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Career Spotlight: Aaron Minkovich, VP, Infrastructure Transformation

We sat down with Aaron Minkovich, VP, Infrastructure Transformation, as part of our monthly series that profiles unique jobs around Rogers.

What do you do at Rogers?
After a few years as a Director, I was promoted to Vice President and led the IT Shared Services team, which included QA, Release Management, IT Capital Planning and our Project Management Office. After a year, I moved into my currently role. One of my big accomplishments was moving our data centres to our internal Enterprise Business Unit Centres and we’re continuing on that success now by building out new technologies such as cloud for our digital teams.

What’s exciting about the work that you do?
I find it exciting when we’re presented with what seems like an impossible task, and we work together to make a plan and accomplish something great.

What does innovation look like?
Innovation is when someone is passionate about a great idea that can impact our customers, they get others on board and see it through to the end. It’s more than just the new cool thing, it’s meaningful and makes a difference. 

What makes you proud to work for Rogers?
It makes me proud to work for a company with such a great legacy. We positively contribute to the lives of so many Canadians.

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