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Bringing Canadians more content to enjoy together with new apps on Ignite TV

September 3, 2020


While Canadians spend more time at home, we are working with our content partners to offer more free content to our Ignite TV customers that the whole family can enjoy. Building on our suite of apps, we have introduced two new interactive experiences: Ignite Fun at Home and Ignite Health At Home.

In partnership with the interactive content creators and curators at zone-tv, the creative minds behind Halloween and Holiday Countdown, Ignite TV customers have exclusive access to these two new apps that are free and will bring hours of fun with more than 1,000 online video titles. Designed specifically for kids, Ignite Fun at Home is safe and captivating and will keep kids and (and adults!) entertained and educated with addictive games, catchy sing-alongs and heartwarming movies. While the adults can amp up their healthy lifestyle with tips on fitness, nutrition and well-being that will help keep the mind and body healthy with the Ignite Health at Home app.

Fun videos to discover on Fun at Home:

  • Language: Colours of the Rainbow, Encyclopedia of Animals, Monster Trucks A to Z, Rhyme with Me, The Animal Alphabet: Consonants 
  • Math & Science: Adding and Subtracting, Fractions and Decimals, How to Make Slime, Learn to Count: 1 to 1000, Science Hacks for Kids 
  • Arts & Culture: Around the World Food, Crafts for the Family, Crafty Snacks, Dance party, Hollywood-Inspired Art

Lifestyle videos on Health at Home:

  •  Fitness & Body: 5-minute Workouts, Celebrity Skincare Tutorials, Fitness Essentials, Grooming 101, Gym at Home: Full Body
  • Food & Nutrition: How to Cook with Veggies, Junk Food Reinvented, Power Foods, Prep Ahead: Meal Prep, Vegan Heaven
  • Spirit & Wellness: Finding your Balance: Parenting & Wellness, Just Breath: Mindfulness, Relax: Yoga for Beginners, Sleep for Success, Treating the Anxious Mind

To get started, check out Ignite Fun at Home and Ignite Health at Home in the apps section, or by saying “Fun At Home” or “Health at home” into the voice remote.