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Right here, right now.

Even as national and world news captures our attention, it’s local news – what’s happening in our own communities – that truly matters to Canadians. 

Across local, conventional, and specialty TV; radio and podcasts; e-commerce, live sports and sporting events – our content unites and connects Canadians to the things that matter most.

In Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Montreal, local stories are at the heart of the Citytv and Rogers tv brands, connecting to our communities through CityNews, Breakfast Television and other original content. Across Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland & Labrador, 23 Rogers tv stations work with more than 13,000 community partners to produce original programming that uniquely reflects each Rogers tv community.

With 54 radio stations in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, we are tuned in our communities.  Listeners connect to their local radio personalities for news, weather, traffic, sports and entertainment to brighten their morning, complement their afternoon, and get them home to wrap up their day. Supporting countless local events and charitable initiatives, our stations are also a go-to source of trusted information during emergencies. Digital news platforms like and are powered by our all-news radio brands, including NEWS 1130 and NEWS 95.7, and offer a robust destination for local news and information.

“Community” isn’t just about geography – it’s also about diversity, and celebrating the cultures that make Canada strong.  OMNI Television is Canada’s only multilingual and multicultural television broadcaster. Available to 11 million homes, OMNI helps Canadians connect to their community – wherever they live. OMNI offers a wide range of locally-produced and acquired news, current affairs and entertainment content in more than 40 languages, including in Cantonese, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin and Punjabi.