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We’re using less and reducing more.

Waste is a concern for everyone – we are committed to keeping our country and waterways clean, reduce our waste, and divert material from landfill.

Our products and services make it easier for people to say good-bye to waste – creating a digital world where you can share documents and presentations online, reducing your need to print or accumulate unnecessary clutter.

But technology can also create waste. In fact, the main types of waste companies produce are electronic waste and office waste. We have programs to help us reduce our waste, with the goal of 70% waste diversion – meaning 70% of our waste is to be recycled or reused, rather than end up as landfill. Some of the innovative ways we try to reduce waste include:

  • Having central sorting stations in work spaces so people can redirect trash easily
  • Providing trade-in programs, such as Rogers Trade-Up and FidoTrade, so customers can bring in used devices and accessories to receive a credit towards a new device
  • Recycling and refurbishing used products and services for customers
  • Hosting electronic waste collection events, so people can bring in their used electronics to be safely recycled

We will continue to do our part to reduce waste, because it’s important for all of us to have a cleaner, brighter future.