Canada’s leader in 5G

We were first to launch 5G in Canada in early 2020, ushering in a new world of possibilities. By leading the way on 5G investments and innovation, we are laying the groundwork to bring the full impact of this revolutionary technology that will transform the way we live, work and experience the world around us.

5G is the latest generation in wireless network technology that over time is expected to deliver unprecedented speed, instant response times and fast, consistent connections. As it evolves, 5G will offer new experiences and capabilities, like smart cities, fully automated cars, real-time robotics, truly connected homes, and so much more.

Since our 5G rollout began more than two years ago, we’ve lit up Canada’s largest network to 2,000 communities nationwide, and were the first carrier to turn on 3500 MHz 5G spectrum in 2022. We’re driving 5G network innovation, launching Canada’s first and only 5G standalone core network, enabling more advanced wireless capabilities like ultra-low latency, network slicing and mobile edge computing, that will allow for new experiences and capabilities we can only imagine today. We’ve invested heavily in more 5G spectrum to enhance and accelerate the expansion of our 5G network, as the largest single investor in 5G spectrum in the country across rural, suburban and urban markets.

Rogers is building a 5G ecosystem to research, test and incubate made-in-Canada 5G technology and applications. We’ve invested more than $25 million in strategic partnerships at leading Canadian institutions, including Communitech, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, Sheridan College, Toronto Metropolitan University and University of Waterloo. Through these collaborations, Rogers has worked across sectors to envision and launch a number of Canadian 5G firsts, including Canada’s first driverless, autonomous 5G shuttle, Canada’s first 5G drone flight and Canada’s first 5G smart city solution.

Internationally, Rogers is a founding member of the 5G Future Forum, which is creating a common framework for 5G applications enabled by mobile edge computing across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.