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Get Recruitment Ready with Us: 5 Tips and Tricks for acing that interview

By Rita Mammoli, a Bilingual Retail Recruiter based in Montreal, Quebec

Congratulations! You’ve made your impact with one of our recruiters and/or hiring managers and you’ve been selected for a follow-up interview! Here’s some tips and tricks to help you prepare and ensure you’re a frontrunner for that coveted role.

1. Focus on presentation

Prepare a short and succinct introduction about yourself (an elevator pitch), i.e.: your name, your career journey, what you could bring to the team, and what motivated you to be interviewing for a new position.

If in person – be sure to arrive early
If virtual – set up early and test your systems and camera prior to the interview

Always dress professionally and be sure to avoid any distractions (i.e. turn off your cell phone, sit in a quiet room where there are no interruptions, etc.)

2. Have a good understanding of the role

Come prepared with a good understanding of the what the day-to-day will entail—be sure to ask about this in your phone interview and interview with the hiring manager. This will help you show the interviewer the impact you could bring to the team.

3. Use specific, real-life examples when answering questions

Be specific and draw examples from real events when answering questions, this will help you showcase past experiences and your method of conflict resolution.

4. Showcase your skill set

Show you are a fit for the role by speaking of experiences and skills acquired throughout your career. Showcase accomplishments, awards, and extra-curricular activities both personally and professionally to embellish your application.

5. Ask questions

Remember, you are interviewing us just as much as we’re interviewing you. Demonstrate you are engaged and interested by asking questions, this will open dialogue and allow for further clarifications if needed. Asking all your questions will allow you to feel confident and ready to tackle the next steps.