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Celebrating Pride Month.

Pride may look different again this year, but we’re still celebrating from coast-to-coast-to-coast!

In celebration of Pride Month, a time of action and celebration of the LGBTQ2S+ community, we’ll be virtually bringing together people from all walks of life under a shared rainbow of diversity and inclusion. Check back to see how we’re celebrating Pride Month!

Happy Pride Season from our team!

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Featured Articles

  • Share Your Pride: Andrew shares his journey to fatherhood

    Andrew Myers has been a member of the Rogers team for eight years, and currently heads up the Advanced Advertising team at Rogers Sports and Media (RSM). His day job currently consists of thinking about how our customer and marketer experience can be improved by building more targeted and personalized ads using data, and pretty soon, he’ll add another full-time job into the mix – being a father. Read more here.

  • Share Your Pride: Clay shares the challenges and triumphs of his coming out experience as Two-Spirited

    As a Retail Associate from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Clay Wyght interacts with customers from all walks of life. As an Indigenous and Two-Spirited individual, Clay is a firm believer that “our race, sexuality, gender, religion these are things that make up your identity. Never ever let yourself fall for the lie that you must look or behave a certain way to be accepted.” Read more here.

  • Share Your Pride: How Mel’s life was changed through overcoming adversity

    Mel Boulard, a member of the Customer Experience team, has been with Rogers for the past 15 years. During that time, they have overcome adversity to get themselves to a point where they are proud of who they are, each and every day. Read more here.

  • Friends of Ruby kicks off campaign to raise awareness and inspire LGBTQI2S youth

    CityNews sat down to speak with Rogers Sports & Media All IN partner, Friends of Ruby, about its new #YouWillYouAre campaign – developed to raise awareness and inspire LGBTQI2S youth through engaging and authentic stories from within the community. Read more here.

  • #CitylineReal On Pride: Pride and Persecution

    In this first episode of LIVE: #CitylineReal On Pride, Cityline’s Tracy Moore spoke with a four-person panel to explore the criminalization of homosexuality globally and the progress pending at home in Canada. Read more here.

  • Fido celebrates Pride in all its colours

    As a longstanding ally, Fido believes there is undeniable power in the connections built from showing our beautifully authentic selves. For the last six years, Fido has been a proud sponsor and ally of Pride events across Canada and this year will be no different. Read more here.

  • Share Your Pride: How Jean-François is empowering others on their journey to self-acceptance

    Jean-François Houde is a member of our Rogers for Business team, and is someone who firmly lives and breathes the sentiment that “every human has been created equal and that our differences are what make us unique and beautiful.” Read more here.

  • KiSS 92.5’s Maurie Sherman raises the Pride flag at his family home

    Maurie Sherman is a senior producer and entertainment reporter for The Roz and Mocha Show on Toronto’s KiSS 92.5, and as one of the few openly gay personalities on Canadian morning radio, he recently wrote in The Advocate about his father’s recent request to fly the Pride flag at his home. Read more here.

  • Self-acceptance, strength and resilience: How Scott MacArthur overcame the odds to thrive as an openly gay sports broadcaster in Canada

    Radio broadcaster Scott MacArthur grew up never believing he could be his true authentic self and pursue a career in sports. But in 2019, Scott became one of Canada’s few openly gay sports broadcasters on Rogers flagship sports brand, Sportsnet. Read more here.

  • Celebrating YOU: Rogers Sports & Media All IN partner, Friends of Ruby, launches #YouWillYouAre in time for Pride Month

    Friends of Ruby is a Toronto-based organization that focuses on supporting and providing a safe and welcoming environment LGBTQI2S people between the ages of 16 to 29 with counselling, housing, social events and practical resources. Read more here.

  • Share Your Pride: Why Ryan believes in the power of allyship

    Ryan Pinheiro, a member of our Customer Experience team, shares his coming out story and the importance of being an ally. Read more here.

We’re proud to be creating a space where every member of our team can make their pride possible and bring their whole selves to work! Learn more about how Rogers is building a more inclusive culture for our people, customers and communities.