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Episode 6: How to Grow and Learn at Work

Establishing a career with the opportunity to grow is the number-one reason people join a company. And not getting such an opportunity is the number-one reason they leave.

Professional development is a major priority for employees new and older, but it can be a difficult maze to navigate when you’re new at a company. In this episode, we teach you how to get “teached”.

Guest Experts:

  • Clark Quinn teaches us about our biases and misconceptions about learning, and what helps us to retain new information – and he provides practical advice for improving this. @Quinnovator
  • Tsedel Neely from Harvard Business School emphasizes the need for never-ending learning. @tsedal
  • HR executive Gina Jeneroux gives us the rundown on the massive proliferation of learning modalities offered by employee-focused companies. @_jeneroux

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