2017 Rogers Transparency Report

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This year marks the publication of our fifth annual Transparency Report. This report contains details on the number of requests for personal information[1] of our customers that we received in 2017 from government and law enforcement.[2] Since Rogers first started reporting on transparency, there has been a sea-change in awareness on issues related to privacy, consumer protection and transparency. The Canadian public is more aware of the importance of the privacy of their personal data. This corresponds with broader societal trends such as the increase in smartphone use, more reliance on IoT-enabled devices (e.g. smart watches), and an increase in cyber-security issues.

The one thing that has not changed over the past five years is Rogers’ unwavering commitment to protecting our customers and their data.

The Value of Collaboration

It is important to Rogers that we maintain open and constructive dialogue with the organisations that submit data requests to us. Protecting our customer data is our first priority, yet we are also committed to public safety. We engage with government and law enforcement agencies to understand what their needs are when it comes to the requests they make to us. We work with them to ensure our responses are reasonable and lawful, always with our customer’s best interests at the forefront.

Staying Current, Staying Transparent

We are continually trying to improve our transparency reporting. For example, last year we provided more granularity on where we rejected or disclosed customer information. This year, we are building on this approach and have provided statistics on how often a request was made where there was no data available. Finally, having provided information on tower dumps[3] in the past few reports, we have added a separate section this year, which contains specific details on tower dumps. This section includes the total requests that were made, fulfilled, rejected, partially rejected because we felt the request was too broad or where a request was only partially disclosed because some of the data that was requested was not available.

Transparency Parameters

As a federally regulated company, Rogers is governed by Canadian laws. This dictates both how we protect customer information and how government and law enforcement agencies can compel us to provide it to them.  As this report demonstrates, that does not mean we provide this information unchallenged. It is important, though, that our customers be aware that there are some aspects of transparency reporting that remain outside of our control. Some stakeholders suggest that we are not being fully transparent if we do not disclose to our customers that their information has been the subject of a third party data request.  There are legal reasons that prevent such disclosure, such as requirements in some legislation and court orders that prohibit disclosure to customers.


While it is important to share with you how we advocate on behalf of our customers to protect their data, we also value what our stakeholders say about us:

“We at The Provincial ROPE Squad deal with critical incident calls and extremely high risk offenders on a daily basis. Over the years, your assistance and professionalism has been second to none. On behalf of the ROPE Squad, I would like to thank the team at Rogers for the, ever-so, diligent work that has helped make our city and our province a safer place.” — Paul Holder, OPP Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement (ROPE) Squad

“As government surveillance practices continue to evolve in unpredictable ways, Rogers’ willingness to provide a lens into these practices is critical to the public’s ongoing understanding of how their rights are being respected and highly commendable.” — Tamir Israel, Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic 


Rogers remains committed to engaging with government, law enforcement and the privacy community at large to maintain dialogue on transparency reporting. Education and awareness are key factors in understanding your rights as a customer and knowing what the data in this report represents.  We welcome your comments and feedback on this report.  You can contact us at privacy@rci.rogers.com


Deborah Evans,
Associate Chief Privacy Officer

[1] Customer information includes name, contact information such as mailing address, billing and payment records, information about the services received from Rogers and related usage, and recorded complaints or private correspondence with us. Personal information does not include any aggregated or de-identified information that cannot be associated with an individual.

[2] This report covers the Rogers, Fido and chatr brands.

[3] A tower dump is a technique used to identify all devices that were utilised in the coverage area of a cell site during a defined period of time.

[4] We measure the total requests based on the number of impacted customers. For example, one Court Order that requests information on 10 customers counts as 10 requests. Emergency responder requests from 911 are not included in the total as we will always respond to these requests to the best of our ability. However, emergency requests from law enforcement agencies are included in the total because there is an interpretive role in such requests and we have some scope to protect customer data.

[5] This total does not include the number of customers impacted by tower dumps. In the 2016 report, the total did include it but, upon review, we are now reporting this data separately to increase transparency.

[6] A tower dump is a technique used to identify all devices that were utilised in the coverage area of a cell site during a defined period of time.

[7] In 2016 we didn’t specifically track partially rejected or partial disclosures, but the total of those numbers are included in this number.

[8] This number represents the potential number of customers that could have been impacted if Rogers had not challenged any tower dump requests.

21 responses to “2017 Rogers Transparency Report”

  1. S Bejian says:

    We are receiving many spam callß to our cell number that I have traced back to your service. I realize that you can not police all of your subscribers. If I furnish you with their number can you assist in ending this activity?

  2. I’ve Been Recieveing A lot Of Spam Mail And Someone Keeps Hacking My Account And Stealing My Data please Help I’ve Had The Same With My Fido account Too Thank you

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Dennis, is this happening to your MyRogers account or your email account provided through your Rogers internet subscription? Have you reported these concerns to customer service or technical support? You can easily reach them on Twitter, Facebook or via Live Chat. You can also call us at 1-888-ROGERS-1. Contact details for Fido can be found here.

      • M says:

        I’ve also had this issue.so much data was used through what must of been hackers.i lost it all, my cell bill went from 0 to 2955.00 in just 6/7 weeks..needless to say my fido plan was terminated and when I called to inquire they gave me a 25dollar credit I believe but that didn’t help .i am still with out a phone and sanity

        • RogersMike says:

          I woud recommend contacting Fido on Twitter @FidoSolutions or Facebook.com/fidomobile? They’ll be able to investigate and escalate the issue as required.

  3. Correy says:

    This is just feedback!: First! Off!, If I’m even-interpreting this report properly!, we should all say thanks!, to Rogers!-Cable for their attempts to challenge and continue to challenge/question the information seekers! companys/persons/groups of peoples/everone-persons in authority who? Suddenly!-requests these; “tower dumps” or specific types of information as it regards to any one single person/Canadian-citizens phone-info-records. I say this because they/we don’t always think about the good people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and alot of the time?, thus having no association other than for use of a phone in a time of possible emergency as it seemed to that persons on day of actual events is truth to what happened if anything..and/or what if?, possibly if these persons of authority may have been acting outside of the laws/human rights laws and/or worse! They are trying to be the true!:crime-completion-authorities-by-way-of-disruptions-to-the-actual-real-true-investigation-(even if for selfish reasons galore…it should not be granted if that were the case
    if that were the case put themselves in!, plus etc.) We must always think of others and/or who could have been negatively! Immpacted by these: random requests to find out!:“ tower-dumps-Locational areas!-requests, within a certain time frames should never be granted to anyone in authority unless/until the persons caught in the middle are and should be set free!, even by ways of Guilty by association or something of this regard. I say this to many persons plus etc. to which these persons had no interest in the reoccurring problems/crimes against humanity plus etc and/or daily crimes that have occurred in Throughout! A cities certain-parameters wherever it may lead!. What? if so That may have happened in a:certain-tower- dump-information requests as some citizens may have put it!, but overall!…. I wanted to say!”God bless you all.” Correy says!; “thanks!-A lot!, Rogers cable! for your continued support! when dealing with me and my family account(s) online and/or over the telephone plus etc. In-closing-I-Only!-hope!-For!; ”Love, peace, and of course!, I/we all wish the utmost- prosperity to all the Canadian people! (No matter the disability)plus etc. and/or also, to all new/any other countries of interest/origin who want to live, work, play alike we do here in Canada. I welcome you to our friendly!-Ecosystem we sure could use the help. God bless you all!. Amen. From!-Your-Rogers-customer!: The Correy Michael Bednis Band./Correy Bednis.

  4. Maria Sviros says:

    My personal account information has been compromised by Rogers and shared with an unauthorized party. Although your customer service representative has opened a ticket in an effort to finally resolve this matter, who do I hold accountable? Who will answer to why this happened in the first place? Who will be responsible for the breach in privacy? I deserve answers. I’ve been on hold for over 20 minutes waiting to speak to a Supervisor, but instead of actually talking to somebody I type this, listening to silence as the timer on my phone continues to tick away… social media and the local news network are my next steps.

    • RogersPaul says:

      Good morning Maria, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We take our customers’ privacy very seriously and have forwarded your concern to another team for investigation.

  5. John Cassan says:

    To Rogers Customer Service, My e/mail is hacked daily to the tune of over 300 pieces of junk every day. I have traced it back to Rogers giving out my two e/mail addresses I cancelled Rogers 4 months ago and have e/mailed, sent letters and called many times and still i am getting junk e/mails and threats to blackmail me please help me. i am a senior and totally fed up and on the verge of going to court to stop this thanks john cassan

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi John, thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear about the large volume of unwelcome emails you are receiving. I recommend you do not open any emails from an unknown sender and mark them as spam so your inbox can properly filter them in the future. Rogers does not share personal information with other parties except in very limited circumstances. You can view our privacy policy here: https://www.rogers.com/web/content/Privacy-CRTC

  6. Henry Komarek says:

    I do not like these “requests”, especially from Governmental agencies, there is unfortunately zero credibility in the “electronic” business, too many leaks etc.

  7. almira says:

    How can I track my lost iphone8 that I’m sure I know where it is my mom bought it for me for Christmas! And my accounts are being hacked

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Almira, I’m sorry to hear about your phone! Lost devices and account concerns can be addressed by our customer service teams. Visit our Contact Us page to see how you can connect with them.

  8. Robert Tycholiz says:

    I would like to know who I should contact to request transcripts of our calls and other contact with Rogers in the past year or so. Can you please provide me with the information. I was unable to find specifics on the website.

    • RogersPaul says:

      Hi Robert – you can request this information by contacting our Chief Privacy Officer by email at privacy@rci.rogers.com, or in writing at Chief Privacy Officer, Rogers Communications, 333 Bloor St. E., Toronto, ON, M4W 1G9.

  9. MN Kumar says:

    Hello, I am in a dire situation. I have a 4-year-old son with special needs who was injured in the school pretty bad. School staff to my surprise is shying away from the problem and are bluntly denying the fact and are not even ready to take responsibility and promise the safety of my son in the future. Initially, over the phone, they shifted goalposts, narrated stories of the incident and later on when communicating through emails they denied any incident happening in the school and are not ready to accept responsibility. I requested the school to change the class or change his teacher as she changed the version on this incident many times. I am extremely scared to send my son to school. I am looking to escalate this issue with the school board as well as ministry to plead them, either to help change my son’s school or at least class. I need telephonic conversations where they admitted. The principal of the school is totally favoring his staff and I have no hope of justice from the principal as he declined our requests to change class. I need phone call records to escalate and to ensure my son’s safety as we have no option but to send him to the same school as it is his home school. After all this fiasco, our apprehensions increased with regards to our son’s safety.
    You are our last hope to ensure our son’s safety.

    • RogersMike says:

      Good morning! Upon receipt of a court order, we are able to provide the following items:

      -Numbers dialed (incoming and outgoing)
      -Times and dates of calls
      -Call durations
      -Routing information
      -Local calling area information
      -Any cellular tower information associated with calls

      • MNKumar says:

        Hello Mike,

        Thank you for responding. All these calls are from this week and most of what you mentioned which can be useful to me is already in my phone. Is there any procedure to retrieve call recordings from you?

        • RogersPaul says:

          It should be noted that Rogers does not record phone calls (unless you’re calling us, then, some calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes). There is no way we would have an audio record of what was said during a personal call between you and another party.

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