Regional Partner Programs

Allo Prof

The Ted Rogers Community Grant will support Alloprof in reducing drop out rates of Quebec youth by addressing socioeconomic and academic risk factors.

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Fusion Jeunesse

The Ted Rogers Community Grant will help Youth Fusion (YF) focus on experiential learning by implementing innovative pedagogical projects in various fields, including robotics, video game creation, entrepreneurship and fashion design.

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L’Ancre Des Jeunes

The Ted Rogers Community Grant will help provide young people with continuous and personalized mentoring support for the academic, social and personal aspects of their lives. These youth present significant problems with academic motivation and are at risk of dropping out or have already dropped out from the education system. Many of them are also facing mental health issues (depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, etc.) or social issues (bullying, negligence, substance abuse, etc.)

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La Maison des jeunes Sodarrid

Montréal Relève

The Ted Rogers Community Grant will help support the Aéro2 program, which allows young students to finish high school with two diplomas in their pocket: a high school diploma (DES) and a diploma of vocational studies (DEP) in mechanical assembly and assembly in aerospace offered by the renowned École des métiers de Aerospace Montreal (EMAM).

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Phelps Helps

The Ted Rogers Community Grant is happy to help fund the Graduate Support Program helps local youth discover future career and educational paths. This service supports students looking for gainful employment by creating networking and skills training opportunities in partnership with local and regional enterprises and organizations.

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Integration Jeunesse

The Ted Rogers Community Grant will help support the activities of the Youth Action Program which are geared towards preventing early school leaving, persisting in school and returning to school with a view to obtaining a vocational qualification. Youth Action works on the personal, professional and social development of youth.

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YMCA’s of Quebec

The Ted Rogers Community Grant will support the YMCA in their mission to build stronger communities by providing opportunities for everyone to lead fulfilling, active, healthy, engaged lives.

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Y des femmes plus

The Ted Rogers Community Grant will support the Strong Girls, Strong World program which is one of 10 projects led by girls and young women across Canada to provide them with the means to become agents for change and make a difference in their communities.

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