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Rogers Smart Home Monitoring wins Product of the Year


The 2017 Product of the Year Canada awards were recently handed out*, and we’re proud to announce that Rogers Smart Home Monitoring was given the top prize in the home technology category. Determined through an online survey taken by thousands of Canadian consumers, Rogers Smart Home Monitoring received the award based on our ability to demonstrate an innovative design, function, and packaging. This honour gives us the Product of the Year Canada title as well as the distinct internationally renowned red seal.

What makes Rogers Smart Home Monitoring an innovative product?

  • Smart door locks allow you to lock/unlock your doors from anywhere, from your smart phone
  • Smart devices work together easily and seamlessly so that everything can be controlled from the app
  • Cameras can send a live feed to your phone to keep an eye on your pets, or see when your kids come home from school (and see if they’re really doing their homework)
  • Smart sensors for smoke, CO2, and water that send alerts to your phone
  • Settings for temperature, electronics, and lighting automation and control
  • Video recording and playback

Product of the Year™ operates in 42 countries and aims to guide consumers towards the most innovative products in the market today.

For a full list of winners, check out Product of the Year Canada’s website.

For more information on our products, take a look at Our Business page, or visit our awards page for more of our accomplishments.

*Product of the Year Canada™ is a program used under license by Rogers. Product of the Year Canada and Rogers Smart Home Monitoring are both part of the Rogers organization.