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Summer Student Series – Summer Student Raquel DiLauro shares her key takeaways from interning at Sportsnet

September 1, 2021


Written by: Sumaya Abdisalam, Corporate Communications Intern

The Rogers summer co-op program gives post-secondary students the opportunity to spend their time gaining first-hand experience in their field of interest, working alongside industry leaders who support their growth and development.

To close out the summer, I’ll be talking to different students in the program to hear the perspectives and experiences of students from across the business. Today I spoke with Raquel DiLauro about her time at Rogers:

Tell us about yourself. 

This past June I graduated from the Ryerson RTA Media Production program. I’ve always had a passion for media and throughout my four years in RTA, and some of the opportunities I’ve had, it has made me realize that this is truly where I am meant to be. It’s something I enjoy – from the fast-paced environment and creative projects to the atmosphere created when working with others.

I heard about the Rogers Summer Program when I was contacted by an HR Manager for Sportsnet & Creative about an opportunity within Sportsnet. I was just finishing up an internship with Breakfast Television as their Digital Media intern, so I thought it was a great opportunity to see what the sports side of media is like coming from a lifestyle content morning show. And the rest is history!

Although it’s been virtual, it has been an amazing summer working for Sportsnet with my hardworking department, the connections I’ve made, and the projects I had a chance to work on.

What does a typical day on the job look like for you? 

I work in the Talent Strategy and Business Affairs department, which is made up of six individuals, Deidra, Adam, Madison, Nicky, Josh, and Jade. A typical day on the job starts with a morning meeting. We all meet to go over our ongoing responsibilities and supports. These usually consists of what we’re working on, important projects, new ideas, and some fun conversations to get to know each other better. Throughout the day, we work, collaborate, have ‘think tanks,’ make connections, and have a good time while doing so.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on some very fun projects whether that be connecting with Sportsnet talent or coming up with content ideas. The biggest one has been helping plan and schedule as we tested a new Sportsnet app. These projects not only involved our team, but we also got to branch out with other departments to work together. This made it more fun and also a wonderful way to make connections. Everyone was incredibly open to helping if you had any questions, and quickly responded if any challenges were to arise.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in the program? 

Some advice I would give to anyone that is interested in the program, is to just do it and don’t hesitate. It’s been a great experience with the projects I got to work on and the people I got to meet. Everyone there, whether that be the people in your department, the Summer Campus Team, or your supervisor, truly want you to have the best experience possible – so don’t hesitate to ask to be a part of anything. If you hear about a project that interests you, ask to support it. Speak up whenever you want to help because it will definitely make your learning experience even better.

What is the best thing you’ve learned this summer? 

For me, the biggest thing I learned this summer is to take risks. This meaning if you think an idea is too crazy, or you want to work on something but not sure if you’ll be allowed, or you want to network and chat with someone, don’t be afraid to say it. My summer program was a little different with everything being virtual and it caused me to sometimes be timid. Throughout my time with Sportsnet, I gained that confidence to not be afraid to unmute and say my idea or speak up in a big meeting. When I wanted to support a certain project, I made sure to raise my hand and ask to be a part of it. My department, especially my supervisor Deidra Dionne, always made an effort to say no idea is ever too crazy. She wanted us to think big and outside the box. This is something I will be taking with me throughout any job opportunity because taking a risk, can get you where you want to be.

For more information on the summer co-op program, visit and over the next few weeks, check back to hear stories from summer students across the business!