Rogers Media Rebrands Tillsonburg’s Easy 101 to Easy 101.3, Beginning Today

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Under its new brand Easy 101.3, The Perfect Music Mix, audiences will continue to hear their favourite songs with new exciting shows throughout the day
Starting Monday, Aug. 20, ‘No Repeat Work Day’ from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. will keep listeners company throughout the day with a fresh new programming lineup

TILLSONBURG, ON (August 15, 2018) –
Starting today, Easy 101 listeners get an update of their favourite local station with a refreshed look and feel as the new Easy 101.3.  Continuing to play the best adult contemporary hits of yesterday and today, the new Easy 101.3 builds on its deep history in Southwestern Ontario with strong local content that connects to the community, while adding unique features, including the ‘No Repeat Work Day’ from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, starting Monday, Aug. 20.

“Southwestern Ontario has welcomed us into their daily lives for many years, and today, we’re evolving our brand to continue to bring listeners the music they know and love,” said Alan Smith, Program Director, Easy 101.3, JACK 102.3, and Country 107.3, Rogers Radio. “Our energetic lineup will keep listeners company all day long, and create a competitive Adult Contemporary station in the region.”

On Monday, Aug. 20, listeners will tune in to the fresh new programming, including Mornings with Mark and Meghan, featuring Mark Paine and Meghan Spotswood, plus Jaynel White in the mid-day slot, and Cathy Wagner on the afternoon drive. Evening listeners will catch the popular John Tesh Radio Show with Intelligence for Your Life.

Audiences can hear Easy 101.3 on air, online at, and on the Radioplayer Canada app.

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98 responses to “Rogers Media Rebrands Tillsonburg’s Easy 101 to Easy 101.3, Beginning Today”

  1. Jim Thorup says:

    Sorry but the first day of listening to the new format sucks , already stations that play that same crap .. the old 101.3
    had a unique playlist unlike any in the area …Why change ? .. so nowhere to get my 70’s and 60’s hits . Just took it
    off my presets in my truck , have been listening to it for years ….Good Bye 101

    • Earlene says:

      I am sorry to say I agree with all of the above comments. SOOOOO very sorry that so many people lost their jobs at the station. I do not like this new format at all…I have been a listener of the old station for many, many years & now have turned to listening to my CDs. I really miss John Biggs in the mornings…we live in London & cannot get the 107.3 station. John always would talk about interesting subjects & have a laugh or two for us!! Good bye Tillsonburg radio station.

      • Beverley Smith says:

        After this length of time I still, from habit, turn the radio on to 101.3. No way can I handle the music or the high pitch voice that comes with it. Use to know when the news, weather and road report was on – not now. John and Matt made us laugh before the news in the morning. We certainly need that now! CKOT is very much missed!

    • jon says:

      Thank Goodness for 92.9 The Grand…far superior to the Rubbish Station that you guys have turned Easy 101 into.
      Btw the way , I’m cancelling all my Rogers products …who wants anything to do with you guys?

  2. Jan Partridge says:

    My husband and I have been listening to your station for years. We like to get the news starting early in the morning. What happened to the news? Not everyone jumps on their electronic devices first thing each day. Sadly unless you bring back some “live” people our listening days to 101.3 are done.

  3. Gerry says:

    So disappointed to turn on my radio this morning to hear about the changes to personalities . We miss John Begg’s humour and easy manner. He may be on 107.3, but that frequency doesn’t come in clearly on our radios both at home and in the car!
    The more “rock” type music isn’t our preference, especially in the morning, and that’s why we enjoyed turning on to 101.3. It was good to hear Cathy Wegner will still be on board. She has such a lovely, friendly voice and manner. Sadly, you’ve lost some loyal listeners.

  4. Mary says:

    So sad to hear that this radio station has changed. We loved the early morning chats loved the music and the news. Now it just sounds like all the other radio stations. It sure is a big disappointment. Feels like we lost friend!

  5. BRIAN says:


  6. Wes says:

    I was driving down the road this morning and I was wondering what was playing on the radio. I had to check online to see what happened to Easy 101. I’m very disappointed with a radio station that I’ve been listening to since I was kid. My Grandma and Grandpa used to listen to it, my parents listened to it, and then me and my wife listened to it as well. However I won’t be listening anymore.

  7. PETER HESS says:




  8. BWG says:

    Thank goodness I use Tune-in as my online radio … so easy to switch to ( which has now become my preferred choice for “Easy” listening.

    So sorry to see 101.3 leave us loyal listeners behind. The end of an era. Hope your changes will help you survive – but given the comments on this board, it appears someone has made a huge miscalculation.

  9. Susan says:

    What a disappointment! Where is the kind morning man? Where is my music? What a nasty change … I have been listening to this station since very young. Now you sound like all the others. Who wants to hear the typical guy/ gal fake energetic duo in the morning? Ugh. My daughter called to tell me that “you lost your station, Mom.” Indeed I did.

  10. Diane says:

    Truly a huge huge disappointment. You have just “rebranded” yourself out of many many listeners that opened their day with years of actual news, daily informative road/weather reports, pleasant conversations by the now ‘gone’ DJ’s, except for Cathy Wagner. If I were interested in your rebranded station format, I would not have been listening to the tried and true Tillsonburg station in the first place. John Tesh! Really!! Of course your other 30 million Canadians engaging in your enterprise could care little about a fine local
    station that cared and catered to this local community.
    These replies of course go nowhere except allow venting of sorts. We are all aware of that.
    Goodbye 101.3 “Easy” 101.3 ? Definitely no longer.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    A few years ago my husband and I retired from GTA to this area. Happy to give up the hustle bustle of big city life for a friendlier relaxed pace. Discovered Easy 101 enjoying the music and happy banter of the announcers. Got us out and about exploring our new home and area. Local news and sports relating to small town ON. Refreshing. The new format reminds us of what we left behind, and to lose the familiar voices and stories of the personalities without any notice is sad. You got it wrong again Roger’s, missed the mark on local needs. Switched the station off, no longer programmed on our radio. TV wasn’t the death of radio, greed was.

  12. John says:

    Way to ruin another great radio station with another “perfect” rehash of Bob, Jack, Karl or “whatever”. Another truly horrible radio station for the SW Ontario listeners, packed full of forgettable pop songs and banal announcers that we could only hope to forget. Thanks for “our perfect balance sheet mix” Rogers Media – absolutely shameful.

  13. lyla says:

    What happened to John Biggs? Can’t even get the station you said he’s on!
    Really disappointed with the new morning line-up and will have to
    look for another station for news and music that is listenable.

  14. Dick says:

    By what measure did you think you needed a pop/rock station format (and some of the music to go with it)? You were a pleasant change from the loud, brash, shotgun-talking pop/rockers, but, sadly, no more. We can’t even count on news at consistent regular times! Everything has become a let’s-see-how-fast-we-can-talk contest! And now, the ultimate letdown: John Tesh. Not only do I dislike that show, but, obviously, a plug-in network show means less local on-air staff. I feel sorry for those who were unceremoniously dumped. Thank goodness you kept Cathy. She’s the only ray of sunshine! “Easy” – NOT! “Perfect Music Mix” – NOT! Perfect Disappointment – YES! Disconcerting (says Mark Paine) – YES!

  15. Len says:

    Not impressed. I miss the local news, banter and music selection.
    Goodbye 101.3

  16. Linda says:

    Not impressed with the change. Easy 101 was unique, it played songs that you don’t hear all the time, songs that are easy to listen to and bring back memories – I could listen for hours and thoroughly enjoy it. I like songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I miss John Biggs and Matt Hutchinson in the morning – they were easy to listen to. Glad they kept Cathy Wegner but I’ll miss Felicia Goldstein too. Not sure if there is a contest now to see how fast the new announcers can talk? Not a good way to start my day – I find it stressful. I miss the informative news, weather and sports. I don’t like mindless drivel – if I wanted that I would have been listening to the other channels all along. Now this channel is the same as all the others. Where is the Easy listening channel now? Is there one? I am looking for a new channel.

  17. Janet McHugh says:

    So sad Rogers! Making money overcame enjoyment ! Have loved Tillsonburg radio and the wonderful people who worked there, for many, many years, always streemed it on my computer for the winter in Florida! It’s terrible now, have lost all those caring people, thank goodness for Cathy in the afternoon, only great thing about the station now. Can’t stand John Tesh, don’t need that crap in our life.
    So sad !!!

  18. Mary Vandermeer says:

    Came home from holidays and went to listen to my favorite station and WOW what a change. WOW what a disappointment.
    I am 51 years old and have been listening to this station since I have been able to drive and control the presets on my car. I thought I wait to give it a chance, but I am SO disappointed. If I wanted to listen to this I would listen to my children’s stations.
    I miss the voices too. I would laugh out loud in the morning. Not any more. They are working to hard to be funny or accepted.
    My biggest complaint is the news. I would always listen to the news. It was always so informative, lots of news and it kept me up on things, both local and not local, federal and provincial. It was always very informative. I guess this is my biggest disappointment. I use to sit in my car and listen to the news even if I had arrived at my destination/home because it was so informative, I wanted to listen and be aware of what was happening. I do not watch tv or read the paper, Easy 101.3 was my news source. It was also great how long the station lasted. I could drive several km in several directions and still receive this station. That has most likely changed too. Please bring back the old Easy and all will be forgiven.
    Please don’t force me to find a new station.

  19. Helena Neufeld says:

    Not really enjoying all the “pop” crap music you are playing. We really enjoyed the ‘Easy Listening’ music. If I wanted to hear pop or rap music…I would be listening to one of the dozens of other inane choices out there. We picked Easy 101for a reason.
    Disappointed to lose the announcers and news casters.
    Hoping you actually read these comments and take them to heart.

    • D. S|toakley says:

      We agree with comments about the new “Burton Cummings Radio”. Is Burton the only Canadian performer. Anyway after years of CHFI while living in Toronto area, we were happy to find the old 101.3. Now we look elsewhere.

  20. Ike says:

    I grew up with this station. All I wanted was to play less of Stylistics not CHANGE the whole format. Now a lot of junk being played. Very disappointed.

  21. joeinvestor says:

    What the heck was management thinking with the change in format of this successful station? Now you sound like every other radio station in that you are playing the same canned crap that is unique to stations like Virgin Radio.

    Whatever happened to real musicians who composed and wrote music and played real instruments? As time goes by we seem to be sliding more and more to mediocrity with our entertainment. I guess it is getting time to dispose of the radio as it is no longer worthwhile as an entertainment and information device. Thank goodness we have choice the internet provides us.

  22. Pablo Escobar says:

    First day back to school… what’s this nonsense we hear at 6 am??? We turn on lights double check the tuning and realize a significant change has been made. We have made a change as well, as well as many others. See above… miscalculation indeed. Goodbye 101.3

  23. Lori says:

    I have listened to 101.3 for years and years and years. It was one of the best stations out there! The Sixties @ 6pm was a huge hit among older and younger listeners. During the day, the programming was also great! A favourite of offices and businesses all over Kitchener.

    Well I did not know ahead of time changes were coming so after a vacation when I was driving in my car thinking I was listening to my regular radio station my only thought was someone must have changed the station. I checked and re-checked but it was set to the right number. What I was hearing was not, let me repeat, NOT any thing like it had been in the past. Still not knowing about the “CHANGE” I figured it was just an off song or two. Finally I did change the station.

    Next time I’m in the car I try again. Oh no – the same crap still playing. I listened for as long as I could, waiting and hoping to hear a familiar voice in-between songs but still – no luck. This went on for days and days.

    I get in the car at one of my favourite times, a little after 6, excited for my sing-a-long time and OMG – HUGE disappointment!! Finally I admit to myself something is definitely wrong, the station is gone and I must investigate.

    Lead me to search and sadly discover someone decided to change the format and the talent!! Of course I am not surprised to find out they are owned by Rogers. Rogers are terrible at every thing they touch!!

    I have read all the comments here and I am glad I have a chance to vent even though I know it means nothing to Rogers.

    They have taken something so great and destroyed it. Rogers seems to value only opinions and dollars of those under 35. This will backfire on them eventually, I hope. I know more people over 35 that listen to actual radio, most under prefer satellite and no commercials. I know more people over 35 with money, you know that green stuff we use to buy things. I know more people over 35 with a family that actually own cars, get in them, go places and listen to the radio on the way.

    I guess I’m just sick of no one ever appreciating any thing any more that has some history etc. Too many businesses and people want to through every thing out. Rogers, instead of being a follower, you have been a leader, you should have kept something that was working and showed it, the staff, the listeners and the advertisers some “actual” respect and kept it.

    Well like many other people here, I too will never see 101.3 on my radio or computer screen again. I will have to be my own DJ. Good thing is no commercials on my playlist 🙂

    • J says:

      Absolutely agree wholeheartedly. I too couldn’t believe what I was listening to day after day until I clued in.
      Such a shame. Hopefully anyone out there who finds a similar station to the old Easy 101.3 will share with us all on here.

  24. April says:

    Loving the new morning show with Mark Paine. I used to listen to him in Kitchener Waterloo.

  25. Sarah says:

    WOW! I just listened for the first time and LOVE the new station. I have it playing in my store and everyone comments when they come in how great the music is. THANKS!

  26. Janis Kemp says:

    I was upset when I first heard the changes but the more I listen the more I like the new Easy 101. I wanted to hate the new hosts because I felt connected to the former ones but I know in time they will feel more like family. I’m going to stick around because local information is important to me.

  27. Jessica M says:

    I’m so glad to hear those hokey old jingles are gone! The change was a bit of a shock but I’m slowly starting to enjoy it more and more.

  28. Phil says:

    I’m really enjoying the new sound for Easy 101.3! Keep up the good work!

  29. Nancy says:

    I have to agree with the majority of those commenting on the new format I am NOT impressed with Mark and Meg. Their forced humour is just that forced, if I wanted that I could listen to any other station that is geared to anyone under 35.What is the saying”if it’s not broken why fix it”. You most certainly taken something that was not broken and made a mess of it. II am sorry to hear that the radio personalities that I liked to listen to have lost their jobs, good luck to them, the radio stations they have gone to have gotten the best.

  30. Marilyn Simmonds says:

    My husband and I hate the new 101.3.
    I agree the old format needed “tweeking” and some updating, but you threw away the entire show and replaced it with same stuff you can hear anywhere
    What you had was unique, now it’s just same as all the other stations
    Too bad, won,t be tuning in anymore….

  31. JOHN LEMON says:

    Pretty sure all the positive responses were written by Rogers Employees, decided would sign up first timesign in get whole pile rogers crap have decided will go to Swissh Radio on line used to be in Orillia but now working out of BC Rogers all greed fixed something that was not broken
    Will encourage advertisers i now like Reho Thompson Stratford to drop

  32. Paul says:

    It’s another CHYM radio – R.I.P. Easy 101

    • Gerry says:

      Disgusted with the new 101.3, the new format in the morning turns my stomach. Have always been so happy we had one station that was easy on the ears and actually gave some news and the hosts were congenial, easy and down to earth. This twitter in the morning grates on the nerves fast!!!! Thebotto. Line is greed, greed , greed.

  33. Anita says:

    A perfectly good radio format, with a local flavour and with experienced and knowledgable staff has just been ruined. We boomers are a huge demographic in the region. If we wanted to listen to London radio we would have already changed the dial and done so. Some radio broadcasting formats are classic and work because the station spoke to intelligent listeners, who want classic songs, news, weather, marine and agricultural reports, announcer banter, and local advertising.

    To the new, young DJs who are now make up the morning drive format, good luck because there will be a time in their lives when they will be the ones kicked to the curb. Finally I agree with other people who have also noted that the individuals who wrote “WOW” and “LOVE” and “HOKEY” are sounding slightly staged. Who even says the word hokey anymore?

    Will Rogers Management take the time to actually read all these comments, not just on this website, but others as well? I highly doubt it.

  34. Wally MacKinnon says:

    Goodbye Easy 101. You are gone from my favourites list. 🙁

    Rogers, you screwed up big time – again!

    After coming home from a lengthy summer holiday I tuned into my favourite radio station to find it no longer exists!

    I suggest you FIRE the people who made the decision to change this station’s format and restore Easy 101 to it’s former self.

    The “old” Easy 101 was my favourite radio station in this market. It had a special and unique appeal to a large segment of the population (including me) that you have chosen to ignore. Your new format is just one more of the same that many stations littered across the dial are offering. No much more than useless chatter and bouncy background noise.

    Do the right thing. Acknowledge your mistake, bring all the original staff and on-air personalities back and restore Easy 101.

  35. John Krayer-Krauss says:

    Per our usual routine, I turned on the radio this morning to listen to the news, sports and weather with John Biggs and Matt Hutchinson. Wow! What a change …. gone was the warm banter, the informative time slot that I have relied on for news, music and much more. The warmth, the feeling of “family” is gone. I appreciate that change is necessary, but it should not come about for the sake of change. I too enjoyed “The 60’s at 6:00” with Gary Chiddham, the mid-day with Cathy Wagner. I do not particularly like the new format – it sounds “canned”, lacking warmth and personality. I guess I am resigned to finding another station to fill the void. I just hope that the former radio personalities of Easy 101 were treated in a fair and dignified manner when they were given their walking papers. Nobody deserves to be tossed out onto the street for the “sake of change”.


  36. Andrew says:

    Music sounds the same to me other than a lot less news but I’m getting use to it. Glad they kept Cathy.

  37. Mary says:

    What where you thinking when you changed your format???? I work in a factory and we all have our radios turned to 1O1.3 for the older music. I DO NO like the new format AT ALL. If I wanted to listen to that kind of music I would have been listening to heart fm, or fm96. I as well as my fellow associates who I work with will have to find and alternative radio station. SO VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  38. Janice says:

    This feels like losing many old friends in one shock. Odd to grieve friends you never met, but I take comfort that MANY others feel the same. They let us in their lives every day. I try to get the Country station on for John’s jokes, interesting stories and facts, and lovely deep voice, but it doesn’t always come in clearly in London. Miss him very much with Matt and saving something really funny to make him laugh. I was just getting used to turning on 101.3 tv channel 933 to wake me up, as I always struggle to not go back to sleep. Now you are making me late for work. Who do I send my invoice to? Felicia kept me company when I frequently have to work late and I so appreciate having had that. I need to find if she is somewhere else. Gary had the great afternoon voice. No one resorted to disrespectful digs to other announcers to get some immature ‘laugh’ like other stations, particularly some other London morning hosts. This was such a great station. I would much prefer them back, no one would be allowed to retire of course, but I am getting to like Zoomer radio CFZM am740, Rogers tv channel 949, and it is online if the internet is working at work. Sometimes Jewel 92. And Cathy thank goodness (!!) in the afternoon!! Some new songs like I didn’t mean to Make you Cry (?) were awesome. I imagine costs were a big factor, paying for the new equipment, but glad they don’t have to work 6 days a week. Appreciate the space for the comments. Understand you had some reasoning for change, but too much at once. We loved the old Easy 101.3. Well done to the old team. (In the dumpster maybe the old equipment is still there, Felicia….Gary….)

    • Elizabeth Ann says:

      Have lived in Tillsonburg over 20 years now. Found EASY 101.3 and stuck with it, until now. It was the best morning show. NOT ANY MORE. Daughter of John, you have made a BIG mistake. Have fun running to the bank. Meghan’s voice grates on my nerves. Her cackle is terrible, NOT A REAL LAUGH, and the speed of her speech WHEN she tries to read the news, well she might as well not bother, you can’t get it anyway. As for Mark, there is lots of room for improvement there also. The first morning they asked for people to give them a chance. Well, I have done that. Now I’m gone.

  39. Christine says:

    I am very disappointed in your new format. It came as a surprize to have no news. I was going to advertise on this station; but not now. I hate the new format and the songs that you are playing. I hate that you don’t have news and the new personalities are just stupid!
    I have been a loyal listener for years. I have sent in comments and suggestions over the years.
    But I can’t listen to this station any longer. You have lost another advertiser and listener!

  40. Jane Spragg says:

    Please return this radio station back to easy listening music the way it was , I have this station on all day and in the car and got many people to listen also,I can not sleep because of the music I’ve never heard before I have turned it off in my car and in my home , the sixties at six ? Sounds like someone from Toronto is thinking we’ ll get thes loyal listeners to change well I’m really missing my radio station from Tillsonburg ,, listened to this classic station a long time , ,you have truly ruined this station news music and the familiarity about this

  41. Don Voigt says:

    Well I gave it a month but this station now truly sucks ! You lost such an incredible amount of talent for what ? You are now just another run of the mill radio station .After so many years they are uncountable it’s sad to say but goodbye.

  42. Chris says:

    I have listened to this station for years as it was the best one in southern Ontario and had an enormous audience.
    Rogers has quickly destroyed the value of this station to their advertisers by losing and alienating the wealthy boomer demographic in the region.
    It was a very popular station with my patients and staff and will be difficult to replace.
    I have been so offended by this abrupt move and the firing of many loyal staff that I have decided to fire Rogers and will be cancelling my internet and other services that I have with them.
    Rogers has made a big mistake but like most large organisations would be loath to admit it.

  43. Steve Bowden says:

    We, like all the other listeners are saddened to hear that the format has changed, and Not for the positive. If it is not broken, why fix it. No doubt higher profit margins were behind the change. I hope as many of your advertisers as listeners, move to another station. We will miss the old crew!

  44. Steve says:

    We, like all the other listeners are saddened to hear that the format has changed, and Not for the positive. If it is not broken, why fix it. No doubt higher profit margins were behind the change. I hope as many of your advertisers as listeners, move to another station. We will miss the old crew!

  45. J says:

    What the heck happened to Easy 101.3???
    Moving from York Region and listening to 98.1 CHFI for years, it’s sounds like you’re trying to duplicate them, and not very well I’m afraid. The only positive to this is that we’re not hearing Murray McLachlan every other song. As lovely as Meghan Spotswood is, I can’t listen to her anymore. I can’t put my finger on it but she’s just not anchor material. Sorry!
    Bring back the old Easy 101.3 and I’ll return as a listener.

  46. Ruth Wist says:

    Change is not always good!!! Such is the case when Rogers changed from Easy l01.3. For many,many years was the first things to turn in the morning and last thing at nite and only to watch TV, which you are making more difficult by not carrying some sports on certain channels. Sure do miss John Beggs and Matt Hutchinson, their talent and personalities were excellent. Now very boring and uninformative. Just Crap!!!! Rogers want to have the monopoly in whatever they are connected with,but in this case, think they made a bad decision. Hope you will realize this some day as your ratings drop.

  47. Rose Bakker says:

    I have been a fan of 101.3 for many years, but your new format completely ruined my “easy listening” station. Too much talking etc, I tried, but no more.

  48. Kirsten says:

    Not only did you (apparently) ruin 101.3, you’ve ruined 107.3 by turning it into a same old, same old new country crap station. The whole reason I even listened to the station before these changes was because it played a decent mix of old and new. Now it’s all new – nothing sets it apart from any other country station with better coverage. I agree, the commercials were local and hokey, but that was part of the charm. I’ve removed the station from my pre-sets and won’t be tuning in anymore. No point.

  49. John McKaig says:

    The Day The Music Died………sound familiar. But should not come as a shock with the name Rogers attached to it.

  50. Mabel says:

    What a dissapoinment. I have tried to listen to the new version of your radio station. Now you are losing another person who used to enjoy this station. I also know you have lost many other people by listening to my family and friends negative comments. you are no longer original and have joined the many other stations that to my mind are “brain numbing. Hope you count the new. Customers but will bet the ones you have lost, or are losing will outnumber them. I listen to few loved radio stations throughout the day but, you zre out and Jewel replaces you. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  51. Debbie Cairns says:

    WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Whose brainstorm was this ? Check the demographics …..Did you really think that the listeners of Tillsonburgs Easy 101.3 were going to like the new format? Obviously someone did not do their homework or they just didn’t give a rats xxxx and just changed it to what they wanted. If we wanted to listen to this crap music we would be tuning into the other stations. We have always been proud of this station with it’s great music, 60’s @ 6, news updates and announcers ………but like everything else “big business” comes in and takes over and pushes it down our throats whether we want it or not. I bet they don’t even listen to the radio.
    So Rogers, ……it was nice of you to give us the opportunity to provide our feedback “after the deed has been done” …..but what are you going to do about it???????

  52. Erin M. says:

    Please give me back my regular, pre-August 2018 Easy 101. I was an avid, loyal listener precisely because Easy 101 was unlike anything else on the radio. I really miss it. Now it sounds like every other radio station — bland and generic. I stopped listening and switched to listening to radio via the TuneIn app instead. I’m so terribly disappointed. Please give me my favourite radio station back.

  53. Judy W says:

    Have always listened to 101.3 Tillsonburg but no longer.

  54. Ro says:

    I was such a loyal listener. The only station, every day, all day. Cannot stand the new format. Tried it, but keep running to turn it off. Miss the in depth traffic report, the old announcers, and the music mix. Only positive was that Cathy was kept on. Missing the mark on your demographic, The people that enjoy that music do not listen to radio anymore. Can’t wait to fill in our BBM. If it ain’t broke…

  55. Peter Bokor says:

    I totally agree with the negative responses. You had a unique station that has now become just another undistinguishable entity.

  56. Sara says:

    All radio stations repeat songs,because they can only pay so many loyalties or from what i’ve heard.We didn’t like the change at first but then we got used to it,We couldn’t find ourselves not listening to this station anymore.

  57. Angela says:

    I completely agree with the unfavourable comments! Rogers have taken the ONE unique radio station worth listening to and turned it into just another mediocre, pop music wasteland. Hate the forced “witty” banter, the music, just-EVERYTHING about it. Thanks again Rogers.

  58. Brenda says:

    I now listen to 92.1 Brantford. Everyone in Tillsonburg wanting music and news and road reports will get it from this station. They listen to what people want to hear. Such a disappointment with the station here in Tillsonburg.
    Many family members and friends from cities and towns from Chatham, London, Hamilton and surrounding areas and even as far as Florida have quit listening to 101.3.

  59. CC Clark says:

    Good Afternoon,
    For the past number of weeks, I’ve tried – most truly tried to give this new format a chance. BUT, wow – it is beyond annoying – today I’m tuning OFF – I’m done!
    From the second I turn the radio on in the morning, I’m annoyed. All my radios; home, work, computers & vehicles have been tuned to 101.3 for years. And now, these two morning announcers are beyond annoying, their commentary is so fake, just like ALL the other stations around. Actually, THEY sound like they are from annoying stations that I’ve had the displeasure of listening to while in other cities. I would look at their profiles, but frankly not worth my time. And then, 10am with Jaielle (or whatever her name is) – seriously, most people really could care less about her personal life – why would we care?
    And Cathy – thank god, she’s the only reason I’ve tolerated this ‘change’ for this long.
    and the oh, wow – so special John Tesh – a cheap ‘non-live’, ‘non-Canadian’ radio filler everywhere.

    The No Repeat work day – ha, its like ‘groundhog day’ – different day, same annoying music playlist day after day …
    All the same ‘edgy’ crap the other stations play. It’s ONE in ten plays that aren’t annoying… shouldn’t your radio station be a personal preference, one that makes you enjoy your day, makes you feel good… That’s what EASY was for decades.

    Actually, this ‘brain storm’ to take EASY in this direction, it makes me wonder why are there radio stations at all, if they all play the music, announcers all sound the same, with the same filler evening John Tesh crap. Wouldn’t it be cheaper for Rogers to blend ALL the stations that sound the same and play the same stuff, just have ONE station – same crap, different day! Sadly, I’m sure you if could figure out a way to tap into the local news & weather from the local TV station, this would be the next chapter with Rogers.

    Farewell EASY 101…. you are missed!

  60. Nick says:

    Absolute garbage format. Have given it 2 months… But all I hear is a repeater of 96.7 Kitchener. Stop using the word “fresh” in your branding. This is stale tired, trash! You know what was fresh?

    ….Felicia G evenings. Live news, Brian, John, late night road reports, marine forecasts..
    … and hearing obscure hits peppered in the musically themed set lists.

    People appreciate quality. Rogers radio is not where it’s at.

    Stick to cell phones and internet stuff, ok?

    So long Easy 101. You were a pleasure to listen to.

  61. Paul Flynn says:

    I don’t know why it was necessary to change the unique format of 101.3, but I do know, that you have lost me as a loyal listener. I have tuned into this station for well over twenty years, but once I heard John Tesh, that was it….I’m gone. During the current relationship with the United States, the last thing we need is another American taking away a job from well liked Canadians radio personalities. Rogers should be ashamed of this poor decision to kick Canadians to the curb.

  62. Wayne says:

    I’m 55 years old love hard rock music love the classic and I love the music I grew up with but I don’t like this crap the only station that we had in this area is now gone so I’ve gone back to listening to CDs thanks a lot not ! Everytime Mark goes to work at a new station I have to change the channel he sucks as a dj.

  63. Alice Deighan says:

    terrible format…go back to previous format

  64. Bob Pizzey says:

    I also am listening to 92.1 Brantford now, same as the old 101.3 format. Admit you made a mistake Rogers, you are losing a lot of listeners. My barber shop in Woodstock had you on, but not anymore, they now have 92.1 on.

  65. Joe says:

    Just curious to know what the underlying impetus for the ‘new format’ was?

    Did a high number of listeners above the age of 75 suddenly tune out? This was the only Radio station I have listened to that actually played the instrumental theme from ‘ER’ and also Robbin Wakefield’s instrumental rendition of ‘The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald’.

    Loved the kitchy ‘muzak’ orientation of the old station, that coupled with the ‘old guy’ hosts made it sound like it was being broadcast out of a local basement. I tuned in recently twice while driving – Alannah Myles was playing on both occasions, will not be tuning in again. #gross

    Best of luck anyway,


  66. Sherry says:

    I agree with everyone else. I dislike the new format and my husband is always complaining about how awful the music is. You took a great local station and cloned it like all the others. The old station was unique and had a personality. This one not so much. I will no longer listen to this station. I am sad and disappointed.

  67. Rose Winter says:

    I am so terribly disappointed. This radio station used to be such a treasure. Felicia Goldstein, if you’re reading this, you are dearly missed! I’m in my 30’s & began listening to this station in my teens. I loved it because Easy 101 introduced me to music I wouldn’t hear anywhere else on the radio — The Carpenters, Roberta Flack, Dusty Springfield. I’m so saddened by this loss. It feels like a death in the family. The decision to change this radio station was foolish and shortsighted. I’m now listening to other Easy Listening stations across North America on the internet. For anyone out there mourning the loss of Easy 101, I highly recommend Seaside FM out of Nova Scotia, you can listen online! Goodbye Easy 101, you were a part of some happy memories, you were there for me in good times & bad, the perfect companion in the office, in the car, in the kitchen at home. I will miss you very much.

  68. Gael & Steve says:

    We both LOVED your station until the change. As a matter of fact we have tapes of Sunday morning memories from 2000 that we still listen to often in our RV! We really miss the former programming and don’t listen at all anymore. Too bad for us you changed!!

  69. Stephen Premock says:

    I used to be a dedicated and loyal listener but your new format and people suck and have forced me to find another station. Like many others I now listen to Jewel 92.1 but would rather still be listening to the old Easy101. So disappointed! Way to go Rogers ….. you sure know how to ruin a good thing.

  70. Grace Brown says:

    Don’t like the station at all. We use to get more news about Stratford than from our local station (which is also a bad station). Businesses from Stratford would advertise more on 101.3 knowing it had a very large listening genre. I’m sure that the new station will lose a lot of advertising dollars with their new format as many people are tuning in to other stations now, as I have. Living near Stratford, I’m still searching for a comparable station to the old 101.3. Sorry 101.3, I’m gone along with many others.

  71. B Gaudon says:

    Guess it doesn’t help to complain. Haven’t hear of one person that likes the new station. So disappointed in the new format. Mark is great but can’t replace John Biggs. And that Jaynel…or whatever her name is she just plain sucks with her squeaky voice and dumb chitter chatter. Can’t stand it. Good bye Easy 101

  72. Jeff says:

    Rogers really dropped the ball
    Local news….?????
    Hardly centred thru London now
    It’s hard to see the old EASY go bye bye
    Lamers did it right
    Rogers just ruined it
    My presets are reset
    Easy 101 is not on there

  73. Margot says:

    Rogers are you listening?We do not love or even like the new format. You took a unique well loved station and trashed it. My radio stayed on 101 because it was one of a kind. The “new” station is just regurgitated same old same old that is played on every other station. I would love to hear your feedback,seems awfully quiet on your part. Are you big enough to say you screwed up and fix it?

  74. Dexter says:

    good bye to 101.3 hello to 99.7

  75. Joan Schnare says:

    Yes u are now like all the other radio stations.We now do not have a local radio station that we listen to.It seem to me they try to make it seem that they are not from Tillsonburg.Much of the advertising is not local.But are promoting businesses in the larger cities.I know change is inevitable but I don’t even understand with so much why they even bothered keeping the name Easy 101.Do they even still do bus cancellations in the morning?The only stations that are unique are not local and I do not need Toronto or kitchener traffic reports in the A.M.

  76. joan Schnare says:

    Not very Tillsonburg proud or locally proud station.What happened to the local advertisers or them doing their own commercials.Ther is nothing unique about you.Except there is no definite time for bus cancellations local news or weather.Their road reports were the best and might have saved many a life during the winter months.WE now have no local station except Brantford that actually comes in.The Jewel 92 just in case anybody’s looking.

  77. Dave ward says:

    Like the other commenters I have listened to this station for years. This sale to Rogers is definitely the day easy listening music died. Please can John Tesh. Return to the old format that was unique to this area. Bring back Felicia as a replacement for the canned John Tesh radio show otherwise this station has become mainstream with the exception that they do it better.

  78. David Finch says:

    I must say I was initially quite enthusiastic when I found you had changed your format, since I had no station of choice since Q97.5 changed ownership and format.
    However, my enthusiasm has been dampened somewhat by some obvious poor management choices that have been made. While the old format was clearly in need of renewal, (referred to as “Queasy 101” by another station), I think a few blunders have occurred.

    1) I agree entirely with the comments regarding Jaynel. Her voice is totally unsuitable for radio, for the reasons previously stated. Also, have not the slightest interest in her personal life or preferences. Cut the chatter, it reduces time devoted to music.

    2) Was dismayed to find John Tesh droning away. Please, when your contractual obligation to him expires, trash the Tesh.

    3) I am finding a lot of the newer music you play is too jarring, lacks musicality, no melody. This needs to be addressed, if it is, you might find some of your previous listeners not so alienated.

    4) It appears Rogers tried to replicate other stations in it’s portfolio without taking in to account local sensibilities. A little fine tuning is in order. Hope this of some interest to you.

    David Finch.

  79. Scott Muir says:

    I’m a 45 year old listener from Erie, Pennsylvania who really enjoyed the old format. I thought that the former Easy 101 was a truly exceptional, very unique sounding station. I especially loved the eclectic easy listening/soft ac/oldies format, frequent top-of-the-hour news updates, and the very knowledgable, friendly, down-to-earth local announcers. I especially will miss hearing Felicia Goldstein. We currently have the syndicated John Tesh– Intelligence For Your Life program on Classy 100 in Erie on overnights and it is simply horrible. Not only has this show costs tons of local jobs across U.S. and Canada, but it also is so formulaic sounding. Every talk segment is reduced to stupid, obvious advice/self help/info (i.e. “the five or three tips for doing/improving ___. Tesh can’t, or won’t even mention the titles of songs or the names of artists on his show as the station actually has the ability to control the music content on his show. The station, in other words, is simply inserting Teshs’ pre-recorded voice/segments between songs. It is a real shame that local traffic reports, in-depth newscasts, and weather reports have pretty much been eliminated. The personable manner of the former music personalities will also be sorely missed. This new station’s format reminds me of the same tired, stale, generic cookie cutter programming that we have here in Erie. The new Easy 101.3 sounds like it is running on fumes. Every time a big conglomerate takes over small “mom-and-pop” radio stations, it ruins them. Connoisseur and Cumulus Media have done just that here in Erie, just as Rogers, Bell, and Clear Channel/iHeart have done in Canada. For many, many years I always preferred Canadian radio stations to those here in America; but, unfortunately it appears that Canadian broadcasters are following the downward trajectory of the U.S. media companies. Radio, in general, is simply hastening its own demise. This policy of doing radio on the cheap, and at the same time trying to squeeze maximum profits from stations is killing radio. If you want to compete with satellite radio, internet radio stations, and mp3 players/etc. , you have to do things that those avenues can’t– such as local announcers, news/info/traffic updates, etc. Under this new, bland, repetitive, limited format, you are transitioning from being a broadcaster to a narrowcaster. You also don’t seem to recognize the fact that younger people aren’t really listening very much to radio. Also, considering the number of stations that Rogers owns, why can’t there be room for one with an easy listening/soft ac/oldies format? Why couldn’t you simply leave one little Tilsonburg radio station alone? I implore you to bring back the old format and the former on-air staff.

  80. Dean says:

    Dear Rogers and Station Management. As it’s now a new year and the station had a month of playing Christmas music (which I enjoyed) I was hopeful the management of the station (and Rogers management) took that time to reflect on the feedback their decades long listeners have provided them these past few months regarding the new format and made some changes to better reflect what their long time listeners wanted. Things such as bringing back the music of Terry and Susan Jacks, Helen Reddy, BTO, Katie Melua, you know, basically true “Easy Listening” music. Reconnecting with the community. Provide a good news report. Sadly when I tuned in upon my return from vacation I listened to 8 songs in a row without knowing a single one of them, couldn’t understand the words the singers were supposedly singing (or should I say screaming) and was asked by the DJ if I tuned in to TV to watch “The Bachelor” the night before. It’s sad when companies talk about wanting to hear what their customers want, provide methods for us to provide feedback, but simply ignore the feedback. If you aren’t going to return to some of our favorite aspects of the old format, at least show us respect by publicly speaking to our comments. Coming right out and telling us to move on or get lost is more respectful than being ignored.

  81. Linda Hellewell says:

    Ok I tried too to listen to the new format. It’s awful plain and simple. The no repeat tunes all sound exactly like the same electronic pablum that is played on all the other stations. Electronic vomit truly. Highly unpleasant to listen to, every second song features the old millennial whoop of the 3 – 5 – 3 note variation. We are supposed to get all warm and fuzzy because we “recognize and relate” immediately to that combination of notes like Pavlov’s dogs. Well guess what – we don’t. We want to hear real music where people sing and play instruments which I know is a radical concept. But there were real artists before drum machines and audio tracks and sampling. The only thing worth keeping is the 60s rewind. If you changed the format to that you might get your loyal listeners to return. Megan Spotswood MUST be a “mercy hire” the daughter of some one high up. She is nearly illiterate, can’t read or pronounce much of anything, and gets her historical facts from “Netflix”. The poor chap who is he co-host tries to jolly he along into saying something remotely useful, but he isn’t able to despite his radio 101 training. He’s doing his best but he’s on a losing ticket there. The other lady in the day who shares her personal life with us – don’t care. Make her go away too. Cathy W is lovely, warm and connects with her listeners. Keeping her was the one thing you got right. I would love to see her face while she’s playing some inane tune that has a rap section midway through. You know she knows her audience are swearing at the radio.

    Please put it back as closely as you can to the way it was. You have ruined it by misjudging your audience badly. We aren’t millennials…they have Spotify on anyway as well you know, not the radio. And not too many of them are interested in your ads for flooring, expensive clothing or cremation services. They are all about “experiences”. So good luck selling anything to them. I hope your ratings crash and maybe you will come to your corporate senses.

  82. Jane Weller says:

    Horrible new format. Can’t begin to express how much I hate the change. Who in their right minds tinkered with what was a successful station. Oh I know….the same team that got rid of the original Coke! So bring it back rebranded but more or less the same as it was. Coke learned their lesson. Hope Rogers does too.

  83. Mathieu Gagnon says:

    Yeah easy 101 is ruined. What use to be a radio station that played cool, sometimes obscure music and give local News had turned into the John tesh radio. It’s horrible, 96.7 already does this. Thank God I’ve found 92.1 the lounge. Psst please don’t buy that station and ruin it to

  84. Mary Simmons says:

    All of your listeners hate the new format so do I. Why don’t you listen to your audience and return to the former hosts and format. There is not one positive comment about the change. There was no need to change your station. It worked and you had an audience. You have lost all of your listeners. Obviously you know nothing about customer service and giving your listeners what they want. Change is not always good.

  85. Ruth Spencer says:

    How we enjoyed your radio station for so many years with our favorite announcers……we don’t like your new format! Your station is no longer in our home!!!!!

  86. Marie Lowens says:

    Your station used to be unique. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Cathy, you are sadly missed in the morning, which was our time to listen. Sorry, have to find something worthwhile.

  87. Roberta says:

    GO TO 92.1 BRANTFORD AND DUMP EASY 101.3! it’s music format is really great and while the announcers aren’t “old friends”, they aren’t overstimulated trash talkers either. It was a relief to find this station.

  88. Patrick Hewerdine says:

    I would listen to the oldies till I went to sleep! Suddenly this easy going station was railroaded by ROGERS. All canned music , no live announcers, no news, whats left to enjoy! I miss Felicia Goldstein! Goodbye Tillsonburg! Patrick Hewerdine London, Ontario.

  89. Marlene Rowe says:

    I started listening to easy 101.3 eighteen years ago when I moved to Tillsonburg. I loved the format and Gary Chittim’s “60’s at 6”. I stopped listening after Rogers swooped in and FIRED the station’s amazing announcers. I have never listened to it again. I was just speaking to some colleagues who say that they have tried listening and the station is awful. bring back the original format and announcers.

  90. Patricia says:

    I’ve listened and it has not improved. It is only bearable between 6 pm and 7 pm when the songs are quite nice. Before that and after that it is just horrible. No real instruments and absolutely no talent in the singers. Please just play the same type of stuff that you do at 6 pm and you will go a long way to making your listeners happy again. The Bryon Adams spot was OK (the first time).

    It is not the perfect music mix, no matter how much you tell us with “fake” testimonials. If you honestly think the type of audience member that will shop at expensive clothing stores, be interested in cremations and stair lifts and expensive vacations really wants to hear some ‘rap’ or some computer generated voices you are deluded. As others say Megan is dreadful too. The epitome of a know-nothing millenial…all she can contribute to a conversation is ….”yeah”. Painful.

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