Your remote reprogramming woes solved

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We’ve all been there before: you’ve purchased a new TV, picked up a new NextBox for the house, or the kids pushed a bunch of buttons on the remote and now it needs to be reprogrammed.

So, you’re left wondering: “How did I do it last time? What buttons do I press again?” If you haven’t kept your NextBox manual on hand you may be wondering how you’re going to tackle this living room conundrum.

Last month I highlighted a wonderful thread where users in our Community Forums outlined how to skip or hide unsubscribed channels in your NextBox guide. Today I’d like to highlight another great submission from our users who took the time to detail the programming methods along with the required codes for your respective TV model.

First, you need to determine whether you prefer the Auto Scanning Method or the Manual Method.

Auto Scanning Method 

  1. Turn ON your TV.
  2. Press the TV button once. The TV button will flash once.
  3. Press and hold the SETUP button until the TV button flashes twice, then release.
  4. Press 9 9 1 on the number pad. The TV button will flash twice.
  5. Aim the remote TOWARDS your TV, press the PWR button once.
  6. Repeatedly press the CH+ button until your TV turns off. The remote will cycle through all possible codes until a match is found. You may need to press the CH+ button many times before finding a match.
  7. Once the TV turns off, press the SETUP button once to lock the code. The TV button will flash twice.
  8. Confirm the remote is programmed correctly by pressing the PWR button to turn on your TV.

TIP: To program the remote to control other devices, repeat the above instructions using the mode button for that device (DVD, AUX or AUD).

Manual Method 

  1. Find the code for the device you wish to control in the Rogers Remote Code Library.
  2. Turn ON the device you wish to control.
  3. Find the mode button for the device you wish to program (TV, VCR, DVD, etc.) Press it once. The button will blink once.
  4. Press and hold the SETUP button until the selected mode button blinks twice.
  5. Enter the 4-digit code for the device. The selected mode button blinks twice. (If the mode button shows a single long blink, the entry is invalid. Try steps 3 and 4 again using a different code if available.)
  6. Point the remote at the device and press PWR button. The device should turn off. If it does not, repeat steps 3 and 4, using a different code for your device, if available.
  7. If you continue to experience problems, try the auto-scanning mode detailed above.

There you have it friends. All the steps you’ll need to program your Rogers Remote to control all your home theatre devices.

Do you have questions about your Rogers products and services? Visit the Rogers Community Forums for advice from our nine resident experts and our more than 260,000 members.

331 responses to “Your remote reprogramming woes solved”

  1. mike says:

    Hi I can’t program by yamaha ysp-600 to my rogers remote. Do u have a solution?

  2. George says:

    I have a new Samsung smart tv and I had success programming the Rogers remote to turn TV on/off but can’t get the remote to control volume.
    I have done exactly as outlined in the Rogers users guide.

    Any ideas?

    • rogershayleyf says:

      Hi George – I believe I colleague reach out to you to help with this. Please let us know if you have any further questions. You can always contact us via our Facebook page or tweet us @RogersHelps -RogersHayleyF

    • Danny Machkovski says:

      I’m having the same proble. New Samsung smart TV and I have entered all the proper codes but the volume doesn’t want to work.

      • RogersMike says:

        As mentioned to George, please reach out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They can troubleshoot with you there!

    • Teery Coggins says:

      My new Samsung SMART TV works great. The Rogers remote will change channels but not the volume. Any suggestions? Thanks

      • RogersMike says:

        Good morning! If you’ve tried both automatic and manual methods above, please reach out to the support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or for further troubleshoting.

    • Besi says:

      I am having the same problem. What was the solution?

    • Jim says:

      Hi. Were you able to fix the issue with the volume? I have the same problem.

    • Sandra Johnstone says:

      Can’t sync volume control of tosheba with Rogers remote. Everything else works okCant

      • RogersPaul says:

        Hi Sandra, sorry to hear you’re having problems syncing the remote with your TV. Our technical support team is happy to help. Please check our Contact Us page for the best way to get in touch with them.

  3. Paul Branco says:

    My mother and my son have a RCA 32 in led TV model # RLDED3258A-B
    I have tried programming their Rogers remote model #1056B01. It will not turn the TV off but does control the channels and volume. Is there a special code that I need?
    Have other people had the same problem.

    Thanks for your help.


  4. Gord says:

    Hi my TV is an RCA model # RLDED3258A-B I have tried 73 codes from Universal codes from 0047 to 2002 and multiple guide codes from rogers. I have depress as describe above Ch+ over 200 times and nothing turns off my TV any other suggestions? Is there a way to find the code on the controller?
    I am using the controller # 1056B03.
    Thanks for any other help.

    • Rogers_Chris says:

      Hi Gord, please reach out to the @RogersHelps team on Twitter or at

      • Gord says:

        Hi my TV is an RCA model # RLDED3258A-B I have tried 73 codes from Universal codes from 0047 to 2002 and multiple guide codes from rogers. I have depress as describe above Ch+ over 200 times and nothing turns off my TV ? Do You have the code for this TV? Yes ?/NO?

    • Paul Branco says:

      Hi Gordon,
      I am having the same problem with my RCA TV. Dame model as yours. Did you happen to find the right codes?



  5. Sherry Simpson says:

    Hi, My remote works except for the volume? I don’t know what to do because in order to set your remote you must press power then the channel up button until the TV turns off? Hitting the power button turns my TV off before I can get to the channel up point.
    Can someone tell me how to do this?


    • rogershayleyf says:

      Hi Sherry! Our support team would be happy to troubleshoot the issue with you! Feel free to reach out to them on Twitter @RogersHelps or on

  6. Teressa Pettifer says:

    I have a Samsung CXD2512 CRT TV/VCR and they said they do not have codes for it. I tried all of the ones that rogers sent. and I tried the 991 steps. I checked the sensor and it works with the tv remote. the Cable turns on and off and volume etc. but will not shut off the tv. Can you think of anything else to try. Teressa

  7. Teressa Pettifer says:

    there must be something wrong with the remote 1056B10 no one seems to get it to work properly Teressa

  8. Marie Benjamin says:

    I’ve followed the instructions but it’s not allowing me to change the channel or volume.

  9. Richard Lafontaine says:

    My volume on my remote stopped working, can you help me please?

    • RogersMike says:

      If you’ve tried changing batteries and that hasn’t fixed the issue, if everything else works on the remote other than the volume, I’d recommend going to a store and getting a new remote.

    • RogersMike says:

      Actually, before you do that, what happens when you press the volume buttons? Do you see anything happen on the screen?

    • Julie Markham says:

      Same thing happened with my remote. It worked fine for a bit over a year, then the input and volume buttons required very hard presses then eventually stopped working altogether. Tried fresh joy. I think those are my most used buttons and it was just wear causing them not to make good contact on the circuit board. I guess if you are an electronics whiz you could open the remote and see if you can solder or do anything to improve contact…but I just threw the remote and bought a new RCA one for $7.97 which was easier to program and controls my ROKU as well.

  10. robert yantha says:

    I programmed the remote as directed. everything works except the volume

    • RogersMike says:

      Hey Robert, could you please reach out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They can troubleshoot with you there.

  11. helga says:

    i have an elite pioneer flat screen tv i would like to the the volume, tv and rogers converter all working when I turn on the rogers box how can I do that

    • rogershayleyf says:

      Hi Helga – Our customer care team on Twitter @RogersHelps or would be happy to help answer your question! Please reach out to them there. 🙂

  12. Don Paquette says:

    cannot program my tv to work with my rogers remote. I have tried all the codes in the instruction booklet. I have also tried auto scanning, I pushed the button 300 times. My tv is a RCA model RLDED3258A-F. I purchased the tv in dec. 2014. Does that mean I’m out of luck or is there another way to do this.

  13. emad fahmy says:

    The television we have is Toshiba model 23 L 135 ouc – its number in channel adjusting is 1156
    we successfully programmed this Tv with Rogers high definition box using Rogers remote control

    This incident occurred today ;

    I pressed the bottom #8 on the remote control supplied by Toshiba so I found on the screen of TV cable 8 and the picture is corrupted and the TV is now not working.

    Could u please advise how to fix this problem?

    • RogersMike says:

      Is there an “Input” button on the remote? If so, press it, and try out the different inputs to see if it fixes the problem.

  14. lou says:

    I have a samsung smart and cant get the vol to work

    • rogershayleyf says:

      Hi Lou – Can you please reach out to us @RogersHelps on Twitter or at . The support team can help you troubleshoot this.

  15. vangi ramachandran says:

    I just received a remote controller for my cable tv by rogers. I want to know the code for the Sony TV model no. KDL40W3000. Please help.

  16. Leo Plunkett says:

    I am trying to fin the TV CODE for my Sony 50″ KDL50R55OA

  17. Dr.Hemant Pandhi says:

    TV Screen Picture magnified more than normal, how to reduce normal size

    • rogershayleyf says:

      Hi there – Please reach out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or to troubleshoot with you.

  18. Kyle withers says:

    After I do the auto program, my tv turns off I hit the setup button, but tv won’t turn back on. Any ideas?

    • RogersMike says:

      Have you tried the manual method described above? If not, please give it a try and let us know how it turns out.

  19. Marco says:

    For whatever reason when I try to click in certain channels the tv keeps on going back to my programmed channel when tv first opens up. Can someone explain why that is ???

    • RogersMike says:

      Could you please reach out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They can troubleshoot with you. Thanks!

  20. Hayleigh says:

    I have tried to set up my tv and home theatre with the Rogers remote but no luck…. Been trying for over and hour and could really use some help

    • RogersMike says:

      Have you tried the remote library to ensure you have the correct code? If you’re using the right code and still can’t set it up, please contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’d be able to assist. 🙂

  21. Ed Turow says:

    I just picked up a new box for one of my four TV and accidentally parental blocked a number of my channels and do not I have my code to unblock and how do we unblock

    • rogershayleyf says:

      Hi Ed – please reach out to our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’ll be able to help you troubleshoot this.

  22. Cindy says:

    we have a insignia TV we programmed our remote to turn the tv on/off volume change channels but we lost the guide feature and when you turn off the tv the box doesn’t turn off

    • rogershayleyf says:

      Hi Cindy! Please contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – They can help you out with this.

  23. Valerie Doyle says:

    I have a new rogers remote – my tv and cable will not work – what am I doing wrong. I did the programming thing – and I can use the remote to turn off and on the tv but sound is not working properly nor is the cable – HELP

    • rogershayleyf says:

      Hi Valerie – please reach out to us @RogersHelps on Twitter or and our support team will troubleshoot this for you.

  24. austin says:

    Hi I have had my remote programed to turn my tv on and off but don’t want it to do that any more how do I stop it

    • RogersMike says:

      If you want to reset your remote back to factory settings, you can try this:

      1. PRESS the applicable device button (TV,VCR,CABLE, AUD, etc.)
      2. PRESS and HOLD the SETUP button until the red LED flashes twice, then RELEASE.
      3. PRESS 9 – 9 – 2
      4. PRESS the device button twice. – Two blinks.

      That should work.

  25. melissa says:

    the top 1/2 of my remote is not working.. last button works and the volume and channel up and down.. bu the guide won’t work.
    i tried the program remote steps. but it will NOT use the settings button. it keeps going back to cbl when i went it on TV.

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Melissa, please contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they can troubleshoot with you!

  26. Charlene Frayne says:

    Thank You
    Your help on my iPad for setting up my hand control that the wrong button was pushed on was very easy .

  27. Marilyn says:

    I used the auto scanning method For my RCA 55″ TV and it worked perfectly the first time. Also worked for the Sony Blu Ray player.



  28. Ruby-dee says:

    My textbox remote turns the TV on and off and the volume works as well. What it won’t do is change the channels. There is a picture of an aquarium with a pretty red fish that does not move and I really would rather watch something else 🙂

    Also, after I reboot the box, the time never comes on 🙁


    • RogersPaul says:

      Why change the station, that Aquarium Channel is riveting television 😉 It sounds like your TV is on the wrong source/input than what your cable box is connected to. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, our support folks at @RogersHelps and are happy to help.

  29. Irma Downing says:

    I bought a Element Electronic Smart TV and have set it up. I programmed the Rogers remote as per instructions. I have reprogrammed many time but the Volume on the remote does not work with the TV. The MUTE wasn’t working either but after reprogramming it has worked. I have been at this for more than a week and do not like having to work with 2 remotes. Is there any other advice as to how the volume may work properly.

    • RogersMike says:

      Have you tried both the manual and automatic programming methods, Irma?

      • Irma Downing says:

        There is no code listed for an Elements Electronic TV. Can you suggest other options?

        • RogersPaul says:

          Have you tried the Auto Scanning Method mentioned above? The support section of Element Electronics website suggest trying these generic numbers as well: 10019, 0178, 10178, 0030, 10030, 0835, 10835. Please let us know if any of these worked for you.

      • Irma Downing says:

        I have tried the codes and only the codes with 4 digits are allowed. One of the codes(0030) allowed for POWER on and off and changing channels. I went back to the Auto Scan several times and have gained the MUTE but still no VOLUME…This is becoming ridiculous!

        • RogersMike says:

          Could you kindly contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They can provide further troubleshooting with you there.

    • JB says:

      Hi, I have the same problem with my element ELSFWC401, I can’t adjust the volume with my universal remote. Did anyone have fund a solution ???? Thanls

      • RogersPaul says:

        Hi JB, if you’ve exhausted all of the above options and have found one that controls the TV’s power, here’s a work around for you. What we would do is lock the volume control to your Rogers box only (it has it’s own separate volume setting too!), so you can leave your TV volume at a desired setting. To accomplish this, please follow the below steps:
        1. On the remote, press and hold the “Setup” button until the last-selected device key blinks twice (e.g “TV” or “CBL”).
        2. Enter 9 9 3. The same device key will blink twice again.
        3. Press the “CBL” button. If successful, that button will flash twice.
        You should now be able to control Vol+, Vol- and the Mute button for the box no matter what mode you are in.

        • Catherine says:

          Rogers needs more Reps like you . Simple Instructions – Simple Fix to a maddening problem.
          I picked up a New remote today from Rogers store got it home and did the setup according to instructions. Got TV setup done with no issues but the volume wouldnt work – I tried everything then went to google, TV forum boards, rogers help and still the volume wouldn’t adjust then…… I read your post. In less than 10 seconds my volume -+ worked!!! I was literally about to go ballistic and smash the remote into a bazillion pieces (my fav show was on and I was missing it)

    • GrahamGurney says:

      I can’t fix your problem but I would like to get the code you used to program the tv to turn off/on. if you don’t mind.

  30. S.Strenge says:

    Does anyone have a code for volume control of Samsung Soundbar HW-J250. This device is linked to a Samsung 32″ UN32J4000AFXZC television. The Nextbox remote #1056B03 works to turn both off and on at the same time, but does not work for the volume on soundbar (works for TV volume without soundbar). I have tried all codes provided by Does Rogers have an updated version of their remote that I can exchange for my present one that would solve this problem? It is annoying to have to use the separate remote from the soundbar……

    • RogersMike says:

      Good morning! It would be best for you to reach out to our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’ll be able to troubleshoot with you, as well as answer all of your questions. 🙂

      • S.Strenge says:

        Thanks Mike for the speedy reply.
        Unfortunately I do not Tweet (no cell or I- phone) and do not Facebook either. Should I just telephone Rogers and which number would it be. I am in Corner Brook NL.

        • RogersMike says:

          Yeah, best to call then. The number is 1-888-764-3771. You’re going to want to get in touch with the Cable TV technical support department. Best of luck!

  31. Lynna says:

    My remote for my32 in r a the quit. I have purchased 3 universal remotes and none will program. They will not turn tv off so I can continue.

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Lynna, our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or would be happy to troubleshoot with you! Please contact them there.

  32. Stacey says:

    Hi I just bought a new element led Fhd ELSFWC401 smart tv and cannot find any codes to hook the Rogers cable remote to the tv so I can change volume. Can you help?

  33. Jack says:

    I have done this with 991 code but my tv does turn on and off with my Rogers remote any suggestions thanks.

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Jack, thanks for connecting with us today. What make and model TV are you trying to set up with your Rogers remote?

  34. bill says:

    I pressed a button (don’t know which one) and now the tv picture is snowy and shows weak or no signal, how do I restore the picture?

    • RogersMike says:

      It’s possible that the input on your TV is on the wrong one? If you test that and it doesn’t work, kindly contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’ll be able to help. 🙂

  35. Mike R says:

    I just picked up the new Nextbox from rogers, programmed the controller and it works my Nextbox and sharp TV. The problem is it changes the volume on the TV, but I need it to change the Volume on my Vizio sound bar.i currently have the sound bar connected with RCA cables to the Nextbox.
    Any thoughts? My old remote and next box worked fine yesterday.

  36. Cindy Allem says:

    Hi and thank you for your helpful article. I am wondering if I should try re-setting up my universal remote even though everything still works except for the button that should scan for the free TV channels. This button used to scan the airwaves just fine, but when this man installed a TV antenna on my TV, that feature quit working. I actually now have fewer free channels than before this guy installed the antenna. He was no helpful at all as far as why this happened. And scanning from my TV is awkward at best. Do you think it might be worthwhile to simply set up the remote as though I had just purchased it? I look forward to your advice!

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Cindy, thank you for inquiring with us here. What model of the Rogers universal remote are you currently using? It sounds like the TV you are using does not have a Rogers cable box connected to it, is that correct?

  37. David Page says:

    Have just picked up 2 RCA tv’s and cannot seem to find the code to switch off from the cable controller. TV’s are models RLED1945a and RLED2445a-h. Tried the codes in the cable book and then the manual search and nothing seems to switch it off. Help please. Thanks to anyone who can help. David

  38. Emeka Great says:

    Hello, my Samsung smart TV picture is not well aligned with the screen.How can i correct it?Thanks

  39. Chad Davey says:

    I am trying to program an Rca tv (RLDED3258A-E) and I have gone through all the codes, including more that I found online. Help please

  40. Sarah parkinson says:

    Hi . I have done the scanning method. It turned tv off once a finished the steps. Pressed setup button to lock .tv button flashed. But now the remote won’t turn it back on . It’s a hitchi RC4860 .

  41. d. summers says:

    I think my remote needs replacing. Where do i do that?

  42. Marc says:

    I just purchased a Sony playstation for my cousin, how do I find the video input on the rogers remote, it does not display on on the face of the remote?


  43. Manjoo says:

    Hi, we have a rogers universal remote. We’ve had it for awhile. everything works fine except the volume button.. please help

  44. Brittany says:

    Hi, I have an old RCA dvd remote. I am trying to program it so it works with my DVD player, however for any of the fields to search for the model number I can’t find it anywhere. Model # is: CRCR351. Please help.

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Brittany! Our support team would be happy to assist with programming Rogers remotes, but if it’s an RCA remote you’d need programmed, I’d recommend reaching out to RCA directly.

  45. Rob Ralston says:

    I was able to synch my new Philips Smart Tv to my Rogers Nextbox but now the original TV remote does not respond when I want to go to smart tv functions like youtube & netflix? Any ideas?

    • RogersMike says:

      I would recommend you post your question within our Community Forums – I’m sure someone there will be able to help!

      • Rob says:

        I was able to solve the problem. I disconnected power to the tv & removed the batteries from the remote & when I plugged in and turned on my nextbox was still synched & all of the smart functions on the tv worked as well. For any future reference you may have.

    • Jay HZ says:

      Hi Rob – same situation with my new Sony TV… Got the Rogers remote working for power/channels/volume, but, now Sony remote can’t access Netflix (which is a separate button)… In your response, below, you say you removed the batteries from the remote–was that the Rogers remote or the TV (Philips in your case) remote?

  46. Pierre says:

    Is it possible to program the remote tu automatically tune volume on my samsung home theatre system by default. Niw i need to choose AUD and then repress CBL. Thanks

  47. lori says:

    I just got a sanyo tv given to me channel three comes on the volumn works but I cant get it programmed to where it will change channels I have went thru various codes what could be wrong?

    • RogersMike says:

      Have you tried both the automatic and manual options listed above? If you have, and if code 0154 doesn’t work for you, I’d recommend posting in our Community Forums – they should be able to help set this up with you. 🙂

  48. glen says:

    I just got a new LG 43″ TV my rogers remote will not run the volume, all the rest will work, do I have to use a separate remote for volume

  49. charmaine says:

    Hi got a new sharp tv yesterday. It required the tv to be paired with the remote. I have pressed the buttons required bit nothing is happening

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Charmaine, thanks for connecting with us here. After trying the auto scanning method, did you try entering the specific remote codes for Sharp?

      • charmaine says:

        The instructions didn’t say anything about codes just said to hold down the yellow n green button and it should pair with tv. But tv not going on

        • RogersPaul says:

          Is the remote you are trying to program the universal Rogers remote provided with your Rogers cable box? It will look like the one pictured at the top of this post.

  50. Gerry says:

    How do I program the Rogers receiver to come on at a certain time so I can record the program?

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Gerry, thanks for your comment. What model of cable box are you using? If it’s an HDPVR, the box will automatically record scheduled content for you.

  51. Doug says:

    I programmed the controller, however a number of channels that are supposed to be on my bundle remain blank and a number of channels indicate they need fine tuning. The blank screen problem I have no idea how to correct and waiting for the fine tuning never seems to finish.

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Doug, did you recently add a new Rogers cable box in your home? It sounds as though your TV may not be on the correct source/input (ex: AV1, Component 2, HDMI1, etc.).

  52. Nino says:

    Hi, just bought a Samsung 58 in TV, code UN58H5202AFXZC.
    Programmed Rogers Universal remote, and tv and netbox shut of, but then TV doesn’t turn on i have to use TV remote to turn it on. very strange.
    Anyone have an idea.


    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Nino, it could be that another remote code will function properly as I’ve experienced this myself. Have you tried the other remote codes listed next to Samsung on the remote programming guide?

  53. Asif N says:

    I just programmed my 5 button remote to my RCA TV using the auto method (can’t see to get manual working with 0047) and I can turn the TV on/off as well as change channels and all. However, my volume keys control the volume inverted. Vol+ actually decrease volume, and Vol- actually increases volume. What can I do to fix this? Thanks.

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Asif, thanks for bringing this us. I haven’t encountered this issue before. Could you try clearing custom programming by pressing and holding “Setup” until the last selected device key blinks twice, then enter 9-8-0. If successful, the last selected device key will blink twice, pause, then twice again. This will not remove any device programming for the TV/etc.

      • Asif says:

        Hi Paul,
        I just tried that and the blink sequences worked as you said. However unfortunately, it didn’t solve the problem. My Rogers remote still controls volume buttons inverted. What can I do now? Thanks.

        • RogersMike says:

          Very odd! Could you please contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to provide more in-depth troubleshooting with you. Thanks!

  54. John Marano says:

    Purchased a new Samsung flat led tv, programmed rogers remote OK ,turns tv and pvr off and on but I can not get
    much sound out, I have to crank it up to over 60 on the TV so d bar to hear it.
    I am using HDMI cable now but when I called Rogers for assistance, they told me to try using component cables .
    what should l do? JOHN

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hey John, thanks for reaching out here. I don’t believe you need to change out your HDMI cable, except as a last resort. Let’s check if volume lock is disabled or active first. When you press the “CBL” device button on the remote, then press VOL+, does the “TV” or “CBL” button flash red?

  55. Chris Milojevic says:

    Could you possibly give me the code and directions for setting up the volume on my converter for an LG TV. Thank you it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Chris! The most commonly used code for LG TV’s is 1423. To program, ensure that your TV is powered on. Next, press the “TV” device key once, then press and hold the “Setup” key until you see that “TV” device key flash twice. Enter the 4 digit code, and if successfully entered, you will see the device key flash twice again. Aim the remote at the TV and press “PWR”, if it turns off, then you’ve entered the right code for your television. To return to normal commands for your Rogers box, press the “CBL” device key once. In this mode, you can control the cable channels, TV volume, and power the TV and cable box on and off simultaneously.

      If the code 1423 doesn’t work, you can try one of these codes instead: 0178, 1178, 1265, 1325, 1993, 0017, 0039, 0442, 0700, 0829, 0856, 1004, 1483

      Let me know if you need any further assistance!

  56. Robert Stringer says:

    Entered the code for my sons Sony KDL 32 BX 300. The code is 0810. The TV now powers on and off and I can use the guide buttons, but the volume does not adjust with the remote. Any thoughts?

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Robert! Have you tried the other remote codes available for Sony? If the others don’t work to control the volume & power, we can look at next steps to troubleshoot your issue.

      • Robert Stringer says:

        Ha ha … not yet. I’ve written the other codes down but have not had a chance to try them … work work work. I am also going to try the auto program again.


      • Robert Stringer says:

        I tried different codes etc. with no luck then tried my sons remote with my TV. I have concluded that the volume button on his remote control must not be functioning so a new remote is needed.

        • RogersPaul says:

          Worth a shot! If the problem persists, we can try locking volume control to the cable box only, and leave the TV volume set to a desired level.

  57. Paulette lewis says:

    Cannot find pwr and remote control.

  58. raj says:

    Thanks it worked

  59. Jim Hiscott says:

    The list function button does not work.

    Please help, thanks…….jh

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Jim, let’s see what we can figure out together. Your remote may not be in “CBL” mode, can you please press that device key on the Rogers remote once, and then try pressing “List”? Also, can you let me know what the model number is on the front of the cable box?

  60. Tameka says:

    I went thru your steps but it only turned the tv completely off after I hit power..I have a sanyo tv and rca cable box just wired cable. Remote controls power and volume only..when I try to turn channel cable/satellite button lights up..please help..thank you

  61. Tresha says:

    I was trying to program my tv wit my phone n I use the chanel button to change it on my phone n I did not no wat went wrong now the telivison is not showing it saying chanel not available

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Tresha, let’s see if we can help you out with this. To confirm, is this using the on screen remote control through Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition?

  62. garry says:

    I have programmed my remote to work tv but when I use the remote to turn the TV and the box they have be worked separately . When l push the power button the box comes on then l have to push tv button for tv to come on

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Garry! Let’s confirm a few things here. Can you please press the “CBL” button your Rogers remote once. Then, press the power button. Does that turn both the TV and Cable box off/on at the same time?

  63. Charlene Woodard says:

    My hand held device will not let me watch Tele ision

  64. crystal says:

    I have a 89 year old mother in law, she forgets how to change the souse on her tv and now cant watch her fav dvds and vhs. we have go her a seniors remote but she still cant figure out how to change from tv to dvd. any ideas or suggestions

    • RogersMike says:

      I’d recommend posting that question to our experts in our Rogers Community Forums. Perhaps they’ll be able to provide you with some tips. 🙂

      • Cindy says:

        Sorry to have to post here. I have been trying to unsubscribe with no luck. Following the link to manage subscriptions has not helped. I have checked every option and selected “delete,” yet I still get emails.

        Can you help me? Again, my apologies for posting here. Cindy

        • RogersMike says:

          Hmmm, I can’t find your subscription in our database at all. We could always try to delete both of your posts on here and see if that works – please let me know if you’d like me to try that!

  65. Scott says:

    I have a seki tv i have a problem it dont matter witch remote i use. We can turn channels and volume just fine but cannot turn tv off or on eith remote have to push the power button on tv inorder to turn off or on. We got new remote thinking remote bad but still have problem any ideas

    • RogersMike says:

      To confirm, you’ve tried to manually set it up using the code of 0178? If that still doesn’t work, I’d recommend posting in our Community Forums – hopefully someone there will have an answer for you!

  66. rodneisha says:

    I dont have a remote how do i scan a channel with out it

  67. Khaled Look says:

    I have divinci innovative sound and bass 6d can you give me the code or how to set it up with rogers remote control thank u

  68. Terry says:

    Why does reprogram screen come on every time we turn on tv that is set for over air

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Terry! Just to confirm, the TV this is happening on is not connected to a Rogers box of any kind? What make of TV is it?

  69. Faruk says:

    Please tell me what’s the code for Philips tv

  70. Marc Groulx says:

    Why did the search categories (the yellow A) when viewing the TV schedule dropped. It was the most useful. Lately it seems that the changes are cosmetic and that the people who bring these changes are not people who watch TV.

  71. Elliott says:

    I’m trying to program my remote to turn on and off the TV when I do it the TV turns off I hit setup but the TV won’t turn back on any solution to this problem I have a dynex TV

  72. Rick says:

    I have a sony bluray player trying to find code

    Anyone help me

  73. Louise says:

    Hi tried both ways in the booklet can’t get the total control urc-2910 to tune in. Can you help?

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Louise, thanks for commenting here today. The search method should be the same, although your remote is different from the Atlas remote control we provide with the equipment. Are you looking to program the device to a Rogers box, or your TV? It may be best to search for the user guide specific to your remote control, as the codes may be different.

  74. ray says:

    I would like to know if one power on/off button can be used to turn TV n pvr on
    And then be able to cbl channel up n down its for my mum who can not c well
    I want one button to turn TV on offf- n cable box on same time. N then be able to channel up down is it possible
    N when done press one button n all is off thanks

  75. Billy Joe says:

    I can’t access the smart hub on my samsung smart tv using the rogers remote without turning the tv off and on…anybody have a solution?

  76. rob says:

    I have a 40in tashabia tv that I bought with out a remote!what kind can I use from the thrif store if I can’t find Tasmania one?

  77. John Dewit says:

    i have the Rogers Nextbox with the five button remote. I cannot seem to program the remote with my Philips sound bar model i have tried all the Philips codes none seem to work, i have tried using 991 and scanning through the codes. i spent 30 minutes hitting the channel up button. can you please help me with this.

  78. Lori snow says:

    How do I search for a show I would like to record before the show is shown on the guide so I can tecord it.

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Lori, you can only search shows that already appear in the guide via the cable box. If a new episode for the show you are looking for is not shown in the guide, you can set a series record to capture “New Episodes Only”, “Any Channel” and “Any Time” by selecting a scheduled re-run of the show from the guide. When a new episode appears, the box will automatically set the recording for you. Hope this helps!

  79. Adam says:

    Everything i search leads me to connecting it to my TV…. My remote wont turn on the CBL anymore. Rogers is absolutely ridiculous.
    We’ve had NOTHING but problems with Rogers TV since we’ve changed to it.
    Stupid remote and Cable suck.

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Adam, thanks for reaching out for your remote problems. If you press the “CBL” button on your remote, then press “Power” after that, does the cable box turn on?

      • Adam says:

        ………….. Are you serious?
        Do they actually pay you to do this?
        Of course Ive already tried that.
        Thats how you turn on the damn cable in the first place

        • RogersPaul says:

          Just establishing a base understanding of the problem you’re experiencing, as you mentioned the remote won’t turn on the CBL anymore. When you press a channel number or CH+/-, does the CBL button flash red, or does one of other mode buttons instead?

  80. jean Fougere says:

    How do you Programme the Rogers remote 1056B03 to use the AUD volume while in CBL mode

    I have an Audio System Functioning on AUD but in CBL Mode the Volume that is activated is the TV not AUD


    • RogersPaul says:

      Good afternoon Jean, thanks for connecting with us here today. You can lock volume control to just one mode (in your case, the audio system), regardless of what mode is active on the remote. To achieve this:
      1. Press and hold SETUP until the last selected mode key blinks twice.
      2. Enter 9-9-3. The last selected mode key will blink twice again.
      3. Press AUD.
      Now, when you are in CBL mode, you will be able to control your audio systems volume. If you run into any problems, let me know!

  81. Ryan says:


    I’ve tried everything with this remote to get it to work with my RCA TV and it just wont. I’ve tried code search and went through all the codes provided I have the 1056B03 remote and an RCA TV model # RLDED4633A do you have an alternative ?

    Thank you.

  82. Ashley says:

    Just picked up the new 4k remote. How do I stop it from lighting up every time I hit a button? Thanks

  83. Bernie says:

    My father has a RCA tv model: RLDED3258A-H and recently got Rogers cable set up. The Rogers remote 1056B03 won’t turn the tv on or off and won’t adjust the volume. We have already done the auto code trials and spent 20 minutes on the phone with Rogers Tech Support trying individual potential codes with no success.
    I have seen many requests for the same model by others on this message board with the answer always directing to Rogers tech support on Facebook or Twitter. What I am looking for is a real solution after going the route of trying Rogers Tech support.


    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Bernie, thanks for checking in on this issue. I definitely understand the frustration you’re experiencing. I’ve emailed you a list of remote codes that have worked with newer RCA TV’s. If none of these work, and trying the code search again is unsuccessful (there are thousands of remote codes, it could take a while), I’ll send your TV make and model off to our product team for further review. Please let me know how it goes.

  84. Quentin piazza says:

    I would like to get the volume buttons working on the remote

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Quentin, thanks for your message. Have you already programmed the remote to control the power of your TV?

  85. John Luca Stanghieri says:

    I cant find a remote code to work with my sylvania tv

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi John! For the best help, I would reach out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps and

  86. Pete Carter says:

    The new URC2125 remote won’t change audio modes to change from TV to Blu-ray etc using the numbers keypad as the old remote would. It will only change the channel on the DVR, any suggestions?

    • RogersPaul says:

      Good morning Pete, thanks for connecting with us here. I’m getting used to the new remote myself, let’s see if I can help. Are you looking to lock volume control to one device, regardless of what mode/input the remote or TV is on?

      • Pete Carter says:

        No, I am looking to change the audio channels that my HDMI is plugged into using the remote. The old remote would change the devices using the numbers keypad…1=Sat, 2= FM, 3=Phono etc…the new one will not. Any ideas?

        • RogersPaul says:

          Ah! I understand now. Quick question – if you’re playing a Blu-ray disc on the device, do the play/pause/fast forward buttons all work properly? The only function you’ve noticed missing is the ability to change the audio mode of the system itself?

  87. Colleen Fidlin says:

    Was going to exchange for a new remote but my television set has lost the on/off remote function. Even the TV remote will not turn the TV off we have to get up and turn the TV off manually. All other functions sound channel changing ect work fine. My question if if I get a new remote is there any way that I can program it for this TV if the remote on/off function is broken. Waiting for the TV to turn off while programming the remote is not possible so how can I know if the correct code has been found?

    • RogersMike says:

      Are you having issues with your current Rogers remote as well?

      • Colleen Fidlin says:

        The Rogers remote that I now use was programmed years ago when the TV remote on/off was working. So if the TV on/off switch isn’t working you cannot program a new remote.

        • RogersAndrewNP says:

          You should be able to program a new remote to work with the TV by following the steps listed in this post. If you are having problems doing so I would suggest reaching out to our Social Media team @RogersHelps on Twitter or

  88. Robert Pattinson says:

    I would like the cable box and TV to power off at the same time when I press the power off button

    • RogersAndrewNP says:

      Have you already tried to program the remote using the instructions found here? If so, were you able to get the TV to power off? If you are still having trouble please reach out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or for further assistance.

      • Colleen Fidlin says:

        My older TV will not turn off even when using the television remote control. The issue is with the television not the rogers remote. I have programmed several tv’s successfully but with the other tv’s the remote on/off works. That being said I got the television to work for channel changing but the volume control is not there. I simple did the programming entered the code and manually turned the TV off. Will just have to stick with the old remote for now.

  89. John Toman says:

    I set up my remote but now I can’t get the HD channels

  90. Mario says:


    I have 3 RCA 32″ TVs at home (Purchased at Walmart) and none of the RCA codes for the Rogers remote work. Also tried manually doing the “Continuously press PWR” option and after like 2 hours gave up.

    Is there an option for this TV? Or am I stuck buying a Logitech Harmony?

  91. carl shaw says:

    I have a restaurant with 4 of your Netbox 2 receivers. We have 15 tv’s, and want to program each of the 4 remote controls to access only one receiver. Currently, when we change channels on one receiver, all the other ones follow ….totally useless as it is currently set up.
    Can these 1056B03 remotes be set up to control just 1 Rogers box each?
    And if so, where are the instructions, as your installer was unable to do so.
    Thank You.

    • RogersAndrewNP says:

      Hello Carl, as the remotes are designed as universal remotes there is no way to have it only control one box.

      • carl shaw says:

        so if you have more than one box in your home, how do you prevent interference from the different remotes?

        • RogersAndrewNP says:

          I can understand your position Carl. In most situations the IR port on multiple boxes wouldn’t be initialized with the same remote, due to obstructions, walls etc. In your situation, having multiple TVs/boxes in the same room if you are able to angle the boxes this might reduce the possibility of multiple boxes being initiated by a single remote.

  92. Don Melvin says:

    How do access Netflix from my new Champion Rogers remote control

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Don, I don’t believe there is a way to access Netflix using your Rogers remote – you would need to use your TV remote for that.

  93. Steve Gormley says:

    I just bought a new RCA tv, model RLDED3956A and none of the codes on the Rogers list work for the remote. I’ve tried various web searches to no avail. Can you help?

    • RogersAndrewNP says:

      Hello Steve, you could try reaching out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or to see if they are able to assist.

      • Mario says:

        Steve, don’t bother. Rogers remote doesn’t work with RCA LED TVs. I have 3 of them and have received the same response. There is no code. Whether done manually or automatically.

        I’ll be buying a Logitech Harmony to get around this issue sadly.

      • Steve says:

        Sorry, I’m not a twitter guy. I ran an ‘autoscan’ and it finally picked up a code, but it only powers on/off the TV. It does not control the volume and I do not know which code it used. The autoscan took about 25 minutes to find the code, so I know have an oversized thumb (LOL).

        Having said that I understand that the issue is partly related to the TV manufacturer. RCA uses different companies to manufacture their TVs. One year I found that NEC was the manufacturer (tried all those codes by the way) and then the next year it’s a different company. Unfortunately the manual for this TV does not indicate the actual manufacturer. My next stop is RCA support to see if they can tell me. But I guess Rogers support could do the same to support all of their customers.

        All the best,


  94. AJ says:

    Is there a way that I can prevent the directional arrow keys from changing channels or volume? I want to be able to navigate my TV’s menu screen (a Samsung aquos). I can successfully pull up the menu on my TV but when I try to use the directional arrows to actually scroll down through the menu, it simply changes channels and trying to scroll left or right just changes the volume.

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi AJ, thanks for connecting with us here. Our support team is best equipped to help with troubleshooting your remote. They can be contacted on Twitter @RogersHelps or

  95. paul nemethy says:

    Hello. I got the remote to program the Proscan tv though the autoscanning method since the codes provided on the website as well as the manual did not work. BUT now the volume works in reverse. So up turns down the volume and down increases the volume. Please advise.

  96. m says:

    why cant i control volume for my philips blu ray player useing my rogers remote

  97. Mike says:

    Hi I just received the new Rogers remote urc-2125bc0-bx and I am trying to connect it to my Yamaha htr-4064. When I go through the connecting process it turns off the receiver but cannot turn it on nor control any features. I have tried both auto and manual pairing methods. PLEASE HELP

  98. Rick says:

    I have a NAD 747 surround sound receiver. Any idea of codes?

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Rick, thanks for connecting with us today. I recommend connecting with our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or, as they are the experts with regards to troubleshooting remote code issues.

  99. Angelofmine says:

    I need help programming my GPX tv/dvd combo with a universal remote.

  100. Allan Avery says:

    Hello: I have been trying to program my Rogers remote to a Panasonic TV for 2 days with no luck. Everytime I enter the 4 digit code, the TV shuts off. Do you have any suggestions ?? Thank you!

  101. Suresh says:

    I program my rogerstv remote to a elector home tv . The Chanel’s changes but the volume only goes to mute or on. It will not decrease or increase

  102. jose says:

    where do i find the codes for my remote to program all my new devices ? help pls

  103. diane says:

    have a new remote. followed steps re programming and on /off, volume successful but can’t program channels /guide. Samsung model UN22050038F
    thank you

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Diane, thanks for reaching out. What steps did you follow to program your remote? Was that with the auto scanning method, manual entry, or both?

  104. Whitecrane says:

    How do i remove a tv code from a rogers remote please help me

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi there, are you looking to program the remote to a new TV? If so, simply follow the steps above to auto scan, or manually enter the TV manufacturer code.

  105. Denise Carlos says:

    Lost picture on my lg tv by pressing a yes button on my tv remote .. tv went off came back no picture , I can hear tv but no picture … I was trying to install antenna. Is there anything I can do please help !

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Denise, thanks for reaching out here. If your still experiencing the issue, please take a look to ensure all the video/audio cables that connect the cable box to your TV are firmly connected and that none have become unplugged.

  106. Robert pouliot says:

    What to setup my iPad as a remote for my next box. We’re do aaI fine the device code to register the next box on my iPad Rogers remote app?

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Robert, for support related questions like this, please connect with our team on Twitter @RogersHelps or Good luck setting things up!

  107. Rob Aubrey says:

    I have an LG tv. I just got a new remote from Rogers as the old one didn’t work occassionally. The problem now is, when setting up the new remote, I somehow activated the tv’s ‘demo’ mode so, the left half of the screen and bottom have tips coming up every few minutes.

    How can I disable the demo mode or, can
    I using the Rogers remote?

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Rob, I don’t believe you’d be able to disable the demo mode via our remote. A quick Google search suggests to press Tools on your LG remote, then look for “Demo” or “E-Pop” and turn it off. If you can’t find either of those, would recommend reaching out to LG for more info.

    • Rob Aubrey says:

      I tried changing it from the buttons on the tv itself but don’t see an option to reset it anywhere there. I have misplaced the remote that came with the tv as I use a Rogers remote.

      Somewhere during the setup of my new replacement remote, as explained in my original post, it got placed in ‘demo mode’. I hadn’t touched the tv at all during the initial setup of the new replacement remote so, not sure how to get it out of ‘demo’ mode.

  108. Richard GW Moore says:

    I bought a new westinghouse tv,got the rogers remote to work, except i can`t get it to control the tv volume.
    I`ve tried the 5-mode remote program many times with no luck.Any ideas?

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Richard, thanks for your message. After programming your remote, are you able to turn the power off on the TV itself? Is it only the volume control that is not working? Was it a specific code you entered or did you program using the auto scanning method above?

      • Richard GW Moore says:

        H Paul,yes I`m able to turn TV on off by both remotes Rogers and its own Westinghouse.It`s the volume ,also I can`t get the TV menu or setting and other items I got on my old AVEIS TV that I replaced.I programed using the auto scanning method that is in my Rogers Users Guide.
        I spent many hours trying last Sat.7-30-16,after I took it out of the box and connected it up to systems.
        Could use some advise on what to do next.Thanks, Richard.

  109. Warren says:

    My TV is an rca model RLD3273a and I can’t find a code to control my TV. Would you know the code?

    • RogersPaul says:

      Apologies Warren, I don’t have that available here. In addition to trying the available RCA codes that came with your remote, have you already exhausted the auto scanning method mentioned above?

  110. Ray Luft says:

    Trying to get a new LG 22LH4530 TV to work with your remote. I’ve tried to follow the instructions. I seem to have everything working except the power switch which still depends on the remote that came with the TV and the volume control that doesn’t work at all with your remote but works with the manufacturer’s remote. I’ve tried to access your “remote code library” which doesn’t appear to exist. If you could provide a remote code for this TV perhaps the remote controller could be made to work properly? Or maybe you’d like to send somebody out to make the damned thing work properly?

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Ray, let’s see what we can do to help you out here. Have you exhausted the auto scanning method mentioned above? Can you try manually entering this code: 2358, and see if that works? If not resolved, please let me know and we can try a few other things.

  111. Richard Ho says:

    After programming ,when power on the remote control,Tv with NO SOUND.

    • RogersMike says:

      If the volume on the TV isn’t muted, please reach out to our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or for troubleshooting.

  112. kenneth leach says:

    Sir my issue is my settings is in white disabled by Factory.
    (1) I push source;
    (2)then type-in:2580(full menu-pops-up);
    (3)Now you see the following-list:
    (B) ADC-SETTING (disabled)-(In-white),
    (H) Aging-Mode-(accessible),
    (I) Other-Setting-(accessible),
    Produce date for rca is:04-16-14
    Model-Number is:DETG190R

  113. Elisabeth Mccollum; says:

    I reprogrammed my new replacement Rogers remote to the TV and DVD player it works but after I complete a movie and go back to the TV it says no signal. How do I get it back on to Cable without using the tvs remote. Where on this remote is there a list (source ) button so I can put the TV back to cable. Thanks. The TV is a Samsung 650.

  114. Al says:

    I am Trying to program my CHAMPION PLUS URC2125B0-BB Rogers remote with my Pioneer XV-DV580. Tried all the codes in the panphlet and all the codes from the website it gave me, also tried the automatic code search and nothing.

    What else can I do?

  115. Cathy says:

    we have a Fluid TV that we are trying to program. It is not listed in the product setup

  116. deb Bailey says:

    the guide on my remote won’t get off my favorite channels ….how do I fix it ?

  117. Irving says:

    Well the only way I could to get the manual way to work is I had to turn off my cable box, turn off my TV then just push the TV button on the Rogers remote, push set up until the TV button blinked twiced then entered my code and it worked fine.

  118. Graal says:

    My 46″ Emerson TV LF461EM4 won’t turn on. How do u program the universal remote to turn it on, without turning on the tv? Already checked with a fluke true continuity… Just won’t send pwr to… The damn pwr button… Smh.

    • RogersAndrewNP says:

      Hey there, the instructions for programming the remote would require the TV to be on initially. You could try doing it in reverse however I can’t guarantee that will work.

  119. Vanessa says:

    The video source button is not s
    Displaying video options on rogers remote.
    New remote, new TV. It was working but when I turned it on today it would not. I reset the universal remote to connect with the tv and still no sucess.
    Any thoughts?

    • RogersAndrewNP says:

      Hello Vanessa, do you happen to notice which button lights up at the top of the remote when you are pressing the source button? It should be the TV button that’s lighting up. If you require additional assistance you could reach out to our Social Media team @RogersHelps on Twitter or and they should be able to help out.

  120. Christina says:

    Have Rogers NextBox and Samsung TV (UN32J5500AF) cannot use Samsung remote to change channels, have to use Rogers remote, apparently newer Samsung TV’s do not have universal options in menu, nor does Rogers box, therefore, Rogers box will not accept Samsung remote so Rogers states and Samsung can’t rectify. Tried everything, Need help.

    • RogersAndrewNP says:

      Hello Christina, if you need assistance with programming the Rogers remote our support team would be able to look into that with you. When it comes to programming your Samsung remote to control the Rogers box, I don’t think that will be possible, however any assistance required with attempting to configure that would need to be provided via Samsung.

  121. Terry Kieffer says:

    I have a Panasonic tv model tc32lx700 and have lost the remote that came with it
    I need to set the tv to hdmi on the rogers remote
    Is this possible

    • RogersAndrewNP says:

      Hey Terry,
      It might be possible to change the input using the Rogers remote however it would depend on the TV itself. If you have the remote programmed to work with your TV already, try selecting the TV option from the top of the remote and using the video source option at the bottom of the remote.

      • Terry Kieffer says:

        Tried the video source and it does bring up the menu for the TV but when I scroll down it bypasses the HDMI settings
        The setting that allows me to watch TV is set on Como DVD
        A Rogers tech person that set it at that said I need a Panasonic remote
        Is this true

        • RogersPaul says:

          Was the box connected to your TV with an HDMI cord? Is it connected on both ends? If the TV isn’t detecting a device connected through an HDMI post, you won’t be able to select that input. It could be that your TV is connected with RGB or RCA cables. Could you check that out for us?

      • Terry Kieffer says:

        Check the HDMI cable and it is inserted properly in the PVR and TV

  122. Tom Sawyer says:

    just got a new 5 button remote. now the volume only steps up / down in increments.
    how do I get it to move up / down by depressing and holding vol control

  123. Cindy says:

    Having some trouble with programming my remote to my tv. Please help. I have an electrohome tv

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Cindy, thanks for checking in. Have you exhausted the auto scanning method shown above? What program codes have you tried manually entering? Here’s a common one that has worked with Electrohome TV’s in the past: 0463. Let me know if it works!

  124. John Landry says:

    i have a 6 mounth old netbox and i just got a new RCA tv and i can’t program the remote for the tv the codes are out dated. how do you update the codes in the remote

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi John, thanks for connecting with us here. What remote codes have you tried so far? Could you let me know the model of the RCA TV you currently have?

  125. Marion says:

    My remote was working until I fell asleep holding it. Now my tv has a sign scrolling on it saying no signal. How do I fix this?

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Marion,
      Try pushing the Video Source button on the bottom left of your remote. If that doesn’t work, please reach out to our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or for further assistance.

  126. rob s says:

    i have a nextbox (the one after the 2.0 and previous to the latest one)
    i ave the atlas 5 button remote and Champion (navigtr) remote
    i am looking to adjust the volume on the box, not the tv, first can this be done ?
    i figured out how to program the Champion remote (i think) but nothing happens when i try to adjust the volime
    i cant figure out how to program the atlas remote

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Rob – please contact our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or for troubleshooting. Thanks!

  127. Leah says:

    My new stereo turns on every time I turn my tv/cable on with the remote. Then I have to go over and turn the stereo off – so then when I turn the tv off later, it turns the stereo on again and I have to go over and power it off again. I didn’t do anything to program the stereo to work with the remote, it just did it on its own. Is there a way to unprogram the stereo from the remote?

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Leah! Sorry to hear of the issues you’re experience. Please contact our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or for troubleshooting. Thanks!

  128. Linda says:

    HEY ALL ROGERS CUSTOMERS LOOKING FOR ANSWER HOW TO MAKE YOUR ROGERS REMOTE CONTROL YOUR SAMSUNG TV VOLUME!! I am just another customer looking for the same answer – they did not yet provide it on Facebook – one of the sites they referred you all to – but I did just find the answers for our volume issue!! Here is a link to the page:

    All you do is like with the setup for the power – but a little different. That page offers a variety of options. Here’s what I did.

    1. press TV (one blink)
    2. press Setup (1blink – then 2 blinks)
    3. press 993 (like 991 to control the on/off)
    4. press Volume up once (there will be 4 blinks)
    5. Now just test to see if volume works – and also it should control your MUTE button.

    If my version doesn’t work – no worries – go to the link I posted and follow their instructions.

  129. Nathalie says:

    There is an error in your instructions, I managed to program my remote to the television not my pressing power in Step 5 but by pressing and holding the middle okSelect button. Hope this helps someone else.

  130. Peter Warren says:

    Connecting LG TV Smart Remote to control Rogers Set top Box 2018 Solved
    I wanted to use my LG TV’s Smart Remote and the LG TV Device connection section does not have a Rogers Set Top Box to choose from. After trial and error, I tried the Samsung Set Top Box and it works perfectly. I can run the TV and the Rogers Set Top Box from the LG Smart Remote. Some Rogers specific remote commands like Rogers on demand or the PVR seem to be missing – maybe someone can help me with those, but day to day channel selection and TV works great.

  131. Fardin Ahmadi says:


    I used to control my Samsung smart TV with Rogers remote and right now I want to control my smart TV with Samsung remote control and I don’t know how to stop that. Any suggestion would be very helpful.

    Thank you

  132. Debra Eng says:

    Just got a replacement digital adapter. TV works fine however now the DVD VCR player won’t turn on unless you physically get up off the couch and manually change the channel to 3 on the tv control panel. My 88 year old Mum is not mobile so she can only watch movies when I am with her. The Rogers remote is the same design as before so nothing should have changed. I called the 1 800 tech support and they told me it is impossible to change between tv and vcr without using a 3rd remote belonging to the Sony tv. And to have a technician come to the house it will cost $50. There must be a quick fix for this problem

  133. Dave Grant says:

    I just purchased a new TCL 4k smart tv and programmed my Atlas to control the tv. Using the auto method I go through the steps and it shuts the tv off but wont turn it back on after locking the code in with the set up button….ideas?

  134. Dave Grant says:

    I did same result

    • RogersMike says:

      If neither work, I’d recommend reaching out to our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or to see if they have any additional steps you can try.

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