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Transcript - How Rogers manages your data

At Rogers, we are committed to protecting your personal information, and we understand you may have questions about this.

We know it’s a big responsibility, and it’s important that you are comfortable, and confident, about why certain information is required, and how we protect it.

Not only does Rogers follow federal privacy laws, we also have a Privacy Policy that adds layers of security measures to ensure private information is protected at all times.

If you become a Rogers customer, we need specific information about you, including your name, address, date of birth and credit card number, all of which are required to help set up your account.

And, at other times, if you are a mobile customer, and you need emergency help, the 9-1-1 system will automatically provide your location to the dispatcher.

There are important reasons why we need to collect data about your usage:

For example:

So we can bill you for the services you use;

To troubleshoot any technical issues you may be having;

And to manage our networks.

Rogers may also need to collect information for other purposes from time-to-time, but we will always say so, prior to or at the time of collection.

We take great care in how we protect your personal information.

We ensure that our employees are trained in how to manage customer privacy.

We also have a team of technical experts who are responsible for making sure that the systems that store your data are safe and secure.


Tech Experts

Sometimes, we need to work with third-party vendors to deliver our services to you.

This means that we may need to share your information with these vendors.

So, we always ensure that they have strong privacy protection policies.

And we never share information with them, unless it is necessary to fulfill their part of your service.

Beyond sharing your information for business purposes, there is a limited number of other circumstances where your personal information may be shared.

For example, to help with fraud prevention or to perform a credit check.

As a customer, you can always access the data we hold about you.

And, to make sure we are only disclosing this information to you, we have robust authentication processes in place to prevent fraud through social engineering.

After all, this is your personal information, which you can review at any time.

And, to be certain that we disclose it to you, and only you, we have implemented extra authentication measures that verify who you are.

Providing Rogers with your personal information is a choice you make when doing business with us.

We want to be clear about how and why we use it, and we will always use it in a respectful and secure way to deliver you the best products and services.

If you have any questions about how Rogers manages and protects the privacy of its customers, please email us at: