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The crucial role of digital infrastructure in Canada’s economic recovery

August 21, 2020


Infrastructure investments have traditionally stimulated the economy and boosted productivity in times of economic hardships. Today, as we look ahead to Canada’s economy recovery, we need to think of infrastructure beyond bricks and mortar to include digital infrastructure. Canada’s networks have enabled us to keep working, learning, buying and manufacturing through the COVID-19 crisis, and this digital infrastructure will be critical to powering us out of it the recession.

In a National Post op-ed, Joe Natale, President & CEO of Rogers, and Iain Klugman, President and CEO of Communitech,  write: “the increasing importance of these networks is hard to overstate. They reach into and underpin virtually every type of economic activity Canadians undertake, enabling entrepreneurship, fuelling innovation, powering our supply chains, spurring productivity and regional development, and facilitating international trade.”

The full op-ed on how investments in digital infrastructure will lead our post-pandemic recovery is available here.