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Expanding 5G.

Bringing in a new generation of technology.

Together with Shaw, Rogers will invest more than $2.5 billion to create an expansive 5G network in western Canada. Investment in 5G networks is expected to contribute an estimated $40 billion to the country’s economy and create 250,000 permanent jobs by 2026.

5G will be a game changer in wireless telecommunications, ushering in a new network for future generations with more devices, faster communication networks and higher speeds. It will pave the way for technology and innovations beyond rapid download speeds, including self-driving cars, early earthquake detection technology, drone delivery services and much more.

Unprecedented Speeds

5G is capable of transferring data up to 100 x faster compared to 4G LTE.

Greater Network Capacity

5G supports up to 10 million connections per kilometre, 10x the capacity of 4G LTE networks. This allows more devices to connect at home and across communities.

Instant Responses

5G will reduce the response time to as low 1 millisecond or up to 10x lower for ultra low latency, enabling experiences like multi-player clouding gaming on the go and autonomous driving.