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October 16, 2018

Social media is a great place to connect, share and learn – but it can also be host to cyber bullying, loss of privacy, viruses and malware and unfortunately, predators.

If you’re a parent, guardian or mentoring younger children, you probably worry about their online safety, especially on social media platforms. So, how do you navigate cyber safety?

Here are a few simple ways to help protect your family online:

  • Get involved, start educating early and often. Be aware of what kids do online, get familiar with social media platforms and start the conversation about online safety.
  • Explain the implications. Let them know that pictures and posts can be copied and never permanently deleted.
  • There are age limits for a reason. Encourage kids to read the security and privacy policies.
  • Set profiles to friends only and check privacy settings. Make sure settings aren’t set to share information publically.
  • Use strong passwords and don’t post personal information you wouldn’t want shared. Let kids know that they need to be careful about the personal information that they post and they shouldn’t post information about other people without their permission.
  • Turn off geotagging. Explain how geotagging works and explain the risks of posting things that reveal their location.
  • Think before you click. Let them know that they shouldn’t click on a link in an email if they don’t know the sender.
  • Never ignore cyberbullying. Pay attention to signs of cyberbullying; listen to concerns and work together to get the right help.

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