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Let’s take a stand on #stopcyberbullyingday

Today’s digital world allows us to connect with loved ones, explore and learn new things. Unfortunately, it can also result in cyberbullying, which involves the use of technology (social media, text messages, websites, etc.) to make fun of and/or intimidate others. In fact, 31% of youth in Canada have experienced cyberbullying¹. 

On June 17, Stop Cyberbullying Day gives us all an opportunity to take a stand and show our support for a safer, and more inclusive internet.  

Through our partnership with the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, we’re focused on raising awareness and providing resources to help youth and their parents address cyberbullying. Check out their recently published Parents and Guardians’ Guide to Cybersecurity.

Here are some tips that can help:  

  1. Start the conversation. Start a learning journey with your kids to understand what cyberbullying can look like and how it impacts others.  
  2. Stay in the know. Get to know your kids online interests; ask them who their friends are, what they talk about and what’s happening in their favourite games or apps. Also, watch for potential flags in their day-to-day interactions or changes in behaviour.   
  3. Keep communication open. Create an open, safe space and let your kids know they can come to you or a trusted adult in your circle with questions, concerns or issues. If a situation does arise, reassure your child that they have your support by addressing it together.   
  4. Share ways to address cyberbullying. Let your kids know it’s important to stop the conversation immediately. Help them to save any messages or content to report to the appropriate authorities. 
  5. Know where and how to get support. You’re not alone – there are resources available to help support you and your kids. Check out the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst’s complete resources on Cyberbullying.  

For more information visit our Cyber Security hub