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Ignatieff does little to close gap with Conservatives

    From Canadian Business magazine

    TORONTO, Dec. 30 /CNW/ - Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has his work
cut out for him in 2009 as Canadians continue to favour heavily the
Conservatives, according to a poll released today by COMPAS for Canadian
Business magazine.
    Only 30% of the 600 Canadians surveyed said they would vote Liberal if an
election were held today, compared with 43% who said they would vote
Conservative - a level of support that would secure Prime Minister Stephen
Harper a majority in the House of Commons.
    A significant number of respondents said they were uncomfortable with the
way in which Ignatieff became Liberal leader, with nearly 60% saying that
allowing elected officials to choose him directly was unfair to those party
members who would have preferred someone else.
    Under Ignatieff, the Liberals have adopted a "coalition if necessary, but
not necessarily coalition" approach. Still, nearly half of respondents say
they see no essential difference from the coalition policy of ex-leader
Stephane Dion.
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