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We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Google to be the first telecom in Canada to bring our customers, rich messaging on Android Messages. .

Text messaging is one of the most popular ways Canadians stay connected, and now Android users can upgrade their SMS experience with RCS (Rich Communications Services) messaging. The Android Messages app will use your data or Wi-Fi connection to deliver great new features like:

  • Group chat
  • Read receipts
  • Typing indicators
  • Ability to share photos, files and location

In future devices, we’ll be including Android Messages as a default message app. In the meantime, we are rolling out the enhanced features to all Rogers and Fido Android customers in the coming weeks. Be sure to visit the Google Play Store to download the app directly for free (standard data rates apply) starting December 13. Customers currently using Android Messages  will be notified through the app once enhanced features become available to them.

Check out other ways we’re working toward improving the customer experience.

64 responses to “Say hello to the next phase of Android Messaging”

  1. Jennifer Ritchie says:

    I just tried to download the messenger app and it says if you accept the app your Samsung settings might be affected. So I declined as I don’t wish to deal with issues when I love the way my phone works.

  2. tom says:

    I have a Nexus 6P and I do not have the update. I am running the Latest Android 7.1.1, I have the most up to date Google Messenger and I do not get any option for RCS. Is this a slow roll out? or is the Nexus 6P not getting any love?

  3. Daniel Martin says:

    Longest wait for an update ever lol its been 5 days and I still done have said update on my S7

  4. BillG says:

    Still no RCS message for me using S7 Edge.

  5. Lando says:

    Hello…I have the messenger app and recent update. However, no enhanced settings are available anywhere. I contacted Rogers support and Customer service who both told me that this feature has never been confirmed yet. Once I provided the link to this very page both customer service and technical support had no idea this even existed. Is there something that i have to enable to make the features appear or has it not rolled out to ALL Rogers customers? I see from other comments that it is a phased rollout. However, your customer service teams need to be made aware of this.

    • RogersMike says:

      Good afternoon, Lando! All of this information is readily available to all of our customer service and technical support reps. Here’s a copy/paste from their knowledge base: The rollout of Rich Communication Services from Google is a staggered launch. This means that not all customers will have access right away. Google is targeting to have these new features open to all customers by the end of January 2017. Customers will only know if the features have been made available to them if they are prompted with a banner in the Messaging app.

  6. Zachary Bergeron says:

    Has anyone managed to have a RCS conversation yet?

  7. Greg says:

    Will these features be rolled out to unlocked phones, I still haven’t gotten any notification.

    • RogersMike says:

      If you have an unlocked phone with a Rogers SIM card, you should be receiving the update within the next couple of weeks!

      • Greg says:

        Sweet thanks, I was also wondering can I use RCS to talk with someone else who is not using Google messenger? Or do both partys need to be using it? Also if I was talking with someone on a different network carrier could I still use RCS or would I have to wait until they roll out the feature?

        • RogersMike says:

          No problem, Greg! So both parties would need to have RCS enabled in order to use it – if it’s not enabled, it’ll simply appear as a regular conversation. And you would need to wait for the roll out to be able to communicate via RCS with people on alternate carriers. Simple solution to that one though – just tell everyone to switch to Rogers! 😉

  8. Peter says:

    Is RCS available for Google Pixel? Customer service told me it should work, but I still don’t see the enhanced settings on my Pixel.

    • RogersAndrew says:

      Hello Peter, RCS is available for the Pixel. It is currently being rolled out to devices, for assistance with downloading the app please reach out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or

      • Peter says:

        Thanks Andrew! my Pixel is an unlocked one, should it work as well? no matter what I tried, I just don’t see the enhanced settings. Also, my daughter has a Samsung S6 Edge, also an unlocked, will it work?

        • RogersMike says:

          As long as they both have Rogers SIM cards in them, they should work perfectly. However, RCS hasn’t been completely rolled out, which is likely why you don’t see the enhanced settings. Keep checking back over the next few weeks for the update!

  9. Greg says:

    Moto Z Play. Still no RCS!

  10. Drew says:

    Hi still no RCS for the nexus 6p?

  11. Derek says:

    Hi everybody, Derek here.
    I had received the banner a few weeks ago, and enabled it, since then RCS has been enabled and I even did a test conversation with a friend and it worked! I did a test group chat and it worked too. The benefit of this is you dont need to rely on third party apps like WhatsUpp any more, and if the other person does not have RCS enabled, the message STILL GOES THRU but as a regular SMS instead which is backwards compatible.
    I also turned off cellular connection and tested over wifi, and the RCS message went thru to another RCS enabled user OVER WIFI, even when air plane mode is off, no cellular connection or cellular data connection. pretty neat eh?

  12. Jacob P says:

    Any possibility for an update on rollout? You guys are getting pretty far past your target dates posted in this thread. I have RCS enabled on my Pixel XL but my girlfriend on the same account is still waiting to have it enabled on her Nexus 6P. Both are running Android N.

    Pretty frustrating having the feature enabled but nobody to use it with!

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Jacob! Thanks for your message on the weekend. As of last week, we are fully rolled out on all eligible devices. Have you and your girlfriend updated “Android Messages” to ensure it is the most recent version? Also, please ensure she enrolls in the enhanced features. Let us know if you continue to have any problems using the service.

      • Greg says:

        I have an unlock Asus ZenFone 3, with the most recent Android messages update and a Rogers sim. And I still havent gotten any notification or prompt. Is it really fully rolled out? I do have a older plan would that effect it?

        • RogersAndrew says:

          Hello Greg, did you get your device from Rogers directly? Have you tried going to the play store and searching for the Android Messages app to see if there is an update available?

          • Greg says:

            No it is not a rogers device, it is a factory unlock Asus Zenfone 3, and yes I have the latest update of the Android Messages application installed but I am still not seeing any support for RCS

          • RogersMike says:

            We can only ensure functionality on devices that were purchased from us. It is recommended that you direct your questions to the app developer via the Help and Feedback option within the app.

  13. Peter says:

    When i download Messenger (Android Messenges) all my old texts just show up as “unknown sender”. I do not have the ability to text either since there is no “text message” box at the bottom of any of my chats.

    I have enabled Messenger as my default SMS and i also got the prompt for “Enabled settings/features” for RCS. I’m not sure what’s wrong with my device.

    Btw, I have a Huawei Honor 8 and they have their own default SMS app when i got the phone.

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Peter, thanks for connecting with us here. Have you tried uninstalling, then reinstalling the app? We’re only able to ensure functionality on devices that were obtained through Rogers. If the problem persists after trying a new install, I recommend sending feedback via the “Help and Feedback” option in Android Messages.

      • Peter Michailidis says:

        Yes i’ve tried multiple times to uninstall it and reinstall. I’ve also downloaded Textra messenger and that app seems to work fine including knowing who sent each text. Unfortunately, Textra doesn’t have RCS function.

        I’ll try the help and feedback option. Thank you.

  14. Osmar Solorzano says:

    Hello I had the RCS feature before but since updating the app to Andriod messages the feature disappeared help.please

  15. Ahmed Khalili says:


    I currently own a Oneplus 3 and I am on Rogers, I have downloaded the Android Messages app but the banner for enhanced messaging has not appeared yet and it has been 2 weeks since I’ve downloaded the app.
    I’m wondering if maybe Rogers is choosing not to support the Oneplus 3 for RCS, or if maybe the rollout is still happening and I’m one of the customers still left out with no RCS yet, can you confirm if the rollout has finished yet or if RCS is blocked on non rogers branded phones?

    If the rollout is done and my phone is not blocked, what should I do to trigger RCS?

    • RogersMike says:

      Good morning, Ahmed! The rollout has indeed been completed, but unfortunately, RCS is not supported on OnePlus devices.

      • Peter says:

        Hi Mike,

        Why is that? Will this be changed at some point in the future?

        • RogersMike says:

          There are technical challenges with enabling RCS on those devices, and unfortunately, we have no word on whether or not it will be supported in the future.

  16. David says:

    My girlfriends phone (Sumsung s7) won’t let her opt into rcs. She has the advanced features option but when she tries to enable them the app just hangs.

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi David! Could you please have her contact our technical support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They can troubleshoot the issue with her.

  17. Eric says:

    Hi, was just wondering if this feature would count towards my data or would it be like MMS where it does no count towards my data.

  18. Ariel says:

    Hi! I have the Galaxy S8 and I started noticing this notification popping up. I thought it was some sort of spam thing and got rid of it. I researched it after and now I want it! My issue is that I can’t seem to find where to access that. Any tips? Btw… what is this app you need? It’s a different from where you normally text?

    • RogersAndrew says:

      Hello Ariel, this form of messaging is very similar to Apple’s iMessage. It allows increased functionality for text messaging by utilizing data to send/receive messages. For assistance with installing the app and additional information please reach out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or

  19. Cris Cordova says:

    I have an s7 edge and am on the latest update of android messages. Whenever i turn on enhanced messages, everytime i selection some one the screen goes black and freezes and the app eventually crashes. Any thoughts as to whats wrong?

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Cris, thank you for connecting with us here. I would like to direct you to our team of support staff that can help you with your service concerns. They are available 24/7 on Facebook and Twitter through these links. I’m confident they can help you with the problem you’re experiencing with your device.

  20. Neil says:

    Can you enable RCS on an S8 Plus using the Samsung Messages app yet? I cannot seem to do this and I hate Android Messages.

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Neil! Our goal is to continue to grow RCS adoption, but at this time, RCS is not currently available for Samsung Messages.

  21. None None says:

    Hi injabe a pixel 2 xl. How do we know if rcs works?

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi there – RCS is now built into Android Messages on Google devices. We teamed up with Google to be the first telecom in Canada to bring our customers rich messaging on the app. Find out more about RCS here.

  22. Darryl says:

    I’ve a used Google Nexus 6P with a new SIM and the Google Messages app. Under Settings–>Advanced–>Chat features, and then there is an intro setup page “Do more with Messages”, clicking NEXT is a long delay, and a message “Excuse the wait…”. After this enrollment phase, I do not get a response from the app or an SMS from Rogers. Is there a network and or setup delay in provisioning RCS? My old SIM in my old Nexus 5 had RCS working.

    • RogersMike says:

      Hi Darryl, please contact our tech support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to take a look at your account to see if there are provisioning issues, and to troubleshoot further.

  23. Casey B says:

    Just got a new Pixel 3XL, transferring direct from my Pixel XL and the majority of my text messages (Messages App) list Unknown Sender.
    The Sender is is my contacts and I have other messages from the same person.
    In addition, any photos I had for that person no longer show up, most have a ghost picture or a letter corresponding to the first letter of that contacts name.

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Casey, a member of our technical support team will be happy to assist you with troubleshooting this. Visit our Contact Us page for the best way to get in touch.

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