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  For the Love of Work


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It’s been said, “If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life”. But how do you get there? Our career journeys are filled with limitless possibilities to learn, grow, explore and achieve. And sometimes, it’s not enough to do great work – it’s about doing more to make a meaningful difference.

For the Love of Work is an aspirational, inspirational and practical guide to self-actualization, as seen through the growing lens of the “employee experience”.

Why now? As society is forced to redefine the workplace in the wake of a pandemic, a massive generational shift is occurring. Millennials and Gen Z’s are entering the workplace with different goals and expectations – what’s important to them differs greatly from their predecessors. To win the war for talent, companies are becoming more employee-focused because creating the best employee experience is more critical than ever.

This podcast is a playbook for anyone looking for practical solutions to today’s workplace challenges, like how to stand out while working virtually, or how to be resilient in times of change. You’ll also hear about values and social impact in the workplace, how to deal with feedback and foster psychological safety, how to develop and grow your career, and so much more.

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Introducing: For the Love of Work

This is a playbook for the modern employee experience, and it could not be more relevant as we redefine the way we work in the wake of a pandemic. Hosted by Dr. Sonia Kang, professor of organizational behaviour at UofT, you’ll hear inspirational and practical advice from experts in the industry, and lessons to help you be your best self at work and beyond.


Episode 1: From Surviving to Thriving

Resilience is the ability to rebound, recover and learn from unexpected challenges and uncomfortable change. But how do you just magically become resilient? Host Dr. Sonia Kang explores new approaches to gaining resilience within the employee experience, while dealing with the massive workplace disruption of a global pandemic.


Episode 2: Leaning Into Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

In this episode, we explore how you can contribute to a welcoming environment of diversity, inclusion and belonging. How to identify systemic racism. How to tell if a progressive company is addressing it properly. How to recognize and confront one’s own unconscious biases. And how to be an ally to colleagues from underrepresented groups.


Episode 3: The Employee Experience is a Relationship. How To Land At The Right Company

Finding the job that ticks all the right boxes can seem like an impossible task. But what if you’re not looking for the right things? Host Dr. Sonia Kang takes a deep dive into the employee experience to uncover the criteria that helps you determine the right companies, the right tools, and the right people for advancing your career.


Episode 4: How Do I Stand Out?

The number-one concern of new employees we spoke to, among those entering their first or second job, was knowing how to stand out in order to advance their career. But this is not just a challenge for young workers. Mid to senior career employees can experience the same issue, feeling stuck at work, due to anxiety, introversion or a lack of confidence.


Episode 5: How to Make Better Mistakes

Psychological safety is the belief that you can bring your whole self to work, and speak up with ideas and feedback – as well as make mistakes – without fear of punishment. But, how do you do that if you don’t trust your boss or your co-workers?


Episode 6: How to Grow and Learn at Work

Professional development is a major priority for employees new and older, but it can be a difficult maze to navigate when you’re new at a company. In this episode, we teach you how to get “teached”.


Episode 7: Creating Meaning at Work

How do you find meaning at work? Is it about loving the tasks you have to do each day – or is it more about your outlook? Is it about following your dreams and making your work your life – or following the dollar signs and living for the weekend?


About Our Host - Dr. Sonia Kang

Dr. Sonia Kang holds the Canada Research Chair in Identity, Diversity and Inclusion, and is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at the University of Toronto.

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