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We're making things better for our customers by building a more sustainable business. We are positively impacting our communities, our environment and our world, by being a good corporate citizen. Operating a responsible business is at the heart of what we do.

2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We strive to create a brilliant digital future for Canadians. That means providing products and services that are simple, easy to use and worry-free, so that our customers can go about their daily lives. It’s also about the way we do business. People want to work with a company they feel is ethical and transparent, and that means we consider the societal, economic and environmental benefits and costs in everything we do.


Connected for Success

What is Rogers Connected for Success?

Connected for Success provides high-speed internet access to people living in rent-subsidized non-profit housing. Connected for Success is about bringing more Canadians online and giving them access to the digital economy so they can connect with friends, family, school, work and their future.
Housing Partners

What is included within the Connected for Success program?

Qualified residents will be able to take advantage of an exclusive offer from Rogers Communications. In order to qualify for the program, their non-profit housing provider or co-op must first partner with Rogers Connected for Success.


  • 2044583 Ontario Inc.
  • 30 Newport Crescent
  • 55 Howard Park Co-op


  • AIDS Moncton
  • APHL Tannery Court
  • Ahneen Cooperative Homes Inc
  • Ajax Municipal NP
  • Alexandra Park Co-op
  • Alice Saddy Association
  • Almise Co-op
  • Alternative Residences Inc.
  • Angela's Place (Peel)
  • Ann Marie Hill Housing Co-operative
  • Anova
  • Applegrove Co-op
  • Arauco Housing Co-op
  • Artscape
  • Ascot Co-operative Homes
  • Asher Christian Seniors Inc.
  • Aurora Village
  • Aykler Real Estate


  • Bain Apartments Co-op
  • Barbertown Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Bard of Avon Housing Co-Op Inc
  • Barrhaven NP Housing
  • Barrie Municipal Non Profit Housing Corporation
  • Bayview Community services Inc.
  • Beech Hall Housing Co-operative
  • Birmingham Homes Co-op
  • Blue Heron Co-operative Homes, Inc.
  • Bogart Creek Co-operative Homes
  • Brampton Caledon Community Living
  • Brantford City
  • Bread and Roses Co-op
  • Brebeuf Co-op
  • Bridle Manor Co-op
  • Bridletowne Circle Co-op Homes
  • Brighton Yards Co-op
  • Bruce County Housing Corporation
  • Burnhamwood Co-Operative Homes Inc


  • CDN Legion Homes
  • CMHA Huron-Perth
  • CMHA Mental Health Association
  • CMHA Simcoe County Branch (Barrie)
  • CRC Self Help Inc.
  • Calvary House Corporation
  • Cambridge Kiwanis Village Non Profit
  • Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto Branch
  • Canadian Mental Health Association WWD
  • Caroline Co-op
  • Carpenters Local 27 Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Cartier Square Co-op
  • Cawthra Mansions Co-operative Inc
  • Cedarbrook Park Co-op Homes
  • Centretown Citizens of Ottawa
  • Changemakers Co-op
  • Charles Darrow Housing Cooperative Inc.
  • Charles Hastings Co-Op Housing Inc.
  • Chegoggin Co-op
  • Clarion Co-op
  • Clintwood Non-Profit Housing Co-operative
  • Collingwood Place Seniors Housing
  • Community First - Hagerman Corners Cooperative Housing
  • Constance Hamilton Housing Co-operative
  • Coop Desloges / Co-op d’habitation Desloges
  • Cooperative Brebeuf
  • Cooperative Brebeuf
  • Cornerstone Housing for Women
  • Cota
  • County of Dufferin - Dufferin Housing Services
  • County of Wellington, Social Services Dept – Housing Services
  • Courtyard Housing Co-op


  • David B Archer Co-op
  • Deep Quong Community Fund Inc.
  • Delaware Lions Non-Profit Apartment Corporation
  • Desloges Co-op / Co-op d’habitation Desloges
  • Diane Frankling Homes
  • Don Area Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Dufferin County
  • Duncan Mill Laborers Local 183 Co-Op
  • Durham County Senior Citizens Lodge
  • Durham Region non-profit housing Corporation
  • Durham Regional Local Housing Corporation


  • Eagleson Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Eamon Park Housing Co-op
  • Ecuhome Corporation
  • Edenwood Seniors Village
  • Edgeview Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Erin Court Co-operative Homes Inc.


  • Family Action Network Housing Corp.
  • Forestwood Co-op Homes
  • Forward Co-op
  • Four Feathers Housing Co-operative
  • Frank G McLaughlin Co-Operative Homes
  • Frazer Heights Co-operative
  • Fred Dowling Housing Co-operative


  • Gardenview Co-op
  • Gateway Co-Operative Homes Apartments
  • Gateway Community Homes (Durham Inc.)
  • German Canadian Housing of Newmarket Inc.
  • Gignul NP Housing Corporation
  • Glen Park Co-op
  • Gloucester Housing Corporation
  • Good Shepherd Non-Profit Organization Inc.
  • Grace Hartman Housing Co-op
  • Grey County


  • Habayit Shelanu Senior Residence
  • Halam Park Housing Co-op
  • Harbour Channel Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Harbourside Co-operative Homes
  • Harmony Co-operative Homes
  • Hazeldean Housing Co-op
  • Heritage Community Housing Corporation
  • Holland Christian Homes
  • Homes First Society
  • Homestarts Co-op
  • Houses Opening Today Toronto
  • Housing Alternatives Inc.
  • Housing York
  • Hugh Garner Co-op


  • Indo-Canadian Non-Profit Housing
  • Indwell
  • Inter-Organization Network Non-Profit Homes (Durham) Inc / Greenwin
  • Ivan Franko Home


  • Jackson's Point Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Jasinski Legacy Non Profit Residences Inc.
  • Jenny Green Co-op Homes Inc.
  • Jessie's Non Profit Homes
  • John Bruce Village Co-op
  • John Fitzpatrick Steelworkers Housing Co-operative
  • John Howard Society of Canada
  • John Howard Society of Ottawa
  • John Noble Apartments/ 97B Mount Pleasant
  • Jubilee House


  • Kawartha Village Co-Op
  • KenFinch Co-op Kitchener Housing Inc.
  • Kilcooley Gardens Co-operative Inc
  • Kitchener Housing
  • Knights Village NP Housing


  • LOFT Community Services
  • Lakeshore Village Artists' Co-op
  • Latin America
  • Lawrence Gardens Housing Co-operative
  • Let’s Get Together Toronto
  • Life Centre Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • Local 75 (Hospitality Workers) Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • London Town Co-operatives Homes Inc.
  • London and Middlesex Housing Corporation
  • LutherPlace Apartments


  • M.F. Arnsby Property Management Ltd.
  • Main-Gerrard Community Development Co-operative
  • Mainstay Housing
  • Marigold Housing Co-op
  • Matrix Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • Max Saltsman Community Cooperative Inc.
  • Micah Homes Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • Milliken Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Mimico Co-operative Homes
  • Moshav Orr Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • Mutually Assisting Residential Community
  • Myrmex NP Housing


  • Nepean Housing Corporation
  • New Brunswick Government Housing
  • New Heights Christian Center Inc (Church)
  • New Hibret Co-op
  • New Hope Non Profit Dwellings (Durham) Inc.
  • Newfoundland Housing Corporation
  • Newmarket Co-op
  • Non Profit Canlight
  • Northminster Residences of Toronto
  • Northview Meadows
  • Northwood Park Co-op


  • OWN Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Ontario Aboriginal Housing
  • Orchard Grove Housing Co-op
  • Orleans Respite Care
  • Oshawa Creek Co-op Homes
  • Oshawa Valley Park Co-op
  • Ottawa Community Housing
  • Otter Creek Co-Operative Homes
  • Owen Sound Housing
  • Oxford County Housing


  • Palisades Co-op
  • Parkview Place (442534 Ontario Inc.)
  • Participation House Support Services
  • Peel Cheshire Homes (Brampton) Inc.
  • Peel Housing Corporation / Peel Living
  • Peel Youth Village
  • Peggy & Andrew Brewin Housing Co-op
  • Peoples Park / Camden Park
  • Peregerine Co-op Homes
  • Perth Avenue Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Peterborough Co-op
  • Primrose Co-op
  • Project Esperance



  • RallyHaven Supportive Housing Program, Choices for Youth
  • Region of Waterloo
  • Richmond Hill Co-Operative Homes Inc.
  • Ridelle Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Rouge Valley Co-op
  • Rougemount Cooperative Homes Inc.


  • Saint John Non Profit Housing
  • Salus Ottawa
  • Salvus Clinic Inc.
  • Scarborough Heights Co-operative homes
  • Schomberg Lions Club non-profit Housing Corporation
  • Secord Avenue Co-op
  • Silverbirch Co-op
  • Social Housing Department, County of Simcoe
  • Spruce Court Co-operative Inc.
  • St Pius X Parish Community
  • St. Clair O'Conner Community
  • St. Clare’s Multifaith Housing
  • St. James Court Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • St. Jude Community Homes
  • St. Martins Center
  • St. Matthew's Harmony House
  • St. Matthew’s Bracondale House
  • St. Michaels Homes
  • Stella's Circle
  • Stonetown Co-op
  • Street Haven
  • Supportive Housing In Peel
  • Swansea Village Co-Op


  • Tamil Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Tanglewood Orchard Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Tannery Court Co-operative Ltd.
  • Tapscott Co-op
  • The Avenel Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • The Perley & Rideau Veterans Health Centre
  • The Regional Municipality of Durham
  • Threshold Homes & Supports
  • Thurlestone Co-op Inc.
  • Toronto Community Housing
  • Toronto Women's Housing Co-op


  • Unitarian House of Ottawa
  • Upbuilding Non Profit Homes


  • Victor Davis Memorial Court
  • Victoria-Shuter Non-Profit Housing Corporation


  • Walton Place Scarborough Inc
  • Wawel Villa Inc.
  • Wawel Villa Seniors Home
  • Wellesley Central Residences Inc.
  • West Rouge Housing Cooperative
  • Wilcox Creek Co-op
  • William J Beggs Housing Co-Op Inc.
  • William Mercer Wilson Centre
  • Willow Glen Co-op
  • Willow Park
  • Windmill Line Co-operative
  • Windy Woods Cooperative Homes of London Inc.
  • Winkleigh Co-operative Housing Corporation
  • Woburn Village Co-op
  • Woodgreen Central
  • Woodsworth Housing Coop



  • YWCA Kitchener Waterloo - Supportive Housing
  • YWCA Supportive Housing
  • YWCA Toronto | A Turning Point for Women
  • Yarl Co-operative Homes Inc.
  • Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa

Connecting Families

Rogers is a participating partner in Connecting Families, a government initiative available since November 2018.

Interested in partnering with Rogers Connected for Success?

If you are a non-profit housing provider or co-op in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador, please fill out the attached form to see if your housing organization is eligible to partner with us!

Customer application form for tenants and members

If your non-profit housing provider or co-op is currently a partner on Connected for Success, please fill out the attached form to find out if you are eligible for our high-speed internet plan!

Partner Application Form

Please fill out the following information and press submit for your application to be reviewed. You will receive a response from the Rogers Connected for Success team within 48 hours with next steps.
Organization Details
A few more details
Contact Details

Customer Application Form

In order to proceed with the customer application, please check out the partner list on the previous page to see if your organization qualifies.

Partner Verification

Have you checked the partner drop down list, to ensure your organization or co-op is listed?

Applicant Details

Please fill out the following information and press submit for your application to be reviewed. Your will recieve a response from the Rogers Connected for Success team within 48 hours with next steps.

Sorry you are not eligible to apply at this time.
Please speak with your housing provider for more information.

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