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Protecting our customers.

At Rogers, we strive to ensure the proper collection, use, and disclosure of information, as well as fostering a culture that values privacy and security through awareness and guidance to all of our teams.

How Rogers manages your data.

How Rogers keeps customers safe.

At Rogers, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers’ personal information. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that this information is safe and secure. We invite you to review the privacy policy and guidelines that we established to govern our privacy and data handling practices.

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Rogers’ annual Transparency Report.

At Rogers, we deal with sensitive customer data every day and we do our utmost to protect this information. Since 2013, Rogers has published the details of the number of requests for customer personal information received from law enforcement and government agencies in our annual Transparency Report.

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Access to information.

Customers can access any of their personal information retained by us, including account notes, call recordings, or call detail records, by contacting our Privacy Office in writing.

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