Summary of Rogers’ Diversity Initiatives

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This summary of Rogers’ Diversity Initiatives is based on Rogers’ Diversity Management Policy and its Inclusion & Diversity Plan.

 Our Diversity Mission

At Rogers, we believe that commitment to inclusion and diversity is not only the right thing, it is critical to being a leading Canadian telecommunications company and winning in the marketplace.

Our inclusive culture embraces the diversity of our team and the customers we serve. We recognize that an environment that values diversity of thought, background, skills and experience facilitates innovation, high performance and growth.

Rogers is determined to be a place where our diverse employees, customers, and suppliers alike feel comfortable and supported.

We have a People Plan in which a commitment was made to execute an Inclusion & Diversity Plan.  The Inclusion & Diversity Plan is multi-year and promotes diversity, including the advancement of women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal Peoples and members of the LGBT community.

The resources allocated to support our inclusion and diversity efforts are aligned with Rogers’ strategic pillar of investing and developing our people.



Terms Definitions
Diversity Diversity refers to visible and invisible dimensions including individuals’ attitudes, cultural perspectives, beliefs, ethnic background, sexual orientation, skills, knowledge and life experiences.
Inclusion Inclusion is a state of being valued, respected and supported. It is about focusing on the needs of every individual and ensuring the right conditions are in place for each person to achieve their full potential.


The Inclusion & Diversity Plan

As part of the Inclusion & Diversity Plan, Rogers has developed specific goals, which are to be achieved over a multi-year period, with respect to each of our areas of focus, being representation of women, visible minorities, Aboriginal Peoples, individuals who identify as having a disability and members of the LGBT community.  We monitor our progress toward these goals on a quarterly basis.  As a telecommunications company, we are also required to report annually to the government on the representation of the 4 designated groups (women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and Aboriginal Peoples) in our workplace and on the steps we have taken to achieve full representation.  We believe we have the right plan in place to achieve our goals and make Rogers a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

Implementation of the Inclusion & Diversity Plan

In our Inclusion & Diversity Plan, Rogers has committed to take concrete steps to increase diversity with the following actions:

  • Design and implement programs and processes to support an inclusive and diverse culture and strategy.
  • Proactively identify diverse talent and encourage them to apply for more senior roles.
  • Identify top talent, through the talent review process, and accelerate their development.
  • Ensure Rogers selection and promotion processes are free of bias.
  • Monitor, analyze and present diversity statistics and progress, on an annual basis, to the Human Resources Committee of the Board.
  • Ensure that recruitment mandates and the selection process for job openings, both internal and external, includes, to the extent possible, a diverse slate of candidates, in addition to the skills and competencies required.
  • Inform and educate managers on the importance of inclusion and diversity to ensure they understand their role and obligations to enable them to support diversity in the workplace.


The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for the interpretation and monitoring of the Diversity Management Policy and the Inclusion & Diversity Plan.


4 responses to “Summary of Rogers’ Diversity Initiatives”

  1. Vanessa Harideen says:

    Hi there,

    Name name is Vanessa and I am in my fourth year of studies at York University for Human Resources Management. I am currently taking a course on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Workplace and one of our projects is to engage in field work by interviewing a large company regarding their diversity program. I saw that Rogers Communications Inc., has been rated one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers, and I thought you would be a great company to learn more about in terms of diversity and equity.

    A requirement is to have an interview with an HR representative who is very familiar with the diversity program in the workplace. I would like to ask a few questions regarding the objectives of the program, the challenges you may be facing or have faced, possible remedies, policies and procedures for promoting the equity program, and how diversity is linked to the strategic goals of the company.

    If this is something that can be arranged, I would like to discuss this further with a representative of the company.

    I am looking forward to your response.

    Thank you for your time.

    Vanessa Harideen

    • RogersPaul says:

      Thank you so much for thinking of us for your project, Vanessa. After inquiring with the team, I have learned that we are not able to set up an interview at this time. You can learn more about what we do to support Inclusion and Diversity in our annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report here. Good luck with you studies!

  2. Anand Raj says:


    I am an Operation and Finance professional with a disability. I came across a role for which I am a fit. How do I go about the application or who do I reach out for the same?


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