Inclusion & Diversity
Inclusion & Diversity

I&D Groups and Councils

Montage of Rogers I&D groups and councils

As we build an inclusive culture at Rogers together, our Inclusion & Diversity groups and councils help drive inclusion into our everyday. Learn more about the teams that help embed inclusion into our employee experience.

Our Inclusion and Diversity Council

Created in 2015, the I&D Council champions the Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) strategy, and advocates the I&D vision across the business.​​​ They strive to help drive better performance by helping leaders embed inclusion into their business strategies for greater business impact. Collectively with their teams, the Diversity Chairs help celebrate inclusion and diversity through events with ongoing education to build cultural and historical awareness.

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-driven groups who work to build awareness and drive allyship at Rogers through events, resources, and community engagement and support. We have five ERGs:

  • Rogers Mosaic: Our Rogers Mosaic team supports People of Colour employees, focusing on education, open dialogue, and community.
  • Spectrum: Spectrum supports LGBTQ2S+ employees, focused on building an inclusive culture by encouraging LGBTQ2S+ employees to bring their whole selves to work by education, awareness and celebration.
  • Indigenous Peoples Network: Our Indigenous Peoples Network helps engage, inspire and support Indigenous employees and allies while sharing knowledge and experience to build strong partnerships, meaningful work, and respectful relationships.
  • Rogers AccessAbility Network: Our Rogers AccessAbility Network empowers employees with visible and invisible disabilities to achieve professional and personal growth.
  • RISE for Women: RISE for Women focuses on sharing experiences, networking, and personal and professional development to foster leadership potential for all women at Rogers.

Our Black Leadership Council

​In 2020, the Black Leadership Council (BLC) was formed to ensure issues of systemic anti-Black racism and bias that exist in our workplace are addressed, in partnership with the I&D council and senior leadership.

The Council is a nationally connected group of Black team members representing each of our Business units. The BLC works to amplify the voices of our Black team members across the business in new ways, with a focus on standing up against racism of any kind, and fostering the recruitment, retention and career advancement of our Black employee community.