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Doing business in China: What you need to know now

Business without Borders’ ( new Country Guides offer extensive?and practical information for
Canadians on the world’s premier international markets

TORONTO, July 18, 2011 /CNW/ – With its huge population, unique customs,
Communist Party government and centralized planning, the People’s
Republic of China can seem like a daunting—overwhelming?—place to do
business. Still, it’s the world’s second-largest economy—and one with a
wealth of untapped business opportunities for Canadians.

China for Canadians is the first in a series of comprehensive country
guides produced by Business without Borders (, Canada’s newest and best source of news and information to help
businesses grow internationally. The second, recently added Guide is
Hong Kong for Canadians.

These guides provide detailed, well-organized practical information for
companies interested in doing business in these locales, from a purely
Canadian perspective.

The answer to your questions:
Business without Borders Country Guides answer such questions as:

  • What specific opportunities await?
  • How and where should I set up an enterprise there?
  • What auditing and accountancy issues can I expect?
  • How do I conduct negotiations?
  • What do I need to know about customs clearance, shipping and getting

For example, did you know. . . .
>From China for Canadians:

  • China’s Five-Year Plan, which Beijing is using to direct economic
    growth, has targeted several industries in which Canadian exporters
    have critical presence.
  • The manufacturing sector that’s led China’s economy is rapidly being
    replaced by another critical sector in which Canadian companies can
    also play a role.
  • Only a third of Canadian companies operating in China are wholly owned.
    The rest have mixed ownership—and for a very good reason.
  • Although foreign companies tend to operate in three well-established
    areas, a whole new and lucrative region is about to open up.

China for Canadians and Hong Kong for Canadians are the first of a
series of country guides that will appear every month on Business
without Borders. The information is free to members—and membership is
free. These guides joins a growing armoury of information on the
website to help Canadians take those crucial steps to bringing their
businesses abroad.

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