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Moment #5: First Call Centre

Customer First and First Customers – Building a Business to Serve Canadians

In March 1967, a young entrepreneur hit the streets to canvas Toronto neighbourhoods asking homeowners about their TV reception.   He asked: how clear is your picture? Is it better at different times of the day?  Are you happy with your viewing experience?  Ted Rogers’s relentless drive to deliver a first-class customer experience through connecting with customers was born.  A principle  that continues to guide us today in everything we do.

“This is Ted. How can I help?”

His business card – for decades – read “Ted Rogers, Senior Salesperson,” and the earliest days of Rogers customer service was measured in spent shoe leather and full notebooks.  For Ted, his customers were an extension of his family. He even published his home number in the phone book to always be accessible,  taking customer calls during family dinners, bedtime stories, and even in the bath! Ted believed that connecting directly with our customers was the best way to deliver the superior experience needed to kick start his expansion into cable.

“Thank you for calling Rogers Cable. How can we help you today?”

Through the late 1960s, Rogers Cable expanded at a rapid pace, growing its customer base tenfold every five or six months – Ted’s personal handling of customer service wasn’t sustainable at this scale.  He needed a team and a process to help customers with their Rogers Cable experience and installation orders.  With the July 1967 purchase of Bramalea Telecable Ltd. in Brampton, Rogers had its first customer call centre.

What started as one centre has now grown to 11 customer solution centres across Canada.  With centres in Moncton, Montreal, Ottawa, Pickering, North York, Toronto, Brampton, Kitchener, and Burnaby – and an all-new centre set to open in Kelowna, BC, this summer –  Ted’s passion for customer service excellence lives on through the more than 12,000 members of our Rogers frontline team.  Representing nearly half of the company – our frontline team makes more possible for our customers each and every day.  

60 proud years of connecting Canadians

Sixty years ago, Ted Rogers started Rogers to connect Canadians to the people, places and things that matter most. Each and every day we honour his relentless drive to make more possible for Canadians.