Rogers Celebrates Connected for Success with its 5 year milestone

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Toronto Community Housing was the very first non-profit organization to partner with Rogers Connected for Success when Rogers officially launched the low-cost internet program back in 2013. Patricia Matthews, an active tenant within her community and one of over 55,000 households eligible to sign up, called Rogers right away about the program.

“It was August of 2013 when the program was first introduced to Toronto Community Housing. I was one of the very first tenants to sign up, and I’ve been a happy customer for ever since,” says Patricia.

Connected for Success offers $9.99 high-speed internet to non-profit organizations and co-ops in our cable footprint in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. The plan now includes 100 GB with speeds of up to 10 Mbps download and up to 1 Mbps upload. Since partnering with Toronto Community Housing, an additional 225 organizations and co-ops have joined the program, making the program available to over 150,000 households across Canada. Every day, tenants call in to sign up for Connected for Success, excited to hear that they have access to a reliable and affordable internet plan.

Patricia understands the importance of accessing the digital world. “Many households signed up within the first year. For some of these tenants, that’s five years of their bills being no more than $9.99/month. Five years of helping their kids finish assignments, five years of living a more stress-free life knowing they’re accessing a trustworthy program.”

Rogers Connected for Success continues to partner with organizations and co-ops, and our numbers continue to grow.  To learn more about Connected for Success, visit us at

8 responses to “Rogers Celebrates Connected for Success with its 5 year milestone”

  1. Kathy Milsom says:

    Thank you, Rogers, for providing low-cost internet to our tenants and others who might not be able to get connected otherwise!

    Kathy Milsom
    President and CEO
    Toronto Community Housing

  2. Doris Power says:

    Rogers has repeatedly lied to a scatterhome TCHC tenant that they did not qualify for the Rogers deal. And it told a scatterhome tenant that the TCHC Rogers deal gave second rate coverage that would not give adequate online space or allow for Netflix or a lot of useage. It has charged a senior way over $200. a month for telephone, internet and TV….close to $300. a month in a TCHC rental.

  3. The husband says:

    Hi, my wife called to connect the $9.99 a month internet service. After speaking with a representative she was informed that it was not available in her area. This representative then proceeded to try and sell her another package so I signaled her to end the conversation only because I have frends also living at the same building as my wife lives in; they are on the same $9.99 monthly internet package that my wife wished to connect to. Why was my wife told this and why was she treated differently than other people.

  4. jing says:

    called friday and was told that he will call me back by Tuesday. No call
    I called on Wednesday around noon and was told that they can set up my account right away, nothing needs to be done with the backoffice. But they need ID which I did not.have it on me. Called again after work at 545, and was put on.hold and put through to their mailbox to leave a message. i think all the customer service already left office even though their office hour is till 6. Or they just ignored the potencial customer’s call
    bad CS for sure

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Jing, apologies for the issues you experienced. If you’re still having issues when calling, please reach out to the team via e-mail:

      • Jing says:

        continue to experience the same issue. Nobody picks up the phone and not trusting that an agent will get back to me within 48hrs since I was already told a lie last Friday by an agent. I emailed Escalation , please call me today. i need to set up internet.

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