Rogers discloses requests for information in our annual Transparency Report

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At Rogers, we deal with sensitive customer data every day and we do our utmost to protect this information – customers trust us to do so and it is the right thing to do. From time to time, we receive requests from law enforcement agencies for access to this information as part of an investigation.

We only disclose this information when it is required by law, or in emergency situations. Each request is carefully reviewed by Rogers’ team of dedicated professionals before it is processed. We disclose the number of requests we receive through our annual Transparency Report. This year, for the first time, in a bid to increase transparency, the report also contains details on customer access requests for information.

Requests for information normally focus on cell phone location and customer call detail records. We have strict guidelines on what we can disclose which are driven by the laws that govern privacy, and lawful access requests.

This report is an important part of our commitment to protecting our customers information. For the full details, read the 2018 Transparency Report to learn more about how Rogers responds to requests for information.

5 responses to “Rogers discloses requests for information in our annual Transparency Report”

  1. Doug Pettman says:

    Excellent store to work with .very knowledgeable. Went the extra mile switching data from old to new phones.
    Thanks Doug

  2. Excellent Customer Service… Very interested in helping me., has a friendly voice, did not sound like I was interrupting him.

  3. Dena Spiridakis says:

    I am completely satisfied with customer service and the technician that came to the house was the very best, helpful explaining how the PVR works, all new for me, thank for you servce.

  4. Zede. Hamilton says:

    This last time, I subscribed to have internet service it was fast easy and simple. Best of all my monthly fee is reasonable and will remain the same for the duration of my agreement. Love it! Customer service has also been wonderful. no complaints.

  5. Sayed says:

    I am feeling happy to have an account with Rogers, when at the first time,I talk with customer service or Rogers listen my request and correct the things I wish. I satisfy and the customer services are excellent.

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