Fraud and Scams

Identity Theft

What is identity theft?

Identify theft takes place when someone collects or acquires another person’s personal information for criminal purposes. The information can then be used to make purchases and apply for credit cards or loans, without the victim’s consent or knowledge, usually leading to outstanding debts and negatively impacted credit.

Tips to protect yourself

  • Use strong and unique passwords for each account and use passphrases to increase security. If a cyber criminal gains access to one account, this will limit them from accessing your other accounts.
  • Use two-factor authentication whenever possible.Using two-factor authentication requires you to enter your password, plus provide a second form of verification, such as a fingerprint or passcode via text. This makes it much harder for hackers to gain access to your accounts.
  • Check in on your privacy settings so you can control who sees your posts or information.
  • Check your credit report, bank and credit card statements regularly and promptly report any discrepancies.

Signs that you may be a victim of identity theft

  • Receiving statements for credit cards or other credit-lending services that you did not authorize or activate.
  • Receiving collection notices or calls for debts that you did not incur.
  • Unknown or unrecognized credit inquiries or accounts open on your credit report.
  • Having your credit card or a loan declined unexpectedly

 Steps you can take if you’re think you’ve been affected

  • Report the incident to local police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1 888 495-8501 or
  • Contact the fraud departments at these credit bureaus to inform them:
    • Equifax: 1 866 828-5961
    • Trans Union: 1 800 663-9980 (Quebec residents contact 1 877 713-3393)
  • Contact the fraud department of your bank or other service provider where the unauthorized inquiries, transactions or account activations occurred.
  • Matters related to unauthorized activity pertaining to Rogers service can be reported to Customer Service at 1 (888) 764-3771

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