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Volunteer Spotlight: Stefano Manco

Our Volunteer Team of the month is the Fido Chat in-house Management Team. Stefano Manco and his team helped create care packages at Moisson Montreal.

What made you get involved in the Rogers Employee Volunteer Program?
Since we believe strongly in the volunteer program, we had encouraged our employees to participate throughout the year. We thought what better way than to lead by example?

What did you do for your day-of-giving and did anyone join you?
I spent the day at Moisson Montreal, a member of Food Banks Canada and Food Banks of Quebec. They gather food donations and basic products all year long and distribute them to community organizations in Montreal. On this day, we were asked go through lots and lots of donated unperishable foods to create care packages. The whole team from the Fido Chat in-house Management Team was present.

Tell us what your day was like!
The day was a lot of fun! We shared tons of laughs and it was a great way to strengthen the bond we have as a team. We unpacked boxes and organized bags of all sorts of goodies. We also had the chance to meet other volunteers from other companies, too. It was a feel-good experience.

What was your favourite moment during your volunteer experience?
We felt great pride when they congratulated us on our efficiency, they said we were one of the most productive teams they had seen! But ultimately, it was the laughs we all shared together

Did you take away anything valuable from the experience?
We realized that we often take for granted the food that we put on our table at every meal. We were reminded that even in Canada there are still families that do not get three meals a day.