Rogers and Ericsson partner to bring 5G to Canadians

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Completes multiple live tests of 5G at Rogers Centre 

Commits to 5G testing in multiple cities with Ottawa next on the list

TORONTO, April 16, 2018 /CNW/ – Canadians are one step closer to 5G, the next evolution in wireless that will change the way they connect to the world around them. Today, Rogers announced a multi-year network plan that includes working with Ericsson, a North American leader in 5G deployment.

“We are at the advent of the fifth generation of wireless networks. Similar to how 4G powered the proliferation of the smartphone and on demand economy, 5G will make the mass communication of IoT a reality, changing how we live and work,” said Jorge Fernandes, Chief Technology Officer, Rogers Communications. “We’re setting the table to lead on 5G with the right infrastructure, spectrum, partners and investments, so we’re ready when the ecosystem is ready. Ericsson has helped pioneer the 5G infrastructure across North America, so we couldn’t think of a better company to support the reliable and consistent network that our customers will use today and in the future with the performance and consistency they expect from us.”

At Rogers Centre today, the companies demonstrated multiple live 5G examples as a part of Rogers 5G testing program. Participants wore virtual reality (VR) glasses to toss a baseball back and forth, virtually shopped in a retail store, and controlled robots with real-time responsiveness. Rogers also demonstrated Quad-band Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) on Gigabit LTE to show how LAA provides high bandwidth, simultaneously across several devices. Rogers Centre is an ideal real-world testing environment with thousands of connected devices, dense concrete, and high peak data usage.

“The future of our businesses, our industries and our daily lives will be impacted by 5G, led by innovative service providers like Rogers. Rogers is taking a significant leap forward today and we are very excited about the opportunity to jointly develop innovative services and new customer experiences,” said Niklas Heuveldop, Head of Market Area North America, Ericsson. “Ericsson is working hard each day to make 5G a reality, here in Canada and around the world. We estimate that there will be one billion 5G subscriptions worldwide by the end of 2023.”

The first generation of wireless networks brought consumers analogue voice calls, then SMS with 2G, web browsing with 3G, and high-speed data and video streaming with 4G. 5G will open up a whole new world, a world that moves beyond connecting people to connecting machines and mass connectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT). Not just about speed, fifth generation wireless technology will deliver always-on reliability and real-time connectivity. With ultra-low latency, the lag between sending a request and the network responding will theoretically drop to one millisecond, 400 times faster than the blink of an eye. This allows for a massive increase in the number of connected devices and a range of applications that require quick responsiveness, like driverless cars, virtual reality and low-power IoT innovations for smart cities.

Rogers network plan includes the continued rollout of its Gigabit LTE network with technology and equipment that is based on the latest global 3GPP standards, including 4×4 MIMO, four-carrier aggregation and 256 QAM. The company will boost and densify its network with small cells and macro sites across the country. Working with Ericsson, Rogers will trial 5G in Toronto and Ottawa, in addition to select cities over the next year.

About Rogers
Rogers is a leading diversified Canadian communications and media company.  We are Canada’s largest provider of wireless voice and data communications services and one of Canada’s leading providers of cable television, high-speed Internet and telephony services to consumers and businesses. Through Rogers Media we are engaged in radio and television broadcasting, televised and online shopping, magazines and trade publications, and sports entertainment. Our shares are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: RCI.A and RCI.B) and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:  RCI).

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21 responses to “Rogers and Ericsson partner to bring 5G to Canadians”

  1. Cory Bezzo says:

    hey rogers im inquiring about towers in norfolk county like alot of dead spots like port dover could u guy possibly bring more towers around here greatly appreciate

  2. What frequency range is Rogers deploying in its 5G solution?
    Any idea what sort of micro cell density we are looking at (distance between units)?
    Is it envisioned to be a mesh type solution or a hub ans spoke with fibre optic WAN?

    • RogersPaul says:

      Thanks for your interest in 5G. This next evolution in wireless will change the way we connect to the world around us. We don’t have specific details to provide re: your questions, but stay tuned as we will continue to share updates on this exciting technology.

  3. Ryan says:

    I’m sure this service will be great for folks who can afford it, but some of us are still stuck on low-cap plans and rural communities that are only serviced by 4G/LTE for internet (RocketHub) are paying through the nose already. Bifurcating Canadians along geographic lines (where profit is most likely) is not a way into the future, 5G or not.

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Ryan! Thanks for your feedback. If you’d like the team to look at your plan to see if they can find one better suited for you, please reach out to them on Twitter @RogersHelps or

  4. Patrick chan says:

    Please ensure that you guys come out into western Canada with both the tv and 5g and internet. That way i can choose rogers . thx fido customer pc

  5. Our company in Thorold ON. is interested in hosting 5G towers. Is there anyone who could contact us with information on the roll out and see if we would be a viable option for you?

  6. Maria says:

    What are the health effects of 5G on humans? Is this being studied?

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Maria! We work closely with Industry Canada and Government partners, and global governing bodies to make sure everything we bring to Canadians meets rigorous safety standards.

      • Tm Kinnaird says:

        You should warn pregnant women not to attend events at the Rogers Centre as they are most susceptible to 5G radiation harm which scientists warn can cause birth defects. Hopefully someone will sue Rogers for the extreme health dangers posed by 5G radiation.

        • Matt Berenger says:

          *shakes head* I’d your truly understand the technology and there’s is still no CONCLUSIVE evidence by the scientific community that the band and frequency waves cause ANY I’ll harm at all. People are under the impression that radio waves operate like The frequency rays used in a microwave oven. Simply NOT TRUE. Please research radio frequency!? With the advent of 5G NM wave people are already drawing conclusions that this will cook humans like a microwave oven. The theories out there are uneducated and misinformed.

  7. Jratz says:

    At what point do we Canadians gain parity with the rest of the world in lower cellular costs?
    We apparently have the most expensive pricing for minimal service and or usage.
    NEW seems to be the word that gets peoples juices flowing for “I want it! I want it! I want it!” and of course I want it NOW.
    I live in rural Alberta and we only need all the help we can get for a stable broadband service. We have LTE as our ISP default choice, but again limited in stability and speed.
    Can you help? Will you help?

  8. Rick says:

    Hi Rogers Mike: I stand with Ryan. I have a small home office and a family. I have a better Rocket Hub plan now than is even currently available. My family streams (who doesn’t?). We have Xplornet LTE, which seems to be good value….500gb for about $100 a month, with a 25×1 connection. Here is the reality. No static ip available. It is fire walled so badly port forwarding is not possible. It is crowded and often unuseable in the evenings. Heavy rain will knock the service right out.
    So, we also carry the Rocket Hub on a static IP. We are capped at 100gb before significant overage charges occur. What can Roger’s do here to help with a better cap on the LTE hub. If we could get a 500gb plan, that would be lots and we could get rid of Xplornet altogether. The current LTE gives me symmetrical speeds around 50X50 which is actually pretty impressive. Most people out here with hubs feel the same way. Your hub is fast, it is pretty reliable, but the bandwidth cap is too low and does not meet our fairly basic needs. Please help. I have called Rogers before asking about better plans.

  9. Cathy Gadsden says:

    How about working on the Internet ? Constantly “lagging”. I am paying for 1gb and 30mbps upload and Im lucky to get 100 down and 15 up

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Cathy, kindly contact our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or for troubleshooting. Thanks!

  10. Anne Cheng says:

    Hello, I know that no health studies have been conducted on 5G. The micro cell towers are supposed to be on lamp posts or telephone poles in front of houses. What if it makes people sick? The standards set by Health Canada are based on 20 year old research. That research only looks at heating of tissues. A lot of damage can be done by microwaves over long periods of time.

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Anne – as mentioned in a previous comment, we work closely with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, as well as global governing bodies, to make sure everything we bring to Canadians meets rigorous safety standards.

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