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Interview with 2018 Ted Rogers Scholarship Recipient Shyam Thakkar

October 29, 2018


Shyam Thakkar

1. Why was receiving a Ted Rogers Scholarship special?  Receiving the Ted Rogers Scholarship was one of my greatest achievements. Not everyone has this opportunity and I am grateful to everyone who has played a role in helping me achieve this award. I worked very hard, did a lot of community work and involved myself in the community. I never imagined that someone or something like Jays Care, Toronto Community Housing or Rogers would recognize all my hard work and the potential in me. The Ted Rogers Scholarship is investing so much money in me and I see it as a chance to keep doing more and keep growing. 2. Where do you plan on going to school and what will you study?  Starting September 2018 I am going to the University of Guelph. I am studying towards getting my degree in b-commerce. I am going into first year and studying Management Economics and Finance. 3. What are your long-term goals?  I have plenty of goals that many people strive to achieve but I have some goals which are unique to me. These goals include getting a degree in b-commerce as well as landing a great job, having a family and living a wealthy, successful and healthy life. Some goals unique to me include continuing to contribute to my community by donating as well as creating charity events and supporting non-profit summer camps of my own. I want to keep helping youth grow and giving them opportunities that I had through these camps, or even provide them with opportunities I didn’t have.