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Celebrate Earth Week the Fido Way with Eco-Friendly Offers!

April 15, 2021


Starting today, Fido has launched offers on its Certified Pre-Owned devices and is doubling device trade-in credits, to encourage customers to take advantage of eco-friendly device offers this Earth Week.

From April 15 – 27, customers will be able to get up to $360 off Fido’s Certified Pre-Owned devices over 24 months with the Fido Payment Program and take advantage of doubling their trade-in credit on eligible devices, up to $300, through the FidoTRADETM program.

Fido launched the FidoTRADE program in 2013, and since then has facilitated the recycling of over 100 thousand devices! Through the program, any device brought in by a customer can be recycled, so it’s a great alternative to them ending up in landfill. If the phone is in good shape, it’ll find a new owner. If not, it will be recycled, and the materials will be reused. The program helps customers divert from landfill AND gives a trade-in credit. It’s a win-win!

In 2018, Fido launched its Certified Pre-Owned device range, which gives customers the opportunity to buy Like-New devices at much lower prices than they would be out of the box. This includes premium devices like iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S20. Certified Pre-Owned devices are as good as new, fully functional, and 100% awesome. The devices are minimally used and have been completely restored. They are data wiped, thoroughly tested by qualified technicians, and the latest software version is installed to ensure customers get a fresh experience with a fully functional device. For added peace of mind, customers also get up to a 1-year warranty on the device.

Customers can get a Certified Pre-Owned device with Fido Payment Program, giving them access to Like-New devices for $0 down on approved credit, 0% interest, and pay no taxes upfront. It’s a great way to give a device a second life and save some money!

Fido launched the Fido Payment Program in February 2020 and was the first flanker brand wireless carrier to offer this financing option, which was recently extended to include accessories. The program joins other initiatives aimed at giving customers more choice and making products and services more affordable including Data Overage Protection, Fido XTRA, and 5 Extra Hours of Unlimited Data.