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Episode 3: The Employee Experience is a Relationship. How To Land At The Right Company

Finding the job that ticks all the right boxes can seem like an impossible task. But what if you’re not looking for the right things?

Well, there’s a big shift occurring in the workplace, as progressive companies start focusing on something called the “employee experience” – a holistic relationship between a company and its staff. Host Dr. Sonia Kang takes a deep dive into the employee experience to uncover the criteria that helps you determine the right companies, the right tools, and the right people for advancing your career.

Guest Experts:

  • Shopify’s culture team design lead Mandira Midha and social scientist Pete Bacevice shares her insights on how our physical and digital workspaces – both in the office and in the home – influence our productivity, behaviour, and even our ability to successfully collaborate. @mandiramidha @shopify @bacevice
  • Joe Berger tells us how technology shapes our relationship with work, and how the modern employee experience promotes a seamless integration of devices and tools into our everyday workflows.  @jberger26 @wwt_inc

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