Impact & Responsibility

Making a positive impact on the Canadian Economy

Our business is centered on connecting Canadians to the things that matter most- families, friends, work, and community. Our investments in our leading national work network means we not only offer innovative solutions for our customers, we also create highly-skilled and well-paying jobs. We invest in our communities by buying local good and services that support small businesses, pay our fare share of taxes, and support charities and community groups from coast to coast.

2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We strive to create a brilliant digital future for Canadians. That means providing products and services that are simple, easy to use and worry-free, so that our customers can go about their daily lives. It’s also about the way we do business. People want to work with a company they feel is ethical and transparent, and that means we consider the societal, economic and environmental benefits and costs in everything we do.


Economy & Society

Making a positive impact on the Canadian economy

Our business is centred on connecting Canadians to the things that matter most - families, friends, work and community. We’re committed to being a strong Canadian growth company, and we strive to create positive value for local economies and Canadian society through everyday business activities.

$14 billion

in total economic value delivered in 2018

$300 million

increase in value over previous year

delivering a bigger contribution to the Canadian economy

Annual Highlights

$2 billion

in salaries and benefits

26,000 Canadians employed

$1.1 billion

in taxes and other government payments

$679 million

invested in Canadian film, TV and radio content

delivered through Rogers media brands, sports properties, and subscription-based services

$60 million

in cash and in-kind community investment

Our impact from coast-to-coast

While we’re headquartered in Toronto and our cable services are based in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, our wireless, business solutions, Smart Home Monitoring, sports, broadcast and publishing services make us a truly national company. We have offices, stores, employees, network facilities and media outlets spread throughout the country, and we’re very proud of that.

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