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Introducing: For the Love of Work (Transcript)

Mandira Midha: We’re not allowing people to do their best work if we confine them to a one size fits all approach.

Sonia Kang: Welcome to For The Love Of Work. A practical guide to the modern employee experience, Made possible, by Rogers.

Jacob Hirsh: It’s kind of like being in a relationship with somebody, right?

Sonia: This is a show about becoming unstuck at work, or maybe, just getting to that next level in your professional and personal lives. My name is Sonia Kang. I’m a professor of organizational behaviour who studies the psychology of people at work.

So I thought it would be really cool to explore this emerging world of the employee experience…to see how progressive companies are putting the needs of their employees first…But then something totally unexpected happened. One day to the next, the way many of us work completely changed..It led to fear, stress, isolation ..disconnection, and a steep learning curve. One that required resilience.

Raphael Rose: So, resilience is essentially facing life’s stressors in a way that ultimately promotes growth.

Sonia Kang: And then something else happened. A global movement arose in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. And it sparked a long overdue conversation about diversity and inclusion at work.

Dantley Davis: make the hires and make the promotions and stop the talking.

Sonia Kang: Diversity and inclusion. Resilience. Psychological safety. Learning and development. Core elements of the employee experience that I was already exploring, while making this podcast, have taken on new and different significance during a pandemic. We also look at how you can find value at work, along with real stories, the behavioural science behind them, solid tips, and all the other ways your relationship with your work can bring you meaning. Because if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.

For The Love Of original podcast made possible by Rogers. Launches on Monday, September 21. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. And visit us at