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Congratulations to our 2017 Ted Rogers CEO Award winners!

April 9, 2018

Today we’re saying congratulations and thank you to our 2017 Ted Rogers CEO Winners for their remarkable support of our customers, communities and company! Started in 1999 and inspired by our founder Ted Rogers, our corporate recognition awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of our teams in areas like customer 1st, business excellence, humanitarian and heroic accomplishments. Thousands of our team members are nominated by their peers each year for our seasonal Ted Rogers Awards, with the best of the best selected to receive our annual Ted Rogers Awards, and prestigious CEO Awards. “I am extremely proud to be a part of a team that gets to recognize people for excellence and selflessness. Every year, the selection process gets more difficult and it just goes to show the level of talent and passion we have at Rogers. Congratulations to all! Today we’re sharing our 2017 CEO Winners to say thanks again to for your teamwork, tenacity and relentless dedication to Rogers!” – Tony Cimino, SVP, Total Rewards.
  • April Burak
  • Bill Kells
  • Chantal Cakebread
  • Diamond Bergeron
  • Glen Wade
  • Janey Lee
  • Joanne Boudreau
  • Johnny Hsu
  • Michelle Richardson
  • Mujeeb Khan
  • Ryan Coruzzi
  • Thevasigamany Srikantha
  • Tyler Winterz
  • 2017 Ice Storm NB Restoration Team: Eric Thibodeau, Guy Boudreau, Julien Hachey, Karl Cowan, Kevin Savoy, Marc-André Mclaughlin, Pierre Hache, Robert Ferron
  • Team LCL: April Burak, Candice Kirkby, Chad Galbraith, Johanna Kendrick, Liam Moat, Meighan Topolnicki, Sheryl Kenzie, Todd Train, Troy Gubb , Rita Schepok, Roberta Thomson