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Closing the digital divide.

Connecting rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

Rogers and Shaw coming together will bring in $6.5 billion in investment to western Canada, creating jobs, accelerating Canada’s 5G rollout and connecting rural, remote and Indigenous communities to high-speed internet.

Right now close to 600,000 household in western Canada don’t have access to the minimum internet speed recommended by the federal government. This connectivity gap slows economic growth in rural, Indigenous and remote communities.

Rogers and Shaw combined will work to close the digital divide in western Canada by creating a new $1 billion Rogers Rural and Indigenous Connectivity Fund to connect communities across Western Canada. Paired with Rogers’ Connected for Success program, which provides affordable connectivity to subsidized tenants, more Canadians will be properly connected than ever before.

Rogers will also offer help to Indigenous communities to create Indigenous-owned and operated internet service providers, using Rogers-Shaw expanded networks and capabilities to create sustainable, local connectivity solutions.