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For the Love of Work™
Made Possible by Rogers.


For the Love of Work returns for season two at a pivotal moment in the world of work as teams begin to adjust to the new realities of the modern workplace; from home, in the office, or both. The challenges are unique, but so are the opportunities to level up, open new doors and build a meaningful career.

Season two of For the Love of Work expands its season one focus on the “employee experience” and dives deep into the notion of growth and leadership. Gen Z and Millenials are taking over the workplace and soon, they’ll be leading and managing teams of their own. To be successful, they’ll need to lean on the right experts who will hand them the right tools to build on the wide skillsets they developed as team members and make a real impact as strong leaders. As told with practical tips and engaging stories, a consistent theme this season is the idea that leadership can come from anywhere.


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Announcing Season Two!

This season we’re back with six brand new episodes that explore the changing nature of leadership in a post pandemic world. Made Possible by Rogers, For the Love of Work launches on Monday, September 20.


Episode 1: Taking the Lead

Getting that first manager role is a huge accomplishment. But wait, do you know how to lead a team? The majority of first time managers don’t receive enough training to succeed and lead their team.


Episode 2: The Reinvention Mindset

Time away from the office during the pandemic has given people a chance to cultivate new interests and consider new career goals. As they return to the office, the question is what do you want to pursue?


Episode 3: The Employee Influence

Anyone can create meaningful change at work, even you. Yes, you! You don’t need “positional authority” in order to practice leadership. Even if you’re not a CEO or a senior manager — the secret is learning how to wield influence.


Episode 4: The Art of Listening

Emotional intelligence is the ability to read emotions in yourself and those around you, then adjust your behaviour accordingly. This is the superpower of listening. But it isn’t something that happens automatically.


Episode 5: The Power of Belonging

In this episode, we will explore the key elements of building a culture of belonging in your team, how to work against bias, the pitfalls of being an insider, and how to be an ally.


Episode 6: Hybrid. Team. Work.

When companies began designing hybrid workplaces, they came to an unexpected discovery… managers would now be responsible for two employee experiences — remote and in-office. Both at the same time. From one location to another.



Listen to Season One here.

About Our Host - Dr. Sonia Kang

Dr. Sonia Kang holds the Canada Research Chair in Identity, Diversity and Inclusion, and is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at the University of Toronto.

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