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Our Commitments to you

We’re on a journey to earn back your trust and it starts with these five commitments we are making to you.

Our Commitment to Network Reliability

You look to us to deliver the highest standard of network reliability and keep you connected to what matters most, day in, day out. Which is why we’re investing $20 billion in our network over the next five years to help ensure we’re meeting and exceeding your expectations.


We’re committed to connecting you in an emergency.

911 calls must always go through. That’s why we’re making a formal agreement between providers to switch 911 calls to each other’s networks in the event of an outage for any provider’s network.


We’re committed to investing $20 billion in network reliability.

You need a network that you can count on. That’s why we’re investing $20 billion in our network over the next five years. Many investments have already begun, including increased oversight, testing, and using predictive technologies to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations.


We’re committed to setting the highest standard of reliability.

Several areas of your life depend on our wireless and internet networks. Which is why we’re working to physically separate them, so they’ll work independently – ensuring you stay connected.

Our Commitment to Exceptional Service

You expect and deserve the best in service. That’s why we’re investing in enhancements across every level of the customer experience. We’re striving to make all interactions simple and fast, and deliver the results you need.


We’re committed to our 100% Canadian-based call centres.

Rogers is the only provider with 100% Canadian-based call centres. We are a proud Canadian employer with thousands of team members across the country who are ready to serve you. Our local Customer Service Representatives have exceptional training on all our products and services and are ready to give you the support you need. 


We’re committed to supporting you anytime you need it.

We have technical support options available to you 24/7, so when you need to reach us, we’re here. Whether you prefer to ask your question over the phone, or online chat, we’re ready to support you.


We’re committed to supporting you wherever you are.

Our 1,700 stores give customers a chance to meet with our representatives face-to-face. Whether you’re getting a new device, or upgrading your plan to better fit your needs, our retail team is committed to providing the exceptional service you deserve.

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We’ve always been driven to deliver innovation. Now, we’re innovating even further to enhance your experience with our products and services – from powerful home WiFi coverage to best-in-class 5G data plans.



We’re committed to providing customers with the ultimate home experience.

With 1000’s of free movies and all the entertainment you want, the way you want it with Ignite TV.


We’re committed to delivering powerful home WiFi coverage.

With our WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee, you can feel confidently covered from your first setup to ongoing proactive support.


We’re committed to offering customers best-in-class 5G data plans.

And all the latest 5G devices without overage fees so you can stream all the video, music, and content you want, worry-free.

Our Commitment to Connecting Communities

We believe in the strength of communities. From coast to coast, we’re committed to supporting them – by bridging the digital divide, making key investments, volunteering, fostering meaningful partnerships, and donating media to give small businesses the exposure they need to thrive.



We’re committed to bridging the digital divide to help ensure all Canadians have access to network connectivity.

Regardless of where they live, or their circumstances. We provide high-speed, low-cost internet with our Connected for Success program, and invest in network infrastructure in rural communities across Canada.


We’re committed to supporting and promoting small businesses and charities.

We’re giving them the tools they need to grow. By donating $10M in advertising and creative services and providing access to discounted media to help them gain exposure.


We’re committed to enabling our team to give tens of thousand of hours back to communities through annual volunteering.

We empower our employees to give back to the causes important to them and through a corporate donation match, support hundreds of organizations each year.

Our Commitment to the Next Generation

We want to connect youth to opportunities that will help them reach their highest potential. Through $5 million yearly investments in Ted Rogers Scholarships, plus community grants and sports partnerships, we’re supporting the next generation to help build a better future for Canada.



We’re committed to helping the next generation reach their highest potential.

Through Ted Rogers Scholarships, we’re committed to invest $5M every year to reduce financial barriers to higher education.


We’re committed to supporting youth in our communities.

With Ted Rogers Community Grants, we’ve championed hundreds of community organizations to make a difference for thousands of young people through education, health and sport, entrepreneurship, and digital literacy programs.


We’re committed to helping youth access sports programs.

As Jays Care Foundation’s largest donor, we’ve contributed +$10M in funding to 45,000 kids across Canada.