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National Volunteer Week – How our Technical Operations teams have rallied together across Canada to give back to their communities  

We know that when we come together, we can achieve big things. Today, as part of National Volunteer Week, we’re spotlighting three Technical Operations team members who have organized and participated in local cleanups across Canada and truly embodied what it means to be a part of #TeamPossible.

Danielle LaRocque

Senior Manager, Technical Support

You and the Technical Support Team recently participated in United Way’s Day of Caring. Tell us about what inspired this cleanup and the impact it’s had on you, your teams and the community.

I have always been passionate about giving back to my community. I truly feel there is no better way to make an impact and have always tried to teach my children the importance of community.

Every year, the Moncton Technical Support Team participates in Day of Caring. This year, we were so excited to get to visit a school and clean up a very overgrown garden and school exterior. Due to COVID, there hadn’t been any exterior maintenance in a very long time so it was very rewarding to bring it back to life and see the great reactions from the students, staff and parents.

Plus, it had been over a year since most of us had seen each other in person, which made it so great for the team to reconnect.

Mark Calla

Team Manager, Technical Support

Mark, you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to organizing community clean ups! What’s inspired you to continue giving back to your community and rallying your colleagues to join in?

Ever since joining Rogers in February 2018, I’ve jumped into volunteering because I feel it’s important to give back to the community. Before coming to Rogers, I’ve participated in cleanups at the YMCA, local parks, and helping those in need at local shelters.

I volunteer a couple of hours a week with seniors by calling them and making sure they are doing well and having a conversation to keep them company. You get to hear how grateful and happy they are that you took the time to call them especially if they are lonely with no family around.

If you can spare a couple hours a week, or one or two days out of the month to do something nice for someone in need, or taking on a cleanup in your community, you will feel proud in the end and it’ll motivate you to take on more going forward.

Koranteng Barnes

Wireless Technical Support Analyst

You and your family recently took some time to clean-up Stan Darling Village Park in Burk’s Falls, Ontario. Tell us about what inspired this cleanup and the impact its had on yourself and the community.

While I was living in Toronto, I used to volunteer with my team managers at a few organizations, like the Food Bank and SickKids. However, once I moved out to Burk’s Falls, it was quite different and I felt like I was missing feeling connected to the community, especially since I was one of the only visible minority in this region.

Burk’s Falls is known as a picturesque community, and I noticed that Stan Darling Village Park was often littered with garbage. So, one morning, after a planned discussion with my Team Manager Jack Piskiewicz, I put on my Rogers Volunteer T-shirt and set out to clean the park.

My kids, both 18 and 16 then, and my wife got excited and said “Father, we’re coming along”, and we drove to Stan Darling Village Park and spent the day cleaning up garbage and bringing the park back to life.

It was a wonderful moment, and a great memory we have as a family.