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Where to invest in real estate now: Canadian Business magazine

April 2, 2007

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    Property prices are still increasing across the country with no sign of
    a bubble, but investors might want to try Edmonton first.

    TORONTO, April 2 /CNW/ - If you need proof that the real estate market is
hot, consider the fact that the average home in Vancouver now tops more than
half a million dollars. And housing prices across the country have soared 46%
during the past five years. Yet there's little to suggest our real estate is
    While there are certainly bad buys in good markets, and good buys in
softer markets, Canadian Business magazine has rated the general prospects in
nine major cities to get Canadian investors' homework started.

    HOT: Edmonton
    With a one-year average price increase of 10%, the oil city is Canada's
only major market that has a trifecta of strong demand, tight supply and
affordability. And it's not only because of the oil and gas boom.

    WARM: Calgary, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont., Toronto

    LUKEWARM: Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal, Halifax

    Find Canadian real estate prices too high? Head south, way south
    Also in the Real Estate issue of Canadian Business magazine, currently on
newsstands, some Canadian investors are finding incredible deals in surprising
countries: Colombia, Honduras and Malaysia to name just three. Canadian
Business magazine investigates the opportunities and offers eight tips for
avoiding risk.

    Eyes to the skies
    Why condos are a quick way into the real estate game for cash-strapped or
neophyte investors.

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