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Making things better for our customers

We're making things better for our customers by building a more sustainable business. We are positively impacting our communities, our environment and our world, by being a good corporate citizen. Operating a responsible business is at the heart of what we do.

2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We strive to create a brilliant digital future for Canadians. That means providing products and services that are simple, easy to use and worry-free, so that our customers can go about their daily lives. It’s also about the way we do business. People want to work with a company they feel is ethical and transparent, and that means we consider the societal, economic and environmental benefits and costs in everything we do.

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Community & Environmental Impact

What is Connected for Success?

Connected for Success provides high-speed internet access to people living in rent-subsidized non-profit housing. Connected for Success is about bringing more Canadians online and giving them access to the digital economy so they can connect with friends, family, school, work and their future.

Housing Partners

What is included within the Connected for Success program?

Qualified residents will be able to take advantage of an exclusive offer from Rogers Communications. In order to qualify for the program, the non-profit housing provider or organization must first partner with Rogers Connected for Success.

How will tenants find out about these offers?

Qualified tenants will receive a letter in the mail explaining the program and details on how to sign up for Rogers Connected For Success. Housing providers may promote Connected For Success in their newsletters which are distributed to their tenants.

How does a tenant qualify for Connected for Success?

If you have not received a letter in the mail, tenants can speak with their housing provider to find out if Connected For Success is available in their building.

How does an organization partner with Rogers Connected for Success?

If you are a non-profit housing organization who is interested in partnering with Rogers on the Connected for Success program, please call 1.866.689.0758.


  • 2044583 Ontario Inc.
  • 30 Newport Crescent
  • 55 Howard Park Co-op


  • AIDS Moncton
  • APHL Tannery Court
  • Ajax Municipal NP
  • Alexandra Park Co-op
  • Alice Saddy Association
  • Almise Co-op
  • Alternative Residences Inc.
  • Ann Marie Hill Housing Co-operative
  • Anova
  • Artscape
  • Ascot Co-operative Homes
  • Asher Christian Seniors Inc.
  • Aurora Village


  • Barbertown Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Barrhaven NP Housing
  • Barrie Municipal Non Profit Housing Corporation
  • Bayview Community services Inc.
  • Beech Hall Housing Co-operative
  • Birmingham Homes Co-op
  • Blue Heron Co-operative Homes, Inc.
  • Bogart Creek Co-operative Homes
  • Brampton Caledon Community Living
  • Bread and Roses Co-op
  • Bridle Manor Co-op
  • Bridletowne Circle Co-op Homes
  • Brighton Yards Co-op
  • Bruce County Housing Corporation


  • CMHA Mental Health Association
  • CRC Self Help Inc.
  • Calvary House Corporation
  • Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto Branch
  • Canadian Mental Health Association WWD
  • Carpenters Local 27 Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Cartier Square Co-op
  • Centretown Citizens of Ottawa
  • Charles Darrow Housing Cooperative Inc.
  • Charles Hastings Co-Op Housing Inc.
  • Chegoggin Co-op
  • Community First - Hagerman Corners Cooperative Housing
  • Constance Hamilton Housing Co-operative
  • Cota
  • County of Dufferin - Dufferin Housing Services
  • County of Wellington, Social Services Dept – Housing Services
  • Courtyard Housing Co-op


  • Deep Quong Community Fund Inc.
  • Diane Frankling Homes
  • Don Area Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Dufferin County
  • Duncan Mill Laborers Local 183 Co-Op
  • Durham Region non-profit housing Corporation


  • Eagleson Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Ecuhome Corporation
  • Edgeview Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Erin Court Co-operative Homes Inc.


  • Forward Co-op
  • Frank G McLaughlin Co-Operative Homes
  • Frazer Heights Co-operative
  • Fred Dowling Housing Co-operative


  • Gateway Community Homes (Durham Inc.)
  • German Canadian Housing of Newmarket Inc.
  • Gignul NP Housing Corporation
  • Gloucester Housing Corporation
  • Good Shepherd Non-Profit Organization Inc.


  • Habayit Shelanu Senior Residence
  • Halam Park Housing Co-op
  • Harbour Channel Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Harbourside Co-operative Homes
  • Heritage Community Housing Corporation
  • Homes First Society
  • Homestarts Co-op
  • Houses Opening Today Toronto
  • Housing Alternatives Inc.
  • Hugh Garner Co-op


  • Inter-Organization Network Non-Profit Homes (Durham) Inc.
  • Ivan Franko Home


  • Jackson's Point Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Jasinski Legacy Non Profit Residences Inc.
  • Jenny Green Co-op Homes Inc.
  • Jessie's Non Profit Homes
  • John Fitzpatrick Steelworkers Housing Co-operative
  • John Howard Society of Canada


  • KenFinch Co-op Kitchener Housing Inc.
  • Kitchener Housing


  • LOFT Community Services
  • Lakeshore Village Artists' Co-op
  • Lawrence Gardens Housing Co-operative
  • Local 75 (Hospitality Workers) Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • London Town Co-operatives Homes Inc.
  • London and Middlesex Housing Corporation
  • LutherPlace Apartments


  • Main-Gerrard Community Development Co-operative
  • Mainstay Housing
  • Marigold Housing Co-op
  • Matrix Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • Max Saltsman Community Cooperative Inc.
  • Milliken Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Mimico Co-operative Homes
  • Moshav Orr Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • Mutually Assisting Residential Community


  • Nepean Housing Corporation
  • New Brunswick Government Housing
  • New Hibret Co-op
  • New Hope Non Profit Dwellings (Durham) Inc.
  • Newfoundland Housing Corporation
  • Non Profit Canlight
  • Northview Meadows


  • Ontario Aboriginal Housing
  • Ottawa Community Housing
  • Owen Sound Housing


  • Parkview Place (442534 Ontario Inc.)
  • Peel Cheshire Homes (Brampton) Inc.
  • Peel Housing Corporation / Peel Living
  • Peggy & Andrew Brewin Housing Co-op
  • Peregerine Co-op Homes
  • Perth Avenue Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Project Esperance



  • RallyHaven Supportive Housing Program, Choices for Youth
  • Region of Waterloo
  • Richmond Hill Co-Operative Homes Inc.
  • Ridelle Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Rouge Valley Co-op
  • Rougemount Cooperative Homes Inc.


  • Saint John Non Profit Housing
  • Salus Ottawa
  • Salvus Clinic Inc.
  • Scarborough Heights Co-operative homes
  • Schomberg Lions Club non-profit Housing Corporation
  • Secord Avenue Co-op
  • Social Housing Department, County of Simcoe
  • Spruce Court Co-operative Inc.
  • St. Matthew's Harmony House
  • St. Matthew’s Bracondale House
  • St. Michaels Homes
  • Stella's Circle
  • Street Haven
  • Supportive Housing In Peel
  • Swansea Village Co-Op


  • Tamil Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Tanglewood Orchard Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Tannery Court Co-operative Ltd.
  • Tapscott Co-op
  • The Avenel Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • The Regional Municipality of Durham
  • Toronto Community Housing


  • Unitarian House of Ottawa
  • Upbuilding Non Profit Homes



  • Wawel Villa Inc.
  • Wawel Villa Seniors Home
  • Wawel Villa Seniors Home
  • Wellesley Central Residences Inc.
  • West Rouge Housing Cooperative
  • William J Beggs Housing Co-Op Inc.
  • Willow Park
  • Windy Woods Cooperative Homes of London Inc.
  • Winkleigh Co-operative Housing Corporation
  • Woodgreen Central
  • Woodsworth Housing Coop



  • YWCA Supportive Housing
  • YWCA Toronto | A Turning Point for Women
  • Yarl Co-operative Homes Inc.

Community Support

At Rogers we believe in connecting with our communities in many ways. Rogers is committed to contributing at least 1% of our pre-tax earnings in charitable donations each year. Our support includes contributions we make to several focus areas:

Arts & Culture

Rogers supports Canadian culture and content. Here are some of the numerous organizations and projects we have funded over the years:

Social Services

Rogers actively supports local community development programs to deliver vital social services and support the most vulnerable members of our community.

  • United Way. Every year, our employees volunteer their time by hosting workplace campaigns that have consistently raised over $1 million for United Way, making Rogers a United Way “Thanks a Million” donor.
  • The Rogers Employee Volunteer Program. Encourages and supports employee volunteer activities which serve the communities where we live and work. Employees get one paid day off work for a volunteer experience of their choice.
  • Canadian Women’s Foundation. The Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF) funds, researches, and shares best practices to end violence against women and help move low-income women out of poverty.

Digital Adoption

Rogers is dedicated to helping more Canadians get online and use the internet to its full potential. Here are a few examples:

  • ABC Life Literacy Canada. The program, supported by Rogers, features an introductory series of 3-hour facilitated digital literacy learning sessions for adults in Toronto Community Housing communities.
  • Connected for Success. Provides broadband internet to rent-subsidized tenants within partnered non-profit organizations and housing providers.
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Media production - support of Canadian content

Rogers actively encourages the development of innovative and creative film and TV content, for example:

Rogers tv

Rogers tv. Rogers owns and operates 42 Rogers tv stations, featuring community-based programming that helps brings us closer together.

  • Rogers tv™ also trains thousands of volunteers who work side by side with professional television producers to create unique local programming. We encourage viewers to submit ideas for TV shows or coverage of upcoming neighbourhood events.


Rogers supports community sports initiatives across the country such as:

  • Junior Hockey on Rogers tv™ offers more Ontario Hockey League and Québec Major Junior Hockey League games than anywhere else.  And we go further still, providing major coverage of over 500 minor hockey games in the 2015-16 season.
  • Rogers Cup. Rogers Cup is one of the premier pro tennis tournaments in the world, and we’re proud to partner with Tennis Canada to bring this world class event to Canada.

Rogers Employee Volunteer Program

Here at Rogers, we actively support our employees’ community activities through the Rogers Employee Volunteer Program. Employees are given one paid day off each year to volunteer with a registered charity of their choice. Here’s just one example of how our team members are making a difference in local communities:

Jays Care Foundation

The charitable arm of the Toronto Blue Jays uses baseball to teach life skills and create lasting social change for children and youth in marginalized communities across Canada. Jays Care works with like-minded organizations to design and implement best-in-class programs for children and youth that respond to the unique strengths and needs of each community. Our goal is to reduce the opportunity gap and level the playing field for all kids across Canada.


Each year, Jays Care programming positively impacts 65,000 Canadian children and youth

$8.15 million

Jays Care has invested $8.15 million towards the design, refurbishment and construction of 67 baseball diamonds and youth sport facilities across Canada

$6 million

In 2017, Jays Care will invest more than $6 million in youth-focused programs across Canada, including all 10 provinces and the Yukon Territory


Over 7,600 children and youth across Canada participated in Rookie League in 2016

Corporate Sponsorship and Charitable Donations

Rogers is committed to supporting our communities across Canada. We support registered charities and non-profit organizations that focus on youth educational initiatives, and engage in sports, leisure and entertainment sponsorships. We receive many requests for support and each one is valued against Rogers objectives and guidelines.

If you are interested in applying for a sponsorship or charitable donation from Rogers, please click “Get Started” below for more information. Thank you for your interest in Rogers.

Sponsorship and Charitable Donation Guidelines

Rogers requires the following information in order to be considered for a corporate sponsorship or charitable donation:

  • Name of property, event or organization
  • Location (city, province)
  • Website
  • Start and end dates
  • Donation, fee and/or in-kind contribution requested
  • List of advertising and promotional rights and benefits being offered
  • Deadline for decision
  • Any additional information regarding rights and benefits being offered
  • Deadline for decision
  • Any additional information regarding your opportunity (i.e. PDF)
  • Contact information, including company or organization name, full address, phone number and email address

Rogers does not fund:

  • Religious organizations
  • Individual pursuits (i.e. individual athletes, those seeking help with debt)
  • Travel related expanses
  • Organizations which we already fund through other means (i.e. organizations fund by United Way)
  • Third party fundraising initiatives
  • Private or fraternal clubs

If your organization is interested in a sponsorship or donation with Rogers, please click on the link below to submit your proposal by email. Once your request is submitted, a Rogers representative will review and respond within four weeks.

Need Volunteers?

The Rogers Employee Volunteer Program was created to encourage and support employee volunteer activities which serve the communities where we live and work. We invite employees to take one paid day off of work annually and use toward a volunteer experience with a registered charity of their choice.

If you are a registered charity that is seeking out volunteers in your community, please contact us with the following information. A representative will be in touch to discuss how we can work together.

Charity Information
Charity Contact

Environmental Responsibility

Our environment matters, that's why we embed environmental stewardship into our business. We actively manage our environmental risk and have introduced programs and targets to reduce our environmental footprint, particularly around the priority areas of energy and greenhouse gas emissions, paper and waste. We’re also changing the way our employees work, generating substantial environmental benefits, and fostering engagement and awareness across the company.


total metric tonnes of office materials collected from our workspace redesign.

= 34 metric tonnes of office material

Environmental Management

in 2016 we won 4 environmental awards, incluing 2 CivicAction race to reduce awards, and was selected as one of Canada's Greenest Employers

Paper Reduction

Paper is a key component of our business, and we are focused on finding innovative solutions to streamline our paper consumption.

Workspace Transformation

We’re employing new internal technology and retrofitting our buildings, which will ultimately reduce our energy consumption. This also allow us to make more efficient use of our office footprint, significantly reducing our future energy consumption. Initiatives include: enhancing lighting conditions by maximizing day lighting where we can, as well as constructing glass partitions on the fronts of meeting rooms; and installing high-efficiency LED fixtures with motion sensors and daylight sensors to optimize energy performance

Energy use and climate change

We are committed to improving our energy efficiency across our operations as we move towards a low-carbon economy.

Waste & Recycling

Responsible management of materials we use and the waste we produce is important both to our operational efficiency and the environment.

Energy Usage

Rogers is committed to reducing energy usage by 10% and greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, compared to 2011 levels, by 2025.

In 2015, Rogers won two annual Race to Reduce Awards

Did you know:

We host recycling events on Earth Day and during Waste Reduction Week to encourage employees to clean their workstations of unused office supplies in order to donate them to local charities.


vehicles have been replaced - based on mileage driven, we reduced our fuel by 29,212 litres and our GHG emissions by 67,188 kilograms.

= Approx. 11.5 vehicles


Rogers buildings turned off the lights for Earth Hour in March.

= 4 buildings

In 2015, we reduced our total paper consumption by 21.3% from the year prior.

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