly contact our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook.com/Rogers. Thanks!

  8. Mo Alawneh says:

    I get 18 Mbps despite I’m paying for the Ignite 500 Mbps ?

    • RogersMike says:

      Have you reached out to technical support to troubleshoot, Mo? If not, please reach out on Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook.com/Rogers.

  9. Ron Binette says:

    I download at 960 Mbps just about anytime of day, any day.
    My upload speed is 29Mbps.
    I have the Gigabit package and it runs like a bat out — —-.
    I’ve had Rogers for 15 years plus. All’s well.

  10. Eddie says:

    Hi. I just got off the phone with a customer service representative to complain about my internet service and mentioned that in never get 500mbps it usually around low 400, have been down lower. His response was, that the plan states up to 500mbps, that I may only get half of that, and to get in the 400’s is really good. Seriously, than why pay for this service? My internet continually gives problems, constently having to recover web pages (technician coming again). Bell or Comwave is looking better all the time.

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Eddie! Please contact our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook.com/Rogers for additional troubleshooting.

  11. rustam says:

    I have rogers 150 and if there is 3 people using the internet , gets so slow I have go to coffee shop and use there internet , and keeping calling rogers and they test this & that but for them to fix ,,,LOL I will cancel all my services soon with rogers after 20 years , this is joke that they can’t fix the prolem
    and the repair person was here once he told I need to buy a power line …WOW Rogers

    • RogersMike says:

      Good morning, Rustam. Please contact our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook.com/Rogers. They can go through more troubleshooting steps with you to ensure you get the best speeds possible.

  12. rustam says:

    sorry rogers Mike I don’t use Twitter or face book then what is my options and please help once for all with rogers

    • RogersPaul says:

      Have you tried our Live Chat option? Head over to our Contact Us page, click Technical Support, then Internet/Wifi Support. I’m confident we can get to the bottom of what’s causing your speed concerns.

  13. Ed says:

    This is so funny…. i’ve been reading Rogers Mike telling everyone to contact support…. well I upgraded and my speed went down to 14Mbps so I contacted support…. after an hour of on hold and them saying this is unexceptable was told i’d get an email from tech advising me what to do… I got the email which said they could find no problem with my service and to contact support if problem persisted…. so back to step 1.. I called support and again an hour on the phone to which they said they’d sent a tech over…. he arrived and told me my modem was set on previous package settings and replaced it and showed me my speed was very high…. he showed me on a device he was holding, not on my laptop… this morning I tested me speeds again and you’ll never guess…. yup, back below 30Mbps… i now believe that contacting support is a complete waste of time and will be contacting your competition for rates…

    • RogersMike says:

      Have you tried a speedtest on a different device, perhaps your phone? Just to ensure it’s not your laptop that’s causing issues. If you receive less than adequate speeds on both devices, definitely reach out to the team on Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook.com/Rogers. No need to be on the phone for hours – simply tweet or message them, and go along with your day until they reply.

  14. BK says:

    wow! This is a real forum on services from Rogers…It must be. The tone is so negative and the responses from CR are so canned. I must add that my download and upload speeds exceed expectations, however my experience so far with on line tech help with my PVR are less than I would expect. The Next Box 3.0 just froze on BOOT.. CR agent thinks a tech coming to my home can fix it… will let you know tomorrow….

  15. Rémi says:

    Don’t pay much attention to the claims from companies however I’ve been a customer from Rogers since we moved to our new 8 years ago.
    Rogers have excelled with our services(phone,tv and internet) and same when calling to their customer service department.

    The only thing I do hate though and probably same with competition is that every 3 years my bill goes to full pricing and have to call them to renegotiate for another 3 years.

    In a nutshell, keep me happy and let our agreement run until I decide to cancel!


  16. RogerGregg says:

    Often I hear about people not getting the speeds they are paying for. There is one issue that never comes up and it has to do with the persons actual device, Particularly laptops and towers. Each one of these devices has an Ethernet card and/or wireless card installed. These cards also have limited capability. Many of these devices are still being sold with 10/100 Ethernet cards which can only read data up to a speed of 100 Mbps, so if you are paying for more than 100 Mbps your device will not send/receive the higher speeds. Many wireless cards are still rated at 54Mbps so again, the dilemma is obvious. I just had a family member change to fibreop and they are paying for 500 Mbps or thereabouts. Their computers and laptops are showing no great increase in speed except one which has a 10/100/1000 or 1G card and it reads and works just fine. My personal laptop reads at 300 Gbps and I only pay for 150 Gbps so I have respectable speeds at all times without any timeouts, signal drops or other speed issues. In my experience, any device that is older than three to five years old will not send /receive at the speeds that are currently available for the most part because of port, and network card limitations. Before you make the mistake of purchasing higher speeds from alternative suppliers I suggest that people check the capability of their device first. Think of it like you are buying a car. If you buy a Honda civic, it will not outrun a Porsche.

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