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Announcing Season Two! (transcript)

RP: I think the biggest thing..a new manager can do in terms of the hybrid workplace is think about this concept of inclusivity.

AD: leaders in particular have an opportunity to create a culture that is supportive and demanding

Hi! I’m Dr. Sonia Kang and the second season of For The Love Of Work! Well, actually this is the trailer for it but anyway we have a lot to talk about.

I mean, many of you are either going back to work in person, or sticking with the remote life, or adjusting to the hybrid office….Lots of change, lots of new situations, and lots of new ways to demonstrate leadership.

RH: we see a lot of people exercising leadership without any authority,

It’s something we’ve all had to practice in different ways, during the past eighteen months at work and in life. So the question is how can we use the core principles of the “employee experience”, stuff we learned last season, to capitalize on the many opportunities for post-pandemic leadership? Principles that can be practiced by anyone.  

RP: Yeah, there are so many things folks can do to prepare to be a manager before they ever have a direct report.

Aspiring leaders. First time managers…or really anyone looking to raise their game at work…This season is for you.

So, we are talking to business leaders and organizational experts to figure out the best course of action…let’s just say there’s gonna be a lot of practical tips that you can use on the daily.

RP: One of the most important things for a new manager to do is..listen to what their team members are saying…is showing your vulnerability..set clear expectations with their team members.

And new this season, we will hear unexpected stories from employees working in many other industries about surprising techniques they use at work. Things we can apply to our own jobs.

Wanyee Li: a lot of people do say that the leadership position that they had at a young McDonald’s or Starbucks…that’s the first time that they were like, “Yeah, I can be a leader.”.

So let’s get started. 

RP: And over time you’ll get better at what you’re doing’ll hone in on what your management style is.

NT: We don’t want to make everybody into the same manager. You’re always going to be a little more results-y. You’re always going to be a little more huggy bear.

The second season of For The Love Of Work, made possible by Rogers, launches on Monday, September 20.  Until then, catch up on past episodes and check us out at…I’m Sonia Kang. Talk soon!