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A letter from our President and CEO.

This year has truly been one like no other. For so many of us, one of 2020’s most profound and lasting impacts has been to bring discussions on racism and inequality to the forefront and amplify the systemic barriers that stand in the way of true inclusion and diversity.

As an organization we have the tremendous opportunity – and obligation – to do more; both within our organization as a leading employer, and outside of it in service to our communities and customers.

Building a truly inclusive culture doesn’t happen by accident. It must be deliberate – the collective result of the actions we take every day: how we recruit, promote and support our colleagues; market and promote our products; partner with communities; and amplify voices across our platforms. Together they drive meaningful impact and change.

Since launching our I&D strategy in 2015, we have seen the positive ripple effect inclusion has on culture. Our team engagement has never been stronger at 87% – 7% points above best in class. We have also seen feelings of inclusion rise to 87%, up 15% points from 2015.  We’ve seen shining examples of inclusion in action with thousands of team members coming together regularly at events to acknowledge and celebrate our diversity. 

While I&D has been a focus for many years, we have much more to do. The last several months have required us to take a deeper look at our strategy, programs and progress so far. Best practices aren’t developed in a closed boardroom and the meaningful change we all want to see won’t be done overnight. We’ve learned a lot together, through Safe Talk & Listening sessions, consulting with external experts, leveraging best practices and reviewing our workforce data – and now our most critical work lies ahead. 

We’ve applied these lessons to reshape and accelerate our approach to I&D, ensuring it’s embedded across our business. We want to reflect the diversity of our customers and the communities we serve. Not only does that reflect our values but is at the heart of building high-performing teams, attracting top talent and winning in the market. 

Through a strategy grounded in concrete, measurable goals, we will hold ourselves accountable to achieving stronger outcomes and deeper impact for all equity-seeking groups within and outside of Rogers. With the full weight of our team behind our plans, we can demonstrate the value inclusion brings to our people, customers and communities. This is how we will live up to our purpose as an organization, and how we will continue to make Rogers one of the best places to work in Canada for everyone.

My very best,

Joe Natale
President and CEO