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We are leading the way with 5G, the next generation technology that will transform our lives.

In January of 2020, we started rolling out the country’s first 5G network in downtown Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal – and in September we expanded to reach over 50 new towns and cities — ushering in a new world of possibilities.

5G is an evolution in wireless network technology that will revolutionize and transform the way we live, work and experience the world around us.

Previous generations of mobile networks made so many new ways to connect possible – from mobile phone calls to texting, emailing, social media, video calling, livestreaming, ridesharing and more. What started as unimaginable ideas have quickly become essential parts of our everyday lives.

As mobile networks become more robust, businesses are extending internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. In a world of thing-to-thing connectivity (Internet of Things, or IoT), the opportunities for innovation are endless.

It is only with the power of 5G technology that the boldest new ideas of today – smart cities, fully automated cars, real-time robotics, truly connected homes, and so much more – will be fully realized.