Interview with 2018 Ted Rogers Scholarship Recipient David Awosoga

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David Awosoga

1. Where do you volunteer – what’s your favourite thing about what you do? 

I volunteer with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lethbridge and District as a Teen Mentor and I coach with the Lethbridge Bible Quizzing Program. My favorite thing about these programs is seeing the growth that takes place in the youth I interact with as they mature and acquire new skills, and also the fun experiences that we enjoy along the way.

2. Why was receiving a Ted Rogers Scholarship special? 

Receiving a Ted Rogers Scholarship is special because it allows me to focus more on my studies and extracurriculars and less on how I am going to fund these initiatives. It is also nice to receive some affirmation that the work I am putting in my community is appreciated and gives me motivation to continue to help others.

3. Where do you plan on going to school and what will you study? 

I will be attending the University of Lethbridge in the Fall and I will be doing a combined degree in Mathematics and Math Education.

4. What are your long-term goals? 

In regards to a career path, I hope to either become a sports statistician working for a company or sports team, or a teacher at a high school or post secondary institution. I also aspire to improve on my skills as an athlete and work to attain the highest level possible.

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