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Rogers Radio launches Frequency Podcast Network and new podcast The Big Story

Yesterday, Rogers Radio launched the Frequency Podcast Network and The Big Story, a 15-minute podcast that puts a magnifying glass on a major headline of the day. We sat down with Claire Brassard, Producer of The Big Story, to tell us about her journey to the launch.

Q: What is your role in the production of The Big Story?

“I was brought on as a producer. I work on story ideas, booking guests, and I work with the host, Jordan Heath-Rawlings, on writing the introductions and coming up with questions. I’m also the one who records the interviews either in-person, in the radio studios, or by phone, and then I edit the file show together. In the beginning, we had almost nothing; we didn’t have a name, we didn’t know what our style or tone would be, we didn’t know how much work would be involved but, we just went for it because what we knew we had, was fantastic content from all sides of Rogers.”

Q: This is a unique role at Rogers; what would you tell others looking to join Rogers Media?

“I got this role after expressing to my boss that I wanted to be more involved in creative projects. She knew that this podcast was in the works and she put me in touch with the right people. I think that says a lot about Rogers; the fact that there are always new projects, and new roles being created. I’m a perfect example of someone who was able to achieve a personal and professional goal with the help of Rogers.”

The Big Story is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and at